Hellbound With You Chapter 631

625 Just A Dream

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Zeke still couldn't explain the reasons why, but he did tell Zeres that the one theory he had was that those rogues they had fought were dead vampires. It did not make sense to Zeres but he could do nothing but listen and accept whatever Zeke said for the moment.

But things were getting from bad to worse for the witch duo the longer the journey continued. Alicia especially did not seem to be holding up well lately, and Zeres was extremely worried for her condition.

They had just encountered another group of rogues inside the first cavern they had visited in the third continent they had reached in this journey, when Alicia suddenly passed out.

"Take her back to the hotel." Zeke quickly instructed; his eyes locked on the unconscious Alicia in Zeres' arms. He did not look surprised at all and Zeres knew that he had long suspected and sensed Alicia's weakness. Despite Alicia's efforts in acting normal and hiding her condition, Zeres knew that there was just no way anyone could hide anything from Zeke.

"Go and put her to bed. She shouldn't be here in that state of hers." Zeke added and Zeres could only agree as it reflects what he personally felt as well. Though he did not want to leave when their comrades were still fighting, but Zeke was right. Alicia is the priority at the moment, and he had to take her away from the battlefield now. He had no choice but gladly, he was not too worried as those three vampires did not even need his or anyone's help with the insane strength and monstrous capabilities that they possess. He had just taken a step to leave when he hesitated for a moment due to the sudden surge of enemies flooding in. However, when he turned back to look at Zeke, and found the man still standing to the side, calmly watching the other two fighting but still not joining the fight personally, Zeres turned and finally disappeared.

Zeres materialized inside Alicia's room with her cradled securely in his arms. He knew she had fainted all due to weakness. He acknowledged just how hard and resolutely she fought to stay standing all this while. But this time, her body had finally beaten her.

It had crushed him hard every time he felt her grip in his hand tighten and how she would cling tightly onto him for support. He had long stopped asking her if she was alright how could she be with the way she was hanging on to his hands? He would be hurting her more by asking her. It was better if he just provided her with the support needed in silence. He even stopped turning around to check on her even when he felt her breathless as she hid herself behind him in the vain hopes that the vampires would not see her nor realise her worsening condition. And his guilt was growing so big, it was almost consuming him whole.

Gently, Zeres quietly removed her cloak. Her once bright and glowing hair had turned dull and completely ashen now. Even her brows and curly lashes darkened as well. He carefully placed her on the bed before removing her shoes.

After covering her with a blanket, Zeres sat at the edge of the bed, his head bent low. For what felt like forever, he didn't move. He had kept his gaze on the floor and his fists were clenched into tight balls. Before long, he started to grit his teeth, his body tensing up as his moon-lit eyes slowly turn gold. He looked like something was taking over him.

A soft moan jolted him and as if a pail of ice water were poured over him, the gold in his eyes abruptly disappeared and he whipped his head towards the woman on the bed.

She looked uncomfortable. She was moving restlessly, and her pale face was frowning.

Zeres panicked. He rose from his seat and attempted to go look for help because he did not know what to do. But then he remembered his comrades were still in the cavern, fighting.

Bending closer, Zeres asked worriedly. "What is it? Are you in pain?"

Alicia's eyes cracked opened slightly, and she looked at Zeres. She opened her mouth to speak but her voice came out raspy and broken. But Zeres understood it and he immediately disappeared. He returned quickly with a glass of water in his hand.

He helped her sit and leaned her against his shoulder before handing her the water, supporting the base just in case her strength gave way.

Once Alicia sipped just enough water to moisten her throat and quench her thirst, Zeres took the glass away and put it on the table. He gently held her shoulder and was about to ease her back on the bed when Alicia suddenly laughed, a bitter and soft laugh that faded quickly.

With her eyes closed, she clasped Zeres' shirt weakly, her grip trembling as she spoke without opening her eyes. "Tell me, Zeres that this is just a bad dream. This is not happening to me this is just a long long nightmare that that would be forgotten the moment I wake up."

As short silent passed.

"Yes, my queen. This is just a dream." He said and this time she smiled, a bitter self-mocking smile.

"Thank you. Don't let them see me like this especially..." She could not even finish her statement and her whole body fell limp again, drained from what little energy she regained from her short slumber.

Zeres stayed still, letting her lean against him in her sleep. A long while later, he hugged her and whispered a heart-wrenching 'I'm sorry' before easing her down. He watched her for a long time until he felt the vampires' presence.

His gaze fell to the moon peeking through the windows before looking at Alicia again. Something changed in his soft eyes.

When he turned to leave the room, his eyes were unfathomable, no longer the eyes of an angel.

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