Hellbound With You Chapter 604

598 Damsel In Distress

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Kelly's eyes flared with shock. Then they narrowed in utter fury. But she didn't speak anymore. She had expected this, but deep within her, she had hoped that her father would not stoop this low. Kelly was angry and mad at herself for still hoping despite all the things her father showed and did to her. He would never care about her, ever.

Clenching her fists tight, Kelly swallowed all the words she had been planning to say. She had thought well-scripted words to convince her father, but she understood now that it does not matter anymore. This man would never listen to her or consider any consequences.

"Take her to her room." The man then ordered his guards. "Lock her inside with the stylists. Don't open the door unless I order it."

The man's stern and absolute words made the guards immediately moved. Kelly didn't fight anymore. She simply glared at the men and started walking towards the staircase before the men could touch her.

When she entered her room, an elegant designer wedding dress welcomed her. Stylists and make-up artists were already waiting for her inside. She just stood by the door, looking at the dress with a cold expression as the door behind her shut closed.

The people inside smiled at her as one of them approached her. Before she knew it, she was sitting in front of the mirror. Kelly was outwardly calm, but her insides were in turmoil. They didn't let her give Abi a call because the guards had seized her cellphone.

But despite the situation, there was no sign of surrender in Kelly's eyes. She knew she could not stop this. If she tries to run away, her mother will surely collapse again, and her father Kelly was afraid of what her father will do next. She didn't want to be the cause of him doing more horrible things than what he had already done.

Weighing the pros and cons, Kelly decided to trust Kai. She knew that by now, Abi and Alexander had already told Kai that her father came took her home. She thought that maybe, fighting by herself and running away on her own was never the right move. Because she'd been doing that for so long, and yet nothing changed. She would always end up being caught and defeated no matter how much she tried to fight and run. Perhaps, it was better for her to act like the damsel and distress this time and wait for her knight in shining armor.

The thought made Kelly bit her lower lip. Being the damsel in distress was never cool to her. She liked being her own hero because since she was young, she had already learned that no one would come and save her. She had been her very own hero for so long that when Kai saved her from Tristan, Kelly couldn't explain the feeling she had felt that time. She realized she wanted to be treated by someone as his beloved heroine too. She realized that she also wanted her own hero, her very own knight in shining armor.

Time went by unnoticed, and someone finally opened the door. Kelly looked at herself in the mirror, but her expression remained flat. Her mother came to see her, and despite her apparent weakness, Kelly thought that this was the biggest smile her mother ever showed her for a very long. She was happy, probably the happiest mother on Earth that day.

Kelly could only clench her fists tight secretly. She was not sure what will happen today, but one thing she was sure of was that disappointment and tears might replace the happiness in her mother's eyes later. Kelly hoped and wished she could make her mother's happiness last a little longer. If only her mother would be happy regardless of who her choice was.

When her mother left, Kelly was surrounded by men in black. It was time for her to go to the wedding venue. She heard that her mother had dealt with everything. She had chosen a church wedding on a private island owned by the Young family. Her mother happily told Kelly that the old church on the island was where her great grandparents wedded.

A helicopter descended in the backyard, and Kelly was immediately escorted towards it. She didn't know the wedding will be held on an island, and she didn't know that she would be transported through a helicopter. Her parents deliberately hid that information from her until the very last minute.

Kelly took a sharp and deep breath. Her will started to waver a little. She had been expecting her knight in shining armor to suddenly appear in the middle of the road and kidnap her, the bride. But now that she would actually travel by air, how could Kai even reach her?

Shaking her head, Kelly breathed deeply again. 'No, my Kai is a vampire. He's unstoppable. She would definitely arrive in time. He's faster than a chopper.' She told herself with a haughty smile, and with just that, Kelly began to feel incredibly confident again. She just needed to trust in Kai now and wait for him. After all, that's his last word to her before he left her yesterday. He asked her to wait for him.

The small island looked luxuriously decorated. Luxurious yachts were everywhere around the island. It seemed the guests came in the island by water. Kelly looked around as the men in black escorted her towards the small church.

The guests seemed to be already waiting inside the church now.

Realizing that the wedding might begin as soon as she reached the church's door, Kelly couldn't help but look around. Her heart started to thud inside her ribcage. All she could see outside the church were men in black. They were the guards of the rich people inside!

'Kai,' she uttered to herself. 'Where are you? Are you still on your way here?'

As she was talking to herself, her escorts made her stand right in front of the church's double door.

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