Hellbound With You Chapter 602

596 If Its You

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As soon as Zeres arrived in Reigns Castle, he went straight inside Zeke's study. When he saw Lucas standing in one of the watchtowers, he was relieved because he thought they already left the kingdom.

"Kiel!" his voice was a little loud as he strode towards Zeke, placing his palms on top of the prince's massive desk.

Zeke, who was busy with his computer, simply glanced at Zeres and continued tapping on his laptop again. "You are not leaving yet?" Zeres asked, his voice mellowed out, seeing that the prince seemed still very busy.

"Not yet."

"Why? I thought you were in haste."

"Well, something came up. I need to deal with it first."

"Is it because of what Alicia saw in the memories stored within her?"

These words made Zeke's fingers halt. He finally lifted his face and leaned his head against the back of his seat. His gaze on Zeres was calm, but something sharp and dangerous was playing in them.

Zeres' hands clenched. "If that's what you're worried about right now, you don't have to be worried about it. She didn't see everything."

"And how did you know?"

Biting his lips hard, Zeres paced in front of Zeke's desk. His hand tugging his hair while Zeke watched him, waiting for the explanation that better come soon.

When Zeres stopped, he took a deep breath and faced Zeke. He looked around and then closed his eyes as if to make sure no one was listening. He even put on a barrier to keep other witches from watching the conversation in their crystal balls.

"She didn't see the worse part of it, Kiel. So, no matter how much Alicia tries to understand the memories she saw, she will fail to put all the puzzles together. All she could do is speculate based on the fragments she saw, but it would remain a confusing mystery to her." Zeres said. His words sparked interest in Zeke's flat gaze. "I know because half of the memories are inside me."

Zeke was silenced, but his eyes were demanding Zeres to continue.

"Alicia is danger, Kiel." He struggled for words. "I am sucking the memories from her, her powers everything even her life" Zeres choked, his eyes miserable. He looked as though a large old wound reopened, and he started bleeding heavily.

He turned his back towards Zeke before he continued. "This happened before I was born like this, but I was a weakling when I was young, so the witches, even the queen back then, thought there was nothing special with me. However, when I reached a certain age, I felt power began to surge within me. I was slowly getting stronger while the queen was getting weaker. I realized that her power was being transferred to me even without me doing anything" he paused and looked at the darkness outside the window. Misery and pain colored his silver eyes for a moment, but he quickly blinked it away. He sounded as though he didn't want to tell more about the story more than what he had said. "I thought things would be different this time. But I was wrong. Nothing changed, Kiel"

"So you wanted to die to save Alicia" Zeke's tone was severe but neutral.

Zeres turned and faced him. "Yes." He answered, without any hesitation. "She doesn't deserve this. This is all my fault for being here for being alive again. I am not supposed to be in this world anymore, Kiel. I can't I can't let this happen!"

Zeke pinched the bridge of his nose as he closed his eyes. He had thought of the worst-case scenario when he first suspected Zeres' reason for wanting to die, but this was far graver and complicated than he thought.

"How did you know that what happened in the past is going to happen again? Is it only because of the memories you received? What I'm trying to say is... Alicia is still powerful and strong. I didn't notice any change in her." Zeke reasoned as his gaze on Zeres deepened.

"I know it's going to happen again. I just confirmed it a while ago." Zeres' jaws clenched tightly. "I saw some strands of her hair darkening. That's the first sign."

The room went silent for a long while before Zeres spoke again.

"That's why please, Kiel. I need your help. You managed to find a way to kill Dinah I believe there's definitely a way for me to die too."

"It's not that easy, Zeres. And I am not the one who found the way to kill her. The prophecy led the way. I simply made sure it would happen."

"Then let's ask the prophetess."

Their eyes met as silence reigned between them again. Zeres knew that the prophetess might disagree with this. He knew about the vows of the vampire's prophetess that they would never use their power for anything that wasn't related to the vampires. Zeres also knew that the vampires had nothing to do with his problem and that the prophetess' power might refuse to work even if she tries. Apart from the fact that Dinah was a threat to the vampires, Alexander was a half-vampire, so the vampire prophetess was obliged to help. But he wasn't. He was a witch, and there was no guarantee that the prophetess could see anything. However, Zeres refused to give in. This was the easiest and fastest way. He needed the prophetess' help before it's too late.

"I hate to say this but," Zeres hesitated for a moment. "Don't you think this is now your opportunity to pay your debt to the witches? I saw everything, Ezekiel"

Zeke's expression didn't change, but the air around him darkened. His eyes grew intent but, too soon, faded back to their usual calmness.

"That is not the problem here, Zeres," Zeke said. "You know that it might not work. The possibility that the prophetess could see a thing about this is very close to zero. The prophetess couldn't even help in a lot of things related to the vampires no matter how huge the problem is."

"I know." Zeres straightened. There was no sign of surrender or doubt in his willful eyes. "But if it's you it'll work. I know you'll make it work, Kiel."

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