Hellbound With You Chapter 618

612 Love?

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Alicia had decided to wear a black cloak to conceal her hair. She didn't want other witches to see the changes in her. That would further complicate matters, as even she did not know what was truly happening, much less explaining to the others in detail. There would definitely be loads of questions coming her way if she were to allow it. Everything was getting confusing and what Zeres told her bugged her to no end. She found it extremely hard to believe. But then, the fact that he was willing to take her with him to see for herself if he's saying the truth made her feel even more confused.

In the end, despite the suspicion and confusion, she could only decide to go along with him in search for that fabled cave that would restore all her lost powers. She had no choice and she had no reason not to go. It was better than confining herself inside the cavern and let her body weaken day after day as more of her powers are drawn out.

However, what she didn't expect was the presence of Ezekiel in the Black Forest. She heard he was leaving his kingdom a few days ago so why was he here?

With a questioning gaze, Alicia approached the men. Her eyes fell on the red-haired vampire for a moment. "I didn't know you have company, Zeres." She said as she returned her gaze back to the stoic man nonchalantly standing before her.

"They're going to join us in this journey, Alicia." Zeres answered, causing Alicia to whip her head towards him, even more surprised, confused and suspicious now.

Questions filled her eyes but she didn't dare to probe further right there and then, knowing that the witches were still gathered around them and their eyes and ears are all on Zeres, Her and the vampires. She would speak more on this with Zeres and this vampire prince later once they were without prying eyes and ears. Slightly lifting her hood, she raised her eyes to look at her subjects and Alicia slowly swept her gaze over everyone, looking at their faces as if committing them to memory.

The witch queen then spoke and told the witches that she would be leaving the forest to embark on a special journey. When a witch suggested that she should be taking along the two best fighters of their tribe with her, Alicia declined, telling them that there was no need as she had Zeres with her. The witches could only agree, knowing that there was no one else that could protect their queen better than the immortal Zeres.

While Alicia was talking with the witches, Zeke and Lucas had already left the Black Forest.

"So this group will now consist of two witches and two vampires" Lucas started. "Pretty unexpected."

But Zeke remained silent, looking as though he was in his own world again, plotting something complicated or probably seeing something ahead no one could even imagine at the moment.

Realizing that the prince won't even bother response to him, Lucas sighed and leaned against a tree just outside the Black Forest. That is just so like Prince Ezekiel cold, aloof but having so much on is mind. Somehow one has to truly wonder if he is even something more than just a vampire royal. The way his mind works, and his plans fall into place are truly an amazing feat to behold.

After a long moment, Zeke finally moved. "You wait for them here, Lucas. I'll join you guys later." He said and before Lucas could even ask where he was headed to, Zeke already disappeared from sight, leaving the large red-haired raking his hair in annoyance.

"Tsk, tsk, tskThere he goes the lone wolf is moving on his own again." He could only mutter and shake his head at Zeke's volatile temperament.

Somewhere else in the vampire kingdom's capital.

"What are we doing here? Why did you bring me here?! You said you'll bring me back to the Black Forest!" Lilith protested as Kyle finally put her down in what looks to be the living room of an old Victorian house they had just entered. "And what is the meaning of this?!" she yelled at him as she lifted her hand and pulled on the chain that was connecting her to him.

That moment Kyle leapt and took her away from the scary vampires, Kyle had landed at the roof of a certain antique shop and then brought her there. She was still trying to calm herself thinking that the other two vampires were pursuing them, so she did not realize what that little royal vampire was doing to her until she felt the chains that were linking their hands together and by then, it was already too late.

After scrutinising the chains for a few moments, she recognised it from a memory she had where it was from a book she had flipped through once before. She knew about this certain chain. This was the infamous chain that vampires in the past had used to restrain the witches that they caught. This chain was able to bind the witches' powers and stop them from escaping from their masters the vampires.

"So that you can't escape from me, pet." He said with a smile while Lilith puffed her cheeks in anger.

"I am NOT your pet!" Lilith spat out in anger, not unlike a kitten that got her little fur stroked the wrong way.

His eyes widened before a crease appeared between his brows. A second later, he was touching her hair as if to coax her. "I'm sorry. You don't like me calling you 'pet'? I thought it should have sounded like a sweet endearment."

"Wha- what are you -"

"Then what do you want me to call you?" he asked sweetly, his face unnecessarily close to hers. "Sweetheart? Dear? Darling? Hmm Love?"

Lilith felt her face burn red. She didn't understand what was wrong with this little vampire.

"You're blushing," he whispered and as his breath blew past her ear, Lilith jumped back as far as she could, given the chains binding her blushing again in embarrassment, and feeling goosebumps crawling over her skin.

"W-w-what are you doing? You, idiot vampire!" she stammered.

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