Hellbound With You Chapter 614

608 My Friend

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Lilith whipped her head towards him, anger colored her freckled face. "You are good in playing hide and seek, little witch. Just like a mouse." He chuckled mischievously. "But too bad for you, mouseyCoz I'm good at seeking, like a cat."

"L-let go!" Lilith tried tugging her hand out of his grasp, but the boy gripped her harder.

"Nope. I caught you. So, from now on, you are my pet." He said in a matter-of-fact manner.

Lilith swallowed and she was about to chant a spell again when the boy's hand covered her lips. She hadn't brought a sword because she knew she could not hide it. What should she do?

"I never saw a witch with red hair and green eyes before." He commented, tilting his head. His dark hair a stark contrast with his mischievous bright eyes.

Lilith sank her dainty sharp teeth into his hand that was gripping her until the boy groaned in pain. "Ah! Stop! I'll hit you if you don't!" he said as he winced in pain. However, his grip was still tight on her arm. Knowing that she couldn't escape unless he let go of her, Lilith didn't release her bite and her jaws clamped down even harder. "I said let go you little! I will really hurt you! I'm not kidding!"

The royal boy was now gritting his teeth and Lilith knew he's in pain because she was starting to taste his blood. But why was he still not letting go? Stubborn little vampire!

"Ugh!!! I said I'll hit you!!"

When the witch girl still persisted and even bit him even harder, the boy's movement was a blur and it seem to be moving to her neck. She didn't have the chance to disappear because he was too fast.

Lilith's eyes widened and she felt her heart thud in nervousness the moment she felt his hand clasp around her neck. She shut her eyes closed but sunk her teeth deeper onto his hand, expecting him to strangle her. But he didn't and she slowly cracked open one eye.

When their eyes met, his face was still twisted in pain, but his eyes filled with disbelief. "I can't believe you're still not letting go. Seems you're less of a mouse, but more of a dog. A mad, crazy little dog!" he was now exasperated. "Let go, now before I hurt you. Are you planning to eat my hand?!"

Despite his threats, the boy didn't even tighten his grip on her neck. Realizing that the royal didn't seem on planning to hurt her at all, Lilith's feet moved, dragging him along with her. She planned to move herself away from the pillar and then bring him to the open space where she could finally kick him away.

"You you!!" The boy groaned in pain. "I will punish you! I will really punish you after this. Heed my word "

"Kyle." A deep voice made the two freeze and halt. "What are you doing?"

Lilith felt the boy stiffen up. He seemed to be so startled or even scared that he had forgotten about the pain her bite was causing him.

Blinking, she watched the boy straighten his posture and steadily turned to face the source of the voice.

"Brother," he bowed. "I I caught a" he paused and looked at Lilith as if he were unsure whether to continue speaking or not.

When Lilith looked up at the man the boy was talking too, she also flinched in fear. She didn't know why but the man's aura scared her even though he was so good looking and didn't look angry at all. Lilith subconsciously let go of the boy's hand and with blood painting her lips, her fear made her inch closer to the boy she had just bitten, even trying to hide behind him.

The scary man narrowed his eyes. "What are you doing here?" he asked Lilith and the sheer aura coming from him made the young girl swallow hard. She had never been so scared before. She thought that the scariest person in this world was her Queen Alicia when she's really angry. But this man wasn't even angry yet and he's already making her tremble in fear just by looking down at her. Oh no. Could it be that this man is the vampire king? Was he going to kill her?

"She's my friend" the boy suddenly said. She was so scared she didn't realize that the boy's hand was no longer on her neck until she felt him pull her behind him, shielding her from that scary gaze.

Lilith was surprised. Was he protecting her? Why? She could feel him stiff and scared as well, yet he mentioned that she's his friend?

Slowly, Lilith peeked out at the man and he looked like he wasn't pleased with what the boy said.

"Friend?" he repeated.

"Yes. I brought her here."

A short silence followed that statement, and the man closed his eyes as if he was suddenly weary about something.

"Lucas." He spoke and a huge red-haired man appeared. Lilith found the red-haired vampire to be another scary person and she moved even closer to the boy holding her hand. She had seen so many vampires, but never had she ever met scary vampires like these here, and that's why she never thought vampires were scary. Were these scary vampires hiding in this castle all along? That moment, Lilith told herself that she will never enter this castle of scary vampires again that's if she could still leave the place alive.

"Take Kyle away. Bring him to his room." He ordered and the boy's grip on her hand tightened.

However, just as the red-haired man was about to grab the boy, someone appeared, and Lilith's eyes widened. The man she was looking for finally appeared.

"What's wrong? Let's go. I'm starting to think that you're deliberately delaying this journey Zeke." the silver-haired man said, and Lilith gasped.

"Zeres!!!" she exclaimed in shock and Zeres' attention fell on the girl behind the youngest vampire prince. That red hair and freckles.

"Lilith!" Zeres was surprised. This sweet young girl was his favorite back in the Black Forest and he had actually taught her swordsmanship for a while.

Zeres approached her and his face became worried at the sight of blood on her lips. He looked at Kyle with a frown. "Did he hurt you?"

"Oh, no. I I hurt him. I bit his hand because he didn't want to let me go." Lilith confessed and Zeres pressed his temples as he sighed, relieved.

"Why are you here? You shouldn't be here, Lilith." Zeres's expression changed as his voice changed into sounding as a voice of a father scolding his child. "How did you even manage to enter the castle?"

Lilith blinked and then she looked at the boy beside her. Their eyes met and then Lilith pressed her lips tight. Even though she was proud of her infiltrating skill, she knew that like Queen Alicia, Zeres won't be happy hearing about her dangerous hobby as well. Queen Alicia had scolded her when she heard about it. She liked Zeres so she didn't want Zeres to scold her and probably dislike her. And thus, she held Kyle's hand and spoke. "He's my friend. He helped me enter the castle." She said and Zeres glanced at Zeke's darkened face.

"I I have something important to tell you." she suddenly blurted, pulling Zeres' attention back to her. "Queen Alicia she needs you. Urgently!"


A\\N: and another journey started again.

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