Hellbound With You Chapter 624

618 Just A Little

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Kyle stood as still as a statue, looking off silently into the same direction for a long while even after Zeke had left. He later dropped and fixed his eyes on the floor, motionless, as Lilith watched him. The chain was broken but she didn't leave or escape. It was not a result of her still recovering from the intense event that had happened earlier, but it was on the grounds that something within her seemed to be telling that it is not the appropriate time for her to leave yet.

After a while, Kyle moved and looked down at her. A wretched expression was etched on his face for a while and then too soon it was replaced with an awkward smile. He approached her quietly and squatted before her. His eyes were bright grey again.

"Are you okay? Did I hurt you?" he asked as his eyes surveyed her from head to toe and Lilith shook her head.

"You just nearly gave me a heart attack but I'm fine now." she said and a smile hovered on his thin lips despite his apologetic look.

"I'm sorry. I lost control of myself. I shouldn't have allowed myself to be provoked so easily like that." He lowered his head and ruffled his own dark hair.

It fascinated her how vulnerable and harmless he looked on the outside. Looking at his face now, she already felt sorry for the people who would think this vampire wasn't dangerous. He was, in her eyes, the definition of dangerous. Just viewing his exterior, that innocent face would fool anyone. There was just no sign of the power and danger that lurked beneath his gentle surface.

A light breeze blew, and Lilith's red hair was gently lifted to the side. Suddenly, his expression dimmed. "You're not fine." His voice a little husky and then Lilith felt the back of his hand lightly brush over her collarbones. She felt a sting there and remembered that she might have gotten hurt when the glass shattered in the house as they were making their getaway. It seemed some shards did end up wounding her. "Let me" he uttered and before she could protest, his head was already bent towards her neck and all she could see was a head of wavy dark hair. When she felt his lips and then, his tongue running over her skin her wounds Lilith's breath got caught in her throat.

But before Lilith could formulate a response to that bizarre action, he backed off almost immediately, looking shocked. For a moment, Lilith saw hunger in his eyes. "That would help it heal faster." He said looking away but his body seemed to have stiffened again.

He rose to his feet and took in a deep breath before offering her his hand. Lilith accepted his outstretched hand, as he grabbed it and pulled her to her feet. As she brushed the bottoms of her pants off, her eyes filled with curiosity and confusion as she looked at him. He could tell she was trying so hard to read him.

"I'm bringing you to your home now." He smiled and then he gathered her in his arms and finally leapt.

The trip this time was slow. If she would compare his speed now from the speed he employed during the chase, this speed cannot even hold a candle to it.

Lilith could only hang onto to him. She could already feel her face hot, a sure hint that it must be flushed red. His arms around her were gentle. No one ever held her like this before like a piece of precious treasure that could break at any time. She never thought she would experience so many of her firsts with a vampire and within a span of just a few hours. And to think he was a prince too. She had never allowed any male carry her in this manner, hold her hand, embrace her and even kiss her.

Realizing all this made Lilith blush harder, if that was even possible.

When they finally arrived at the entrance to the Black Forest, Lilith found herself unable to feel the gladness and relief she was supposed to feel. She had a different and strange emotion instead that had made her expression a little sullen.

The moment her feet touched the ground, he ensured she was stable before letting go. Lilith, however, almost did not want to let go. Looking up at him, she silently stared at his face in puzzlement, but to her delight, found him seemingly feeling the same from the expression playing on his face. He was gazing down at her as if mesmerized and looking as though he was trying to memorize how she looked like.

"Your freckles they're lovely." He said and before he knew it, his finger already touching them with great care, as if he was touching something extremely fragile.

She nibbled the inside of her lower lip to stop herself from grinning and making a complete fool of herself. "You're probably the only who thinks they're lovely." She replied and he shook his head slightly, still unable to take his eyes off her, hands slowly coming down to his sides.

"Whoever told you they're not lovely have a serious eyes problem. And your eyes too they're the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen."

When she just stood there, red-faced, and wide-eyed, Kyle chuckled. But a moment later, his smile slowly faded, and he took a step back. He was initially only planning to cause a problem for his brother, Ezekiel, because he found out that he was leaving. Kyle was angry about what happened to his big brother, Kai and he wanted to know the truth. He did not want Ezekiel to leave while he was still harbouring hate towards him. And perhaps, he just wanted Ezekiel to pay a little more attention to him just a little. The truth was that Kyle actually adored and admired Ezekiel since he was young. He knew that this crown prince brother of his was the most powerful vampire so he had been looking up to him. But Ezekiel was too distant. He never visited him even once, before he was brought into the Reign's castle. However, once he was already in the Castle, Ezekiel only threw him a glance from time to time. He was so unapproachable.

He had longed to be a part of his elite men and hone his skills under him. His brother Kai was very good. He had been a very good and kind teacher to him. But Kai always felt that he wanted more, and he longed to learn from the strongest vampire personally.

But all that Kyle got when he lived in the castle was to study. He was not allowed to do many things and he eventually felt like a caged bird. He resented Ezekiel for his orders to restrain him, personally opposing the fact that the crown prince didn't have the right to cage him when all he did was ignore him. He also hated that there were secrets that was kept from him by virtue of claiming that he was still too young. Kyle did not believe their reasoning and he had that inkling that they just wanted to keep it a secret from him.

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