Hellbound With You Chapter 589

584 I Dont Think So

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Time seemed to momentarily stop when Kelly saw the men-in-black stepping out of the car that blocked her way. She cursed, gritting her teeth as she held the wheel to back up. But before the car could even move, she realized that another car was already right behind, blocking her way. She cursed again under her breath. How did they move so fast? There was only one explanation; Tristan's men were already standing by as soon as she had escaped him!

The intense panic threatened to swallow her entire being once again and she froze in utter defeat. She was done for. All she could do was bit her trembling lips as she stared at the man pointing a gun at her. He was signaling her to step out. And while Kelly was still desperately trying to think whether she should step out or not, the windshield shattered. Kelly was shocked to her bones as she looked with wide eyes. The man had fired his gun without hesitation.

He signaled her to climb out of the car again. Realizing how serious her situation was, Kelly could only obey. She swallowed hard as her shaking hand pushed the door open. As she rose, two men were quick to seize her, not even giving her the chance to stand up fully. One covered her face with a wet towel, and one swiftly tied her up before dragging her into a car.

The men did their job so quickly and efficiently as if they were so used to doing something like this. Kelly could also tell they were no ordinary bodyguards just by their movements and presence. She knew there was no way she could fight back and escape again and a weak smile flashed on Kelly's pale face.

As the car accelerated, one of the men on her sides wrapped Kelly's eyes with a black cloth while the other one was speaking with someone. Kelly could tell he was speaking with that monster through a phone.

"Yes, Boss we got her. We are on our way. Yes. Understood." She heard the man said before the anesthetics started to kick in. 'Kai...' She uttered, and her world turned dark as she slipped further and further into unconsciousness.

When Kelly opened her eyes again, she found herself being tied up in a chair. The rope around her was so tight, and even her hands were still tied together. Her heart began to drum in her ears upon realizing her situation. Her eyes were also still blindfolded, so she couldn't even see where she was. All she knew was that no one seemed to be with her. It was quiet, so quiet the silence made her heartbeats sounded so much louder in her ears. Where was she? How long had she been unconscious?

She panicked when she thought that those men might have done something to her but when she realized her robe was still wrapped around her, and nothing seemed to happen to her, she breathed a long sigh of relief.

Kelly moved her body, thinking that she might be able to loosen the ropes up. But the rope was tight, and no matter how much she tried, her struggles seemed to be hopeless. Her gasps started to echo inside the room, and her body was already drenched with sweat. But her mind still told her to keep moving. Even though Kelly knew it might be futile, she can't just sit still and wait for her demise. She should at least try while she still had strength.

However, before she could start moving again, she heard something that made her entire being froze. The sound of a door opening and then closing silently reached her ears. She subconsciously flinched.

The person who entered didn't speak, but Kelly could tell it might be no other than the bastard monster because goosebumps had started to crawl under her skin as she listened to the sound of shoes approaching her. No one could ever creep her out like this with his mere presence than Tristan.

When he finally stopped, Kelly could feel him in front of her. She felt him bent forward, and she flinched again.

"Look at you, Kelly." His sarcastic voice echoed, and Kelly's heart sunk in despair. She had hoped that it wasn't him, but she was once again disappointed.

Tristan pulled Kelly's blindfold then watched her with a sickening gaze. His eyes were looking at Kelly with dark amusement, his gaze sweeping over every part of her body.

"W-where am I?" Kelly forced herself to speak. Her voice was hoarse. "Let me go!"

The man ignored her words. His eyes became more and more intense and dangerously lustful as he slowly extended his hand towards Kelly.

He tried to touch her lips but immediately pulled his fingers away before Kelly could bite him again. His expression changed as he roughly held Kelly's jaw. With a cold and angry face, he spoke in a dangerous tone. "Dare bite me again, and I'll hit you black and blue."

His demonic eyes locked onto her as he threatened her, causing Kelly to feel the fear starting to paralyze her.

"Why? Why are you doing this? Why did you bring me here? Where is this place?" Kelly asked again as she finally looked around, not only to find out where she was but also to stop herself from spitting on his damned face. She wanted to spit on him, but she was afraid of what this monster would do if she did that. To her shocked surprise, she realized she was in the middle of a spacious living room. Did he bring her to his house?!

"Why?" he narrowed his eyes before he cackled at the sight of her widened eyes. "Yes, Kelly. You're inside my apartment. I told your parents I managed to coax you and that's why you're now here with me. I told them you were bored to death for being imprisoned that you begged me to take you home."

Tristan's expression as he said those words made Kelly felt nauseated.

"Your father really trusted me a lot, Kelly. He trusted me more than himself, so don't even expect anyone to rescue you from me." His calm voice crept Kelly so much she began to feel her body shiver.

The man raised his eyebrows, and his filthy fingers ran through her hair.

"Untie me, please." She begged, but the man simply smirked sardonically. His eyes even gleamed with lust at the sight of her begging. But still, he didn't listen.

"No, Kelly." He shook his head. "I will f*ck you like this. I shall punish you and destroy you in the most shameful way possible until you learn your lesson. A woman like you deserved to be treated like a bitch." He laughed again, victoriously, as his fingers landed on her jaw, dragging them to her neck, then further down.

Kelly began to feel numb and sick. Her mouth was running dry because of raw fear and utter disgust. The moment he grabbed the neckline of her robe, Kelly yelped.

"Wait!" her trembling lips stilled. "Did you catch the rat inside my house?" she suddenly asked, perhaps, her survival instinct kicking in again.

Tristan halted. His eyes turned dark, and Kelly could feel anger and bloodlust in them. He grabbed her chin and pulled her face closer to him. "Of course I did, and street dogs are now actually eating the rat." He told her as he smiled at her with pure dark delight. If Kelly didn't know that Kai was a vampire, she might've believed what this man had just said purely due to his expression. It was as if he had mastered the art of lying. No wonder he had managed to fool her father. This man was simply evil. A complete liar.

"I don't think so. You didn't catch him. You didn't even see a portion of his shadow." Kelly replied. Her words had affected him tremendously. He could not stop the rage and bloodlust oozing from him.

"Bitch, do you think you can distract me?" his fingers dug on her cheeks so hard she felt like his short nails would pierce through her skin. The madman was starting to lose his sanity. "Didn't I tell you he's already dead?!" he growled, and Kelly knew the monster had gone mad.

He backed off and clenched his fist. She knew he was going to hit her hard. She would lose consciousness if his fist hit her. Who knows what this madman does to her once she fell unconscious? She would rather make him kill her in an instant than let him do what he was planning to do to her. Her inside began to convulse with despair and horror. What had gone wrong? Why was she in this kind of situation? Why the hell was this happening to her? What did she do wrong to deserve all this?

Kelly clenched her teeth so hard before frantically yelling. "I'm going to be your bride the day after tomorrow. If you hit me, my parents, everyone will see me...!"

"Oh, yes. That's right." He straightened. "I shouldn't harm your lovely face at least." He added, and he began to unbuckle her belt. Kelly's eyes went wide again, realizing what he was going to do next. "I have whips in my room, but I think my belt is more suitable this time. This is your punishment for kneading me, Kelly." His eyes blazed, and then he raised his hand, causing Kelly to shut her eyes instinctively.

She held her breath, expecting pain, when suddenly, a loud bang thundered.

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