Hellbound With You Chapter 592

587 Not Today

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Kelly's gaze on him was intense. Surprise and disbelief dancing in her eyes. Was this real? Kai wanted to be kidnapped by her?! Was this a dream? Was he serious?!

"You're kidding, right?" she asked as she searched his eyes. Kai didn't answer and just kept his steady gaze towards her until Kelly gasped. "My god, you're not kidding!!" she exclaimed, her eyes wide open. She hugged him tight and then immediately pulled back. "Are you really certain? Once I take you, I will never return you back, even if your king will come here to get you!"

A tender amusement glimmered in Kai's eyes as he pulled her, resting her head on his shoulder. "I am certain." He answered without hesitation, and Kelly pushed herself away from him to look into his eyes.

It was hard for her to believe. He had been pulling away from her since the day she showed an interest towards him that Kelly couldn't help but feel like she was dreaming now that he was willingly pushing himself into her. The feeling was incredibly good, so utterly pleasing she suddenly felt she was the happiest girl in the world at that moment.

"Oh, Kai you don't know how happy I am right now." When tears started to pool in her eyes, Kelly quickly rubbed her eyelids with the back of her fingers.

Kai gripped her hand and pulled it away from her eyes. His tender lips kissed her eyes. Then his hands moved to her hips as his lips slowly moved down her cheek. Before he could capture her lips, Kelly pulled away.

She grabbed the tie of the folded robe on the passenger seat and then changed position. She sat on Kai's lap, facing the wheel before she pulled Kai's hands together. A playful smile curved on her face as she tied Kai's hands. "I'm not going to give you any chance to change your mind, so I'm going to abduct you now," she said as she excitedly grabbed the wheel.

When the car sped up, Kai found himself silently calling himself an idiot. It seemed he had done such a grave mistake because of his desperate attempt to please her. He didn't want to reject her and make her sad, so he suggested that. He would love being abducted by her like this but not now. Because he still had a lot of things to deal with.

"Where are we going?" he asked after a long while.

"To my secret place." She hummed. He could feel how excited she was, making it harder for him to ask her to postpone her dramatic abduction.

"Is it far?"

She chuckled. "Patience, my prince. We'll get there soon. It's not that far, don't worry."

Kai forced himself to think. What should he do?

After thirty minutes, Kai spoke. "Kelly"


"I think you should be resting. You just you just went through something horrible." The words finally came out. He had held his breath as he waited for her reaction.

The car slowed down, and Kai's heart thudded nervously. "You can always abduct me whenever you wanted," he added, his tone hesitant and careful. "Just not today. I want you to rest."

She pulled the car on the roadside and faced him. Her expression was confused, and he could see questions in her eyes. She opened her mouth and was about to speak, but Kai spoke first. "I won't run away from you again, I promise. Besides" he grabbed her wrist with his already freed hands and placed her palm on his chest.

Whatever she wanted to say was lost when she felt his strong heartbeats under her palm. "You already succeeded in abducting this part of me. My heart is already your captive."

Kelly blinked, and her jaw fell as she gazed at him. Her heart even began to skip a beat. She was speechless and she couldn't help but blush. She couldn't believe this prince had a way with cheesy words too. It was a surprise!

However, she cleared her throat to gather her composure. "But I also want to abduct your body right now, Kai."

"This body is already yours, Kelly." His hand cupped her face, and taking advantage of the impact of his words to her, Kai's lips seized hers. Her lips were gently pried open, and his tongue entered inside her mouth. His kiss was fiery, but it was slow and passionate. It wasn't like his fierce kisses the night before. He was gentle, and it was as if he was giving her every chance to pull away and stop the kiss.

But Kelly didn't pull away. He couldn't. How could she when he was kissing her like this? She knew he wanted her to give in. She felt there was a reason why he didn't want her to kidnap him today. She thought it was because of his worry, but she just knew there was more to it. Fine then, she would postpone the abduction but before that

The seat was suddenly lowered, surprising Kai.

"Ke " Kai couldn't even finish saying her name because Kelly had already captured his lips as her burning hot body followed him down.

She returned his passionate kiss, and in no time, the car was filled with sounds coming from their mating mouth. When they pulled away, they were gasping hard, their eyes transfixed and helpless as they stared at each other. And then, Kelly kissed him again, this time, wilder, deeper, longer.

Their kiss was so heated that Kelly's hips began to move on their own, rubbing herself against him. Kai buried a low moan inside her mouth. Her hot body rubbing against him, and the penetrating strokes of her tongue quickly flooded Kai with pleasure.

He felt her urgency. Her body was radiating with heat that seemed to burn his entire being. She didn't stop kissing him as her naughty hand traveled down his body and settled on his erection. She eased her hand along the stiff length of him, her fingers boldly molding over the hardness, making Kai groan.


There's a second chap ^^

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