Hellbound With You Chapter 615

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Zeres' eyes constricted at what he just heard from Lilith and then, before they knew it, he was gone, leaving everyone blinking at his sudden disappearance. His action was too sudden and unexpected that Lilith wasn't even given the chance to tell him to take her with him.

The young girl had her eyes wide and mouth gaping open when she realized that the silver-haired witch was already gone and that he had left her with these scary vampires, and in the midst of their headquarters! She didn't expect him to disappear just like that and forget about her. It seemed he was truly more worried of their queen than anyone else. But what should she do now that she was left behind? Oh no! Did he think she was fine because she told him the little vampire royal was her friend?

Realizing her mistake, Lilith risked a glance at the scary man that was still standing like a statue before her. The only movement he made was to look at the darkness outside as if his gaze were following Zeres' invisible trails.

When he returned his gaze to her, Lilith's heart skipped a beat and she involuntarily flinched as her grip on the boy's hand tightened.

"What happened? Is the witch queen in danger?" he asked calmly.

There seemed to be something in those grey eyes of his that made Lilith answer him before she could even realize she was already doing so. "The queen went into the crystal cavern and never came out of it for a more than three days already " she clamped her lips shut but it was too late.

What she said seemed to have eased the slight tension forming in the air. "I see," the man said and then, the air around him changed as his gaze swept across the two youngsters holding each other's hands like they never wanted to be apart. His eyes were unfathomable, but Lilith could clearly feel his displeasure like a physical force.

Suddenly, the boy pulled her towards him and hugged her as if to lock her in his arms, causing Lilith to gasp in surprise. Before she could protest, the boy spoke. "Brother, I I want to keep this girl."

Lilith's mind was blown, and she could not even squeak, much less speak up on her own behalf. W-what the hell's this royal boy saying?!

A chill then ran down her spine and she knew that the source was the scary man because she felt the vampire boy who was hugging her flinching as well. Why was he doing this when he's scared too?

Lilith was so confused but she didn't dare move or even breathe too heavily. She would rather stay still in this boy's arms than have him let go of her and leave her with the two big and scary vampires. She didn't know why but she felt safe in this boy's arms even as she was still confused and could not understand why he was taking this stance in protecting her this way.

"I mean" the boy spoke again, regardless of his obvious fear and hesitation to keep talking. "I know we don't do slavery anymore. I'm not going to make her my slave or anything of that sort."

When Lilith didn't hear any response to that statement for a few agonizing seconds, she forced herself to peek at the man as the boy's arms around her tightened. She could also hear his heartbeat beating so ferociously.

"I will take care of her... like she's my" Kyle paused, struggling. He knew the girl couldn't stay in the castle if he tells Zeke to keep her as his friend. "She'll be like my pet."

The red-haired man who had kept a stoic face, choked. But Zeke's expression didn't change at all.

"I mean a beloved pet." Kyle continued, swallowing hard as he subconsciously hugged the girl even tighter. "I won't enslave her. I will treat her really well much... much better than other pets. So, please let me keep her."

"No." His brother's deep voice rumbled, and it was filled with absolute authority.

The boy's heart raced even faster. But still, he stubbornly persisted, taking a deep breath. "But "

"No buts, Kyle. You can't keep a witch with you."


"If you need company, there are other vampires out "

"But I don't want other vampires. This girl is what I want." Kyle sounded belligerent and pouted his lips.

The air became chilly. "No. Give me the girl." The man didn't raise his voice. But he didn't have to as what he said were the scariest thing Lilith have ever heard. She found herself clinging to the boy as if begging him not hand her over to his scary brother.

She felt the boy stiffen as well but as she clung to him, she didn't see the hostility that had burned in Kyle's eyes.

Even Lucas was surprised at the look Kyle gave to his brother. No one ever dared look at Zeke that way, except Alexander, back then.

"You forbid me to go to places I like. At least let me keep someone I like beside me."

"You can keep anyone you like, with the exceptions of humans and witches, Kyle." Zeke still looked calm but he sounded like his patience was already wearing thin.

"I told you, I don't like vamp " Zeke held up a hand to stop Kyle from saying more. His hard stare said talking more wouldn't be a smart idea.

"Give her to me. I'll bring her back to the Black Forest." Zeke stretched out his arm to Lilith, but the boy stepped back, hugging the girl even tighter. "Are you really going to disobey me?"

"I I" the boy gritted his teeth. His eyes burning with emotions as he looked at Zeke with a painful expression. "I'll bring her there myself."

Kyle grabbed her and carrying her in his arms, Kyle took the girl away as fast as he could. Obviously scared to death that Zeke would stop him.

Watching the young prince disappear, Zeke closed his eyes and his fingers twitched.

"Should we consider that one royalty down?" Lucas' concerned voice sounded out and Zeke's eyes fell on him. Something in Zeke made the air unbelievably thick that Lucas had to lean away from him because breathing had gotten tough.

After a few moments, he retracted his aura, and the surroundings went back to normal. Zeke then leapt forward and Lucas immediately followed.

"Where are we going? Are we leaving Zeres behind?" Lucas asked.

"No. We're going to the Black Forest, first."

"Why? To get prince Kyle or to check on the witch queen?"

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