Hellbound With You Chapter 608

602 Honeymoon Part I

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The helicopter then landed at a certain white beach far from the island where they wedded. This island was bigger than the one owned by the Youngs, and Kelly, of course, knew who owned this beautiful piece of land. Ezekiel Qinn owned it.

Kelly was still in Kai's arms as he walked away from the helicopter. When Kelly looked ahead, she noticed that petals were scattered on the white sand creating a path.

"Oh my!" Kelly gasped in surprise. Her smile widened, seeing the romantic setting. She didn't expect something like this since she knew that their wedding was not planned.

"Abigail and Alex prepared this," Kai said suddenly, probably noticing the curiosity in Kelly's eyes. "They both came and told me that Mr. Young had taken you away from their house this dawn. When I told them about my plan of crashing the wedding, they both supported me. But then, after I dealt with Tristan and headed to the island, they just disappeared on me. I didn't know where they went. It appeared they were here all along, preparing the venue. Alex told me that this is their gift to us."

Kelly couldn't help but feel touched. Her best friend was really the best friend she ever had.

"We're blessed because you have amazing brothers, and I have an amazing best friend."


"Damn, they're so sweet."

"They are." Kai agreed, and Kelly grasped Kai tighter around the neck and lift her lips to his.

"But to me, you're still the sweetest, darling. I love you," she whispered against his lips, and before they knew it, they were kissing passionately - the hot, exciting waft of their breaths filling each other's mouth.

"Kai" Kelly uttered, her hand reaching naughtily for the buttons of Kai's shirt without breaking their first wild and passionate kiss as a married couple. She seemed to have forgotten that they were still on the beach.

Kai groaned as he felt her warm hands already roaming around his torso. And then, all of a sudden, he lifted her again. But this time, he didn't walk anymore. He leaped with her in his arms, and in just a few moments, they landed on the veranda of a stunning villa.

Petals were also scattered on the veranda's floor as though someone had predicted that Kai wouldn't enter the house through the door. "They knew you're not going to enter through the door," Kelly chuckled as Kai finally put her down. But she didn't remove her arms on his neck, and impatiently, she rammed her lips on his again, not letting him speak at all.

Another helpless groan vibrated through Kai's throat that made Kelly smiled. "You are driving me insane, Kelly." He uttered in a husky voice as his hands grabbed her hips and pulled her close against him. And then, he hugged her, so very tight as his lips kissed the hollow below her ear.

But then, suddenly, he pulled away and held her shoulders at arm's length. His temples were already wet with sweat, but he was fighting his desire so well.

Before Kelly could ask what was wrong, he spoke. "I'm sorry. I should be asking you if you're alright, first," he asked worriedly as his gaze searched her.

She blinked at him. "Huh? I am fine "

"They didn't do anything to you, right? I was so worried when I heard your father take you away. I was worried you've fought him, and he'd end up doing" he paused, and, realizing what he was trying to say, Kelly lifted her hand and touched his cheek gently. It pained her that she had made this man worry for her like this.

"I am fine, Kai. Why don't we go inside so you can check every part of my body yourself?" she asked, and though she didn't intend to tell him that to seduce him, Kai swallowed, and the worry in his eyes was immediately replaced with fiery desire.

He flushed, and Kelly marveled at the sight of this gorgeous man's reddened face. His grey eyes were fierce and hot on Kelly's face that the world seemed to turn many degrees hotter. Thrilled and seduced, Kelly could no longer wait, and she grabbed her husband's hand and dragged him inside the villa. She followed the petals on the floor, and at last, they reached the door of a certain room.

When Kelly opened it, she couldn't help but bite her lower lip. The bed was decorated with red petals. There was also wine prepared on the table. It was beautiful and romantic. She couldn't ask for more.

She whipped towards Kai, and he had an interesting expression as his gaze settle on the bed filled with petals. Kelly yanked him, causing him to turn back his eyes on her. She tiptoed as if to kiss him, but to Kai's dismay, she didn't. She simply rubbed their noses as she pushed him back until they reached the bed, and Kelly pushed him down.

Kai looked up as he sat at the edge of the bed. Their eyes met, and Kai could only swallow again when she backed away from him.

"You want to check my body, right? My darling?" she asked in a seductive voice, and she started to undress in front of him.

When her wedding dress hit the floor, Kai inhaled sharply. She wasn't even fully naked yet, and he was already reacting. Kelly always loved Kai's reaction in every little thing she does.

"Do you believe now?" she asked him, naughtily, and as she reached for her panties, Kai lost it and he stood and grabbed her, lifting her from the circle of the discarded white dress.

There was a glitter of devil's fire in his eyes as he stared at her before he devoured her mouth. His hand impatiently took off her bra, and when his hands moved to her panties, she heard the sound of ripping fabric. Kelly's eyes widened slightly and then smiled as she felt her panties slid down between her legs.

He gripped her hips, and as her breast crashed against him, a sudden rush of sensation made Kelly's breathing became even harsher.

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