Hellbound With You Chapter 586

581 That Idiot

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Silence followed Kai's statement. Zeke didn't comment for a long while and just stared out the window while tapping out a rhythm on the arm of his chair again.

"It's good that you acknowledge how irresponsible you've become, Kai." Zeke then said. His gaze sharpened, but as usual, nothing of what he could be feeling reached his eyes. "It appeared Alex is a bad influence to you."

"Alex has nothing to do "

"You have forgotten that Alexander is nothing like us. It's alright for him to choose anyone he wanted, human or witch anyone he desired," Zeke paused, his grey eyes frightening in their intensity, "you know we can't do that. Yet you've challenged the impossible, and somehow you managed to win it. But the sacrifice is too huge."

"You think it's not worth it."

"Correct." Zeke didn't even hesitate. "You have forgotten who you are, Kai."

Those words made Kai clenched his fists as tight as he could. Only one thought played in his head, that no matter what he'll say Zeke would never understand. Because even at that moment, Kai only saw what he always saw in his calm eyes. Nothing.

"Don't even think I am incapable of understanding your circumstances because that is not the point here," Zeke added, and Kai wearily closed his eyes. There it goes again, him, acting as though he could read his mind and know everything. "This situation could've been avoided. A sprout will never grow if you stop watering it. It'll eventually die over time."

Kai pressed his lips tight before he could respond. "I fully understand where you're coming from, Zeke." Kai said in a careful manner. "I tried to "

"You only decided to stop when the sprout has already grown to a tree." Zeke once again cut him off. "You've let it reached that point and then made a move when it's too late."

Another long silence passed.

"But there is no use telling you these now. And I must admit most of this is my fault." Zeke continued as he lazily rested his head back on his chair.

Kai, on the other hand, clenched his jaws tight. "You have nothing to do with this Zeke." Kai struggled to keep his calm. "This is all my"

Without moving a muscle in his face, Zeke suddenly became frightening enough to force Kai to shut his mouth.

"You, the rest of the royal family, and every single vampire in this world is my responsibility. I was too focused on Alex that I became too lenient on you. Well, you're the last person I ever thought who would ever break a forbidden rule no royalty ever dared to do. I thought Alex is the only one capable of making such an irresponsible and suicidal move." Zeke rose from his seat and walked towards the window. He stared outside, his back facing Kai as he began again. "Thanks to you, I now see the grave need to tighten my watch over the remaining brothers of ours. From today onwards, I will not allow them to interact with any human, witches included. It is such a ridiculous move, but it's better than letting the royal family's bloodline reach its end. Also, I need to banish you from this kingdom as soon as possible. You must serve as an example to them. You will live your remaining years as a human with the woman you chose and grow old with her. This is the path you've chosen for yourself after all."

Guilt flashed in Kai's eyes. He knew Zeke was right. Everything he said had hit him hard to the core. But Kai had already prepared himself for this as soon as he left Kelly in her apartment. And again, Zeke was right; it's already done. Kai was more than aware of the gravity of what he did. That's why he had been a wreck since that night he self-destructed. He was overwhelmed with too many thoughts and emotions. The only thing that had kept him from falling apart was the fact that he never felt any regret. He never regretted loving her. He never regretted choosing to sacrifice himself over killing her.

Perhaps, Zeke was right too when he said that he had forgotten who he was. But he would disagree about him being influenced by Alex. Deep within Kai, he knew that Zeke was indeed one of the biggest reasons why Kai subconsciously let himself stray from the path that was created for him to follow. Because in Kai's eyes, his position and presence weren't really that needed nor important. He always thought that Zeke was all the royal family and the whole vampire race ever needed. And he strongly believed that that would remain an undeniable fact even until the far future.

"Also, I have already arranged some papers for you. All you have to do now is meet that human lawyer once you leave the kingdom." Zeke glanced at Kai, and when he saw Kai's expression, he turned his gaze back outside the window and resumed talking. "Your woman's family is rich, and you know you can never use your status as a prince to win her parent's approval."

"I don't need to win anyone's approval. All I need is Kelly's."

Kai heard Zeke let out a dry laugh. "You still have a lot to learn about how the human world revolves, Kai. If you think their upper society is simple, you better kick that thought away from your head now. Keep in mind that humans are complicated creatures. Don't even try dealing with them your way. Deal with them in their own human way."

The words Kai was about to say never had the chance to leave his mouth because Kai felt the sudden change in Zeke's aura. The entire room became incredibly heavy.

"That idiot." He murmured as if he was seeing someone across the dark space.

"What's wrong?" Kai asked when Zeke moved, calmly grabbed his coat, and stepped out of the room. Kai followed him as they headed to the veranda. It was already morning, but the sky remained gloomy and it was drizzling.

"You and I still have some things to settle after this, so you're not allowed to leave just yet," Zeke told him, and then he leaped away. Kai had no choice but to follow him, curious about who the idiot he was talking about.

As they went deeper inside the thick forest far behind the Reign Castle, Kai started to feel a dangerous situation ahead of them. It seemed a fight had broken out, and it wasn't just a normal fight. It's a fight between two powerful creatures. Was it Alex? No. It's not him.

Sounds of clashing metals began to reach Kai's ears, and the moment they arrive at the place, Kai fell speechless.

"What is he doing here?" he could only ask Zeke as they land on a tree branch.

Zeke was quiet, but he didn't seem to approve of the scene they were watching. The immortal silver-haired witch was clashing against Lucas, and the two of them were fighting to the death. Zeres didn't seem to be using his dragonic power, but his speed, strength, and senses would still be influenced by the dragon blood running in his veins. It was a huge surprise that Lucas was able to fight against him and didn't seem to be losing.

"Why did those two even ended up fighting?"

"Lucas probably felt his presence and went after him." Zeke finally replied, still no sign of him intervening any time soon when Raven appeared before them.

"I tried to stop Lucas, but I don't know if he even heard what I told him," Raven looked apologetic.

"No, Lucas still didn't know about Zeres' existence. His reaction is inevitable. The one at fault here is this white dragon who's actually wandering around the vampire's territory."

"Don't you think he might be here to meet you? Abigail and Alex came here just the other day. I think Alex must have told Zeres to come here and trouble you."

Zeke fell silent. He knew that what Kai said must be the reason why Zeres was here.

"You're not going to stop them?" Kai asked after a while, curious as his gaze darted back and forth between the fighting duo and Zeke.

"Not yet."

Kai wanted to question why but he refrained when he realized how focused Zeke was on the fight. He wasn't watching Zeres. It was Lucas he was observing.

Curious, Kai locked his focus on Lucas as well, and the longer he watches the man, the more Kai felt something strange in his actions. This Lucas did he became even stronger? And what was this peculiar thing about him? Kai tried to figure out what was this unusual change about him, but he just couldn't point it out.

He returned his gaze towards Zeke, and his eyes were no longer intent. It seemed the man had already seen what he needed and wanted to see and he finally moved. Zeke disappeared just as Zeres and Lucas's swords were about to collide. He appeared between the two, and immediately, as if the world screeched into a halt, Zeres and Lucas paused and became immobile.

"Enough, Lucas." Zeke's voice echoed as he glanced at Lucas before facing Zeres.

"And why are you here?"

Zeres blinked, and slowly, he dropped his sword. The gold color in his eyes slowly disappeared and became silver again. He glanced a serious gaze towards the red-haired man behind Zeke before he finally respond to Zeke.

"A little birdy told me you're leaving, so I came to stop you."

Zeke: ". . ."

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