Hellbound With You Chapter 605

599 Wedding Day

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Dread began to grip Kelly's heart. There was only one thing reverberating in her mind at that moment and it was the thought that she must do something anything to delay this wedding. She had to buy time for her knight in shining armor to arrive. But how? What should she possibly do to cause a ruckus big enough to delay a wedding?

Kelly started panicking when she saw two of the men in black approach the door and stood on both sides and then simultaneously held the door handles. Her heart was pounding so loudly, it was rumbling so deafeningly in her ears and making her feel so overwhelmed. No! Wait! Wait a second! Kai isn't here yet!

Unable to exercise logic and sense properly perhaps due to all that panic and dread filling her heart and mind, the best option Kelly could think of doing at that moment was to scream at the men to stop. However, before a sound could escape from her lips, the men abruptly let go of the door handles. One of them seemed to be talking to someone who was speaking into his Bluetooth earphone while the other one was looking at his wristwatch.

Having this god sent interruption without her needing to embarrass herself, Kelly's hysterical panic dropped down just a notch and curiosity began to momentarily replace the desperate look in her eyes. "What's wrong? Is there a problem?" she asked.

The men turned towards her and then stared at each other, silently communicating amongst themselves if it was a wise thing for them to answer her queries or not. Kelly's expression hardened at their reluctance and she squared her shoulders. "Did you not hear me?! Is there a problem?!" Kelly's voice was fiery and sounded out her temper, causing the men to blink in surprise. How did the poor damsel in distress suddenly looked like a fierce villainess?

"Er It's not a major problem, Miss Young. It's just that" The man paused and looked at his comrade again.

"What?! Spit it out!" Kelly demanded and the man sighed.

"Mr. Young told us to have you stand by for a little while longer."

Kelly creased her brows in surprise. They were proceeding with so much haste just a while ago so why the sudden hold up? "Why? Is there a problem?"

"It seemed Mr. Flynn has not arrived yet, but don't worry Miss Young, I'm certain he's already on his way here. Something major must have delayed him."

The surprise was so shocking Kelly momentarily fell into a trance. However, the next moment, the corners of her lips curved up slightly.

"So you're saying that the groom isn't here yet?" She mumbled to herself. Her voice had a tinge of amusement to it. "And you men want me the star of the show to continue standing and waiting, in front of the church's door to wait for him?"

"Uhm yes, Miss. The procession was supposed to start by now, but Mr. Young said, we can delay for another five to ten minutes." The men's tone was hesitant. Their faces were filled with confusion and puzzlement upon seeing the smile suddenly blooming upon Kelly's face.

"Hahaha." Kelly's laughter echoed, surprising and disorientating the men in black even more. "Men" she said as soon as her laughter stopped and she took small, measured steps towards them, taking advantage of their bewilderment. She stood between the two men in black and looked at them. "On a wedding day, grooms are supposed to be the ones who wait for their brides, not the other way around. A man who fails to arrive on time for his wedding day fails as a man. And a woman who willingly waits for her late groom will only be called as... stupid. And I refuse to be acknowledged as a stupid person."

Before the men could even process what Kelly had just said, Kelly lifted her gown and kicked the door open. She had given all her strength in that one strong kick that the door made a dramatic loud bang when it flew open. All heads turned as the bride entered with a wide smile.

The shocked men didn't know what to do as Kelly didn't give them a chance to react much less to seize her. She started her own march without warning. She could see confusion and shock in everyone's faces. She saw her father and his eyes almost bulging out of their sockets.

And then, suddenly, the music started. Kelly couldn't stop the huge smile on her face. Because she knew that Tristan was not going to arrive. He must be with her Kai, right now. Her knight in shining armor must've held him captive to stop the wedding. Oh god she felt so happy. Her knight saved her once again and she was so right. She was so glad she had trusted him. Kai would never let her marry that bastard!

Kelly didn't stop and continued walking down the aisle. The audience were so confused because they knew that the groom was not there and had yet to arrive. So why was the bride smiling like she was the happiest bride in the world?

Her parents were so frozen in their shock that they were extremely delayed in their reaction. When her father realized what his daughter had done, Kelly was already reaching the end of the aisle and about to step onto the stage.

The man strode towards her and just as she placed her foot on the first step leading to the stage, her father caught her arm. Rage made his eyes turn incredibly dangerous, as if he was prepared to drag Kelly out of the church. However, before the infuriated Mr. Young could speak or yank on Kelly, someone stood in front of them.

A tall and gorgeous man in tailored wedding suit made everyone catch their breaths. Even Kelly's father was forced to halt at the sight of this good-looking stranger while Kelly literally turned into a statue and had her lips parted as she stared at him.

The man faced Kelly's father and with a serious expression, he spoke. "Since the groom has decided to forfeit, I would like to be the groom instead and marry your daughter."

Kelly's father gritted his teeth in anger, face turning an interesting shade of deep red. "Who the fuc "

"Please let me introduce myself." Kai cut him off as he announced firmly and confidently, "I am Skyler Qinn, CEO of Qinn Enterprise. The one and only heir of my late brother, Ezekiel Qinn."


I hope you're liking the climax of Kai and Kelly's story. ^^

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