Hellbound With You Chapter 603

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At dawn, in Abi and Alex's mansion.

The sound of a descending helicopter awakened everyone in the mansion. Alex's face was dark with anger as he rose from their bed, looking as though he was more than ready to go and crumple the damn noisy helicopter like it was made of paper. He had gotten a little exercise hours ago by beating all those men to a pulp then sending them all away black and blue. And yet, it seemed Kelly's father was such a stubborn old man. Did he send the military this time to retrieve his daughter?

Alex cracked his knuckles as he grabbed his robe and covered his perfect naked torso. His gun-metal grey eyes gleamed in the dark. How dare they disturb his wife's beauty rest!

"Alex." Abi caught his wrist before he could walk away.

"Yes?" he turned. His hardened face immediately went soft.

"Don't be too worked up, okay? Remember, they're humans." She said, and Alex scratched his neck. "I think I should come with you."

"No way, my love. They might be some high caliber tugs or the military." He bent and kissed the tip of Abi's nose. "Don't worry. I will never let anyone fire a gun. I can't let anything or anyone startle our little one's precious rest." He added as he placed his hand on her belly. "Stay here."

"No. I'll go check on Kelly, Alex."

Alex sighed, knowing he couldn't make his wife stay still as he wished. "Okay."

The couple then walked out of their room. Because Alex was in haste, worried that the men outside would invade the house before he could step out to meet them, he carried Abi and leaped down the grand stairs. He put Abi down in the middle of the living room while Kelly ran towards them.

"Stay here, you two. I'll deal with them," said Alex, and then, he was gone.

The instant Alex pushed the door open and stepped out; he raised a brow. It seemed he was wrong thinking that Kelly's father had sent another group of men for him to beat up.

A man around his fifties was walking towards him with two men in black on his sides.

"I believe you are the man who singlehandedly beat up my elite men last night." The old man said. He was dressed in a fine business suit and wearing a stern face. "Who are you?" he asked when Alex remained quiet.

"I am the husband of your daughter's best friend," Alex replied in a proud tone.

"My daughter's best friend oh, Abigail."

"Correct. What can I do for you?"

The old man's gaze at Alex was cautious. He was already old, and he had met all kinds of powerful men throughout his lifetime. He wasn't stupid not to feel and notice that this man was no ordinary. The old man could only think one thing at the sight of Alex. 'No wonder my men stood no chance against him. This man is dangerous. Just who is he?'

He wanted to ask. It was rare to find someone with such a presence. The old man immediately thought of that unfortunate god of the business world, Ezekiel Qinn. This man gives off the same aura that forces any human being to suddenly feel inferior in their presence. He noticed that this man also had the same eyes as that Ezekiel Qinn, though it seemed this man's eyes were brighter compared to that dead man. Was this man related to that person? Or was this a coincidence?

"I came to fetch my daughter." The old man didn't dare act foolishly. He didn't know anything about this man, so he better be careful. "Tell her I'm here. Her mother's looking for her."

When Alex looked as though he wouldn't budge, the old man continued. "My wife is very sick right now. She wanted to see Kelly."

Alex sighed. It seemed he really need to tell this to Kelly first. "Fine. Wait here."

Hastily, Alex entered the house and approached the two ladies sitting in front of the fireplace.

"How's it?" Abi asked as she stood.

Alex looked at Kelly. "Your father is here. He said your mother is very sick, and she wanted to see you."

The room went silent after Alex said those words. Kelly looked worried, but there was also doubt in her eyes.

"What do you want me to do? If you want me to send them away, just say it." Alex said, and after a long moment, Kelly shook her head.

"No. I will go with him."

Abi creased her brows as she worriedly held Kelly's hand. "Kelly"

"My father might be lying, but he could be saying the truth as well. I haven't seen my mother since dad told me she was rushed to the hospital."

"Are you sure?" Alex was skeptical. "I can go and confirm things first if you want. It's safer that way."

Kelly smiled at the couple. "It's fine. Thank you for protecting me here. But I can't hide here like this forever. I'm going to face this myself. Don't worry. Nothing will happen to me. Even though my father loves money more than me, he never abused me physically. As long as he brings me to our home and not in Tristan's place, I'll be fine." Kelly assured them. "I think this is now my chance to speak up to them. I will try to tell them everything and convince them."

"Then, I'll send someone to make sure he will bring you home," Alex said, and Kelly nodded before she hugged Abi.

"Thanks, Abi. Please tell Kai I'll wait for him."

"Mm. Be careful. Call me once your home, okay?"


With that, Kelly left with her father. She didn't say anything the whole trip until the helicopter landed in the Young residence's spacious backyard.

"Who is that man?" Kelly's father immediately asked. "Is that man really that girl's husband?"

"Yes. He's Abigail's husband." Kelly answered coldly. Alexander must have piqued his interest, and Kelly was irked that that was the first thing he'll ask her.

"Where's mom?" she then asked as the entrance door closed behind them.

The old man casually took off his jacket. "She's upstairs, busy calling the guests."

Kelly gritted her teeth. "You said she's very sick!"

"She is. But your mother is stubborn! You know just how much she's dreaming for this. She wanted nothing but the best for you, so despite being told by the doctors that she must rest, she just won't stay still. She wanted to make sure that all special guest will arrive "

"Wait. What special guest are you talking about?"

"Don't play dumb." The old man glared at her. "No matter what you will say, you will marry Tristan today. And no one, not even you, can postpone it."

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