Hellbound With You Chapter 588

583 Lunatic

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Kelly was so shocked her body instantly froze.

"Kelly? Kelly?! What's wrong?" Abi's voice had become faint background noise as she stared in horror at the man standing by the door. H-how could he

The man's gaze swept lustily over her, and Kelly finally realized her nakedness. She gasped in shock, but fear had immediately replaced every shame she felt at that very moment. Because Tristan's eyes had settled on her neck and chest and the piercing, sharp glares told Kelly he was staring at her kiss marks. Warning bells frantically rang inside her head, and her survival instinct immediately kicked in.

She ran towards the bathroom as fast as she could and locked it behind her. She was breathless as her whole body slammed against the door with a loud sound. She couldn't help but tremble. The look in Tristan's eyes terrified her. He had the eyes of a maniac blazing with utter anger. Kelly even felt the kind of danger powerful enough to make her feel nauseated. She knew she was in grave danger. She must escape, or else Tristan will

Frantically, Kelly grabbed the bathrobe. Her clothes were all in her closet, and there's nothing inside the bathroom but robes. She tied the bathrobe tightly with trembling hands and then looked for something to use as a weapon.

She couldn't see anything useful. Damn it!

As she cursed, she finally remembered the phone she'd been gripping so hard in her hand. Abi still didn't end the call.

"Kelly! What's wrong?!" Yelled Abi, and Kelly's fear began to ease up a little.

"Abi, Tristan is "

A loud bang echoed. It was as if the man outside had a large and powerful hammer. She knew the door would soon break. Kelly's eyes widened, and she gritted her teeth.

"What's going on? Where are you?! Tell me, Kelly!"

Kelly struggled to find her voice. "I'm inside my apartment, Abi." She said. Somehow, she managed to speak clearly.

Even though Alexander was a vampire, she didn't think that the man would arrive before Tristan breaks the door. She could see Tristan's about to break in. If she wanted to survive this without him touching her, she had to escape on her own. If she could escape from this room, even if they chase her, at least she could give Alexander time to arrive. But how? How could she escape?

Another bang and the door began to crack open forcefully. Kelly looked around, looking for something. And then another series of deafening loud bangs, and the door finally opened.

Kelly stood there frozen as the maniac entered. His eyes were the most terrifying thing Kelly had seen in her life. Why? Why was this person like this?

He searched the bathroom as if he was looking for someone.

"That's strange," his stomach-churning voice echoed, "where did he go? Your marks are fresh. The men never let anyone inside your house."

He took a step closer, and Kelly struggled to keep breathing. She could feel both lust and bloodlust coming from him. He was a womanizer, so there was no way Kelly could fool him by saying that she didn't get her marks last night.

"I think" Kelly steeled herself. "didn't you check every corner of my house?" she said cautiously. If she could make him check the veranda, she'll have time to escape.

But he smirked, a sickening smirk. "How slow do you think I am. Your house isn't big, so this is the last place I haven't checked."

"Are you sure you checked properly?" Kelly didn't know how but she found herself brave talking back, and her voice didn't sound strange. "Are you saying that he's not here inside my house?"

Tristan scoffed. Kelly was praying he would go and check again, but suddenly, Tristan attacked her. He was fast, elusive, and strong that Kelly's hardened nerves failed to react fast.

His hands grabbed her shoulders, and he pushed her against the wall. The impact was so strong Kelly felt like fainting. The phone in her hand fell on the floor.

"Only a cat searches for a rat, Kelly. I'm a man, and how do men deal with rats? They lure them out. I'll make you scream for him to come out and save you." He whispered as he cupped her jaw very tightly. "And if the rat's a coward, it's all good. He couldn't leave the house anyway. He's afraid of my men outside. In the end, I could search for the poor coward rat after I punish you to my heart contents. I'll make him hear your screams."

"Bastard. Let go of me. Why do you care if I've slept with another man? You're sleeping with countless women, Tristan. And we're not married yet. I still have time bitch around myself just like what you're doing!" she countered. Her voice became even more challenging. She didn't know where she's getting all this courage. Perhaps, her resolve to escape, to never let this man do what he was planning to do to her, made her harden up.

But the man was a maniac, and she knew words would never be enough to stop him. He laughed sardonically. His fingers dug on her cheeks. "Listen, Kelly. I am allowed to bitch around, but you're not. Today, I will make sure that you will never ever dare to bed another man again. You are mine. I'm the only one allowed to f*ck you!" he roared, and then his other hand grabbed her hair, pulling towards him.

His thumb fell on her lips, and Kelly instinctively bit his finger hard. The man roared, and he hit her face.

"Bitch!" he said as Kelly smiled despite the pain he inflicted, blood dripping down her lips. He grabbed her hair again and pushed her against the wall. Then his hands moved to his belt and began frantically unbuckling them. He was like a beast - a mad monster. Kelly would rather die than let him touch her.

The moment Tristan freed his belt, he smiled at her sardonically. He was about to grab Kelly's hand when Kelly suddenly lifted her hands together above her head. Her face now looked docile as if she had given up.

The monster laughed. And he seemed to be pleased. "So this is your face when you're not such a domineering bitch. F*ck! I always dreamed about you becoming my obedient personal doll. That's it, Kelly, don't dare fight me. Submit to me and let me use your perfect body. I will turn you into my personal bitch." He said, and then he stepped forward. He licked Kelly's cheek before he straightened and lifted his hands above her head to tied her hands together.

As Tristan began to tie her, Kelly's knee flew upward between Tristan's legs. The man immediately groaned in utter pain and fall to his knees. Kelly made sure the hit would be her strongest. She prayed his balls had burst!

Without wasting a second, Kelly left the bathroom. She was so glad she managed to make him move. That he fell on her trap to tie her hand in that unlikely position. She was glad he didn't grab her hand and tied them in front of her, or she wouldn't have gotten the chance to kneed him hard enough to immobilize him. Now, she needed to escape.

Grabbing the main door's door handle, Kelly yelled. "Guards!! Please go help Tristan. In the bathroom!!" she had let out all the fear that had been accumulated inside her that the guards were all startled and panicked.

Three of the men immediately rushed inside, leaving just the two of them.

Just as the door behind her closed and the two guards approached her, Kelly's fist flew to the first's man's jaw, and then she kicked the other approaching on in the stomach. She had completely caught them off guard while they're worried about her.

Kelly ran like the wind towards the elevator. She could see the men now running after her as the elevator closed. Her heart was beating so loud. She wasn't safe yet. If Tristan's men catch her, she's doomed. The man might kill her instantly. He was a lunatic monster, after all.

Upon arriving in the garage, Kelly ran towards the exit. She didn't have her keys, so her only choice was to grab any leaving car. When Kelly saw a leaving car, she ran in the middle of the road to stop the car.

The car screeched to a halt. Kelly approached the car and repeatedly slapped on the car window. She didn't care that she was wearing a robe and barefooted. She must escape at all cost.

The driver glanced at the door in front of him, his face cold and utterly annoyed as he opened the door to scold the damn girl he nearly hit. However, before the man could speak, his jaw dropped at the sight of the gorgeous disheveled lady in front of him. His eyes traveled from her face down to her toes, gaping, that he could no longer hear what Kelly was saying.

Kelly gritted her teeth. She didn't have the luxury to be civil anymore at that moment. And so, she grabbed the man and pulled him out of his car. She was surprised how easily she pulled him out.

"I will pay you later and buy you a new car. I promise." She said and as she entered the car and sped up, leaving the man who was still in shock standing in the middle of the road.

Kelly's heart was still thumping hard. Was she safe now? Please! She kept glancing at the rare view mirror, fearing that they're already behind her when

Out of the blue, a car blocked her way, causing her car to screech from the brake.

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