Hellbound With You Chapter 625

619 First And Las

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So, when he heard what Ezekiel said a while ago, he felt awful. It seemed that Ezekiel wasn't the one who wanted to keep him in the dark but the King. And though the truth he had heard was too devastating, he still had a hard time to believe it. It never did cross his mind that the problem wasn't as shallow and insignificant as he had thought and that his brother, Kai, would soon die in the near future.

And now it seemed not only did he just manage to get to the ugly truth as well as gaining Ezekiel's attention by causing trouble unfortunately, there was also the need to bear the consequences and pay a price for these things. An unforeseen and unbelievable one.

When he saw this girl sneaking into the palace, he thought to himself that he had found a forbidden fruit that Ezekiel had ordered him to never even set eye on ever. His rebellious thoughts got the better of him and he was desperate to find out the truth before he leaves.

But the moment he had seen her beautiful green eyes, circling wide as she looked at him, Kyle was dumbstruck. That single moment was enough to burn his plans right to the ground. He didn't know why but his entire being was suddenly responding so acutely to her that when he touched her, he no longer wanted to let her go. He had truly liked her.

And as he spent more time with her in his arms, multiple times to boot, he had become more and more fascinated with her until he found himself confessing to her and even kissing her. He knew that it was wrong. It was forbidden. But those thoughts became completely abandoned when he was holding her in his arms, looking at her and talking to her until Ezekiel came and woke him from this beautiful dream, forcing him to face reality again. And when Ezekiel revealed to him the truth, everything just shattered.

His brother was right, he had to let her go because she was forbidden. Aside from the danger, the consequences they had to bear would be too great. It was something unimaginable for his young mind. And he would never want to put this girl to risk because of his beautiful albeit forbidden dream.

Flashing a charming yet sad smile, Kyle stroked aside the red locks over her face and tucked them behind her ear.

"Can I hug you, one last time?" he asked, and Lilith blinked. She did not seem to be overly shocked. Her eyes simply locked on his for a while before she nodded.

She opened her arms and his lips curved up again, and this time, his smile was obviously wider. Their bodies collided and Kyle settled his head into the cradle of her shoulder with a bold familiarity. He hugged her as if he were planning to embrace her like that forever.

But after a long while, he pulled away. He bit his lower lip when he saw that she seemed as reluctant as he was in letting go of the other.

They stared at each other again. Kyle forced his feet to move backwards, away from the Black Forest and her hands flinched as if to stop him from leaving.

The young vampire stood still after taking more than ten steps away, his right hand brought up nervously to rake at his dark hair. His face severe and his eyes were emotional. He sighed before he looked at her again. A hesitant smile played on his face. "May I may I kiss you, one last time?" he asked, looking nervous. 'This will be the last time, I promise.' He hadn't said those words aloud, but she reacted as though she had heard them. And then, she nodded, quietly.

Kyle's eyes glimmered in surprise but the sadness that appeared the next second overpowered it. He flashed to be standing in front of her suddenly and slowly, he leaned closer. His heart was beating hard. He remembered how soft and warm her lips were when he brushed his lips against hers in his grandmother's house. When Ezekiel forced him to come to his senses, he never thought he would ever kiss her again.

His breath came out in a puff as his face move closer to hers, her eyes seemed to be sucking him into that green vortex. And when she closed that emerald gaze of hers, he did the same.

The moment their lips pressed lightly against each other's; time stood still for them. A cool breeze blew on them and her red hair danced like little red flames behind her. Their innocent kiss lasted for what seemed like forever, which suddenly ended when they pulled apart.

Kyle pressed his forehead against hers and whispered, "Thank you." He stared deep into her eyes next as his hand cradled her face and then planted another feathery kiss on her forehead. "Goodbye, Lilith." He uttered her name for the first and last time before he turned and disappeared. She could never be his. Except in his heart for a few hours, like she was just a dream. This dream was like how one could feel the cool morning mists surrounding them but for a fleeting moment only, until the harsh reality evaporates it the instant the sun appears.

Lilith silently stared at the horizon where he had disappeared to for a long time and stood there unmoving. "Goodbye, Kyle." she uttered brokenly because she just knew that their goodbye would be forever.

It was already night when a private jet landed on the airstrip of one of the most secluded town of a certain country in the west. Ezekiel came out and Zeres, Alicia and Lucas who had been waiting inside a car sighed in relief. They had been waiting for him because he was the leader of the group and the man had simply instructed them to fly to the town and wait for him at the airport. As usual, he was so inconsiderate to make them wait for such a long time without notifying anyone of his exact time of arrival and now it seemed he had brought along an additional baggage with the group. It was his youngest brother, Kyle.


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