Hellbound With You Chapter 593

588 Once Im Back

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When Kelly's lips moved downwards, and she licked and sucked at his throat, Kai stiffened.

"Kelly wait" he uttered, his voice sounded like he was in pain - an utterly pleasurable pain. Kelly had started to slip her hand under his jeans, and the devil knows what would happen if she

The memories of her wildness last night flooded Kai's head, and he could no longer take it.

"Kelly "

His jaws tightened. "Kelly, let's st"

"Make love." She broke off, and her hands quickly wrapped around his neck, pulling him. "I want you inside me again, Kai." Her voice was so seductive Kai could no longer take it. He could see her hunger for himboth of them dying for each other right there and then.

Kai glanced outside the car and realized the road was empty. He didn't know where they were because he was too engrossed in his own thoughts while Kelly was driving.

"It's okay. I don't mind doing it here, Kai." She said, pulling herself up so she could seize his lips again.

"God, Kelly." He hissed, and in the next second, he opened the car door, and with her clinging on him like a koala, he stepped out and immediately opened the back seat door.

He laid her on the back seat, and Kelly smiled in delicious delight as she looked up at him. Her hair spread like black silk on the seat, and her flushed face and wet lips were just so seductive Kai was losing his mind. Their lovemaking last night was not enough to sate his hunger for her. If she didn't pass out last night after one round

"Kai," she stretched her hands, "take me, now..." she said, and with those words and that look in his eyes, all hell broke loose. Kai bent over and seized her throat as his hand caressed her breasts, causing Kelly's body to shiver. Her entire body was aching for the pleasure of his touch, and she couldn't stop herself from being so impatiently wild.

He unbuttoned her shirt and yanked her bra, earning a gasp and an aroused smile from Kelly. Kai's mouth immediately closed over her nipple. His tongue licked her bud and then tugged it lightly until Kelly's body quivered and moaned a little louder. Oh, how he loved to hear her lovely erotic moans.

Kelly reached for his jeans, her movements showing how impatient she was, how much she ached for him. She wanted to feel that divine feeling of fullness when he was inside her, filling her. She wanted to reach heaven once again together with him.

"Give it to me now, Kai. Please." She found herself begging. She didn't care how horny and shameless she was. She just wanted him inside her, so the two of them become one again. She needed him to show her once again that their love had conquered the impossible. That they were now allowed to be together forever, and nothing could stop them anymore.

His hands traveled under her skirt and quickly gained access to her already damp panties. Kai was so glad he had decided to buy a skirt instead of jeans for her. He smiled when Kelly arched up to him, pressing herself closer, urging him to hasten and finally take her.

"Hurry, Kai"

Her voice. The sight of her aroused face and body and knowing that she wanted him as much as he wanted her dissolved all Kai's reservation. His every movement was no longer careful nor hesitant. There were no more signs of fear and doubts.

He positioned himself against her wet sex and then entered her in one thrust. Kelly almost came from the devastating pleasure. She felt so full and so hot, and the feeling seemed to be even better than she remembered.

Forgetting everything, Kai pushed deeper as her flesh welcomed him, gripped him. He stared down at her with dilated eyes and pressed even harder. Kelly was gasping as she lifted her body, eagerly accepting every thrust. She cried out as the intense pleasure overwhelmed her entire being.

Kai groaned and ground his teeth at the incredible sensations. He couldn't contain his instinct to ravage her. He wanted to be gentle, but he was having a hard time controlling his body, and most importantly, Kelly

"More, faster, Kai. I'm close I'm"

It was impossible to hold back. She was driving him insane, smashing every single strand of self-control he was trying so hard to keep. A deep groan came out of his mouth, and his ravenous thrusts continued, faster, deeper, harder.

He bent and seized her mouth in a frantic kiss, and then he growled low in his throat as he delivered one last, deep thrust and shuddered in her arms as she tightened and twisted around him.

He collapsed on top of her, but he immediately held her and changed their position so she would be the one resting on top of him. He lay there, completely spent as he held her. Their gasps filled the car as they waited to drift back down from heaven into their bodies.

Kelly felt like she was going to pass out. She never thought Kai could be that intense. Who would've thought that her softie Kai was hiding a wild beast inside? Or could it be that he was initially like this when nothing's holding him back anymore? Oh my... He was unbelievable, and she felt like she still had a lot of him that she had yet to discover.

Kai was driving the car while Kelly slumped on the passenger seat. When the car stopped in front of Abi and Alex's home, Kai looked at her. His ears were red when his gaze fell on his mark on her neck.

He cleared his throat and spoke. "I am going to leave you here with Abigail, Kelly. Please don't ever go anywhere and wait for me."

"You're not going to tell me where you're heading?"

Kai opened the door and climbed off the car. He helped her out, and he entwined his hand on hers as they walked towards the mansion's entrance.

"I will tell you once I'm back." He told her once they stopped by the door. And then he kissed her forehead. "I'll be back soon."

Before Kelly could speak, Abi emerged from the door and hugged Kelly.

"I'm leaving her to you," Kai told Abi and when Abi nodded, the man finally turned and left.


These chaps supposed to be for valentines day, but I failed to write it in time. Sigh

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