Hellbound With You Chapter 632

626 Discerning

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The group had settled in an isolated villa that seemed recently abandoned in the middle of a scenic forest at the base of a range of towering mountains. It had been more than a month since they left and started on this journey. All this time passed, and they have still yet to find the place they were looking for. All they have accomplished until now was the ever-increasing surge of enemies that seemed to be getting stronger every time compared to the previous batch they have gone against. It was as if the enemies they had encountered earlier were novices, and their levels keeps increasing as each group kept coming.

Even Ezekiel who had simply watched leisurely in previous battles had lately been forced to make a move as well to watch over his younger brother's back.

The journey was becoming more dangerous and savage and confusing by the day and they all knew that they were getting closer to their destination. There was no more talk about when they would reach the damned cavern not only because the two witches had stopped talking but because Ezekiel also became even quieter than his usual reticent self. That left Kyle and Lucas as the only ones making any sounds for the past few days.

"I am worried about the queen," Kyle said as the three vampires sat around an antique table by the fireplace. "Is she really alright? I haven't spoken to her for weeks now and I'm barely able to see her face for many days now. I don't think she's alright at all. And Zeres he also started acting really weird. He used to be energetic and chatty. But now, it feels like he's angry with the world."

Kyle couldn't help but worry. He had been meaning to ask but Ezekiel wouldn't allow him to bother the witches and they have been quite occupied since they've been moving in haste these last few days. But now that there was a slight lull in their travels, it was the perfect chance for him to ask, and the boy couldn't hold his tongue anymore.

"What's happening to Her Majesty? Is she in grave danger?" His gaze was darting back and forth between Ezekiel and Lucas, hoping for either of them to fill him in on the situation surrounding the witch queen.

"I don't know what is going on but she's obviously unwell." It was Lucas who answered as Ezekiel remained silent as if he hadn't heard Kyle's question but continued staring at the fire which was consuming the log in the fireplace. The reflection of the fire in his dark eyes lent him the look of the devil himself burning in hell, that Kyle swallowed the words he was about to direct to his brother in the hopes of making him listen to what he was saying.

Kyle had been bothered by his brother's frequent calm silence as well because he seemed to be always enveloping himself with something powerful and impregnable to keep anyone from bothering him.

"And what's going on with Zeres?" Kyle could only ask Lucas and the red-haired could only shrug, indicating his ignorance in the matter.

"I'm as clueless as you, Your Highness so don't look at me. All I know is there is definitely something wrong with him lately." As Lucas said those words, their eyes were pulled by the materializing person across the table.

Zeres appeared with Alicia in his arms. Both were wrapped in an all-black cloak and Alicia's face was hidden by her hood as always.

"Which room can Alicia use?" Zeres asked. His voice still softly pleasing to the ears but somehow sounded almost lifeless.

"The room overlooking the back yard is the tidiest." Lucas replied and unceremoniously, Zeres disappeared again.

The vampires' eyes, even Zeke's, were drawn to the conspicuous three drops of blood that were left on the floor.

"That's Zeres' blood?" Kyle creased his brows in confusion. "Is he wounded? How come? He never joined any fight."

Lucas and Kyle whipped towards Zeke and the man rose and spoke. "He must be performing spells that requires his blood."

"Spells?! Whatever for?"

Zeke said nothing and simply walked away.

"I told you, stop asking so many questions. His Highness only answers once." Lucas slumped on his chair and Kyle couldn't help but pout childishly.

"I don't like this."

"Don't worry. Just trust your brother. He doesn't like talking while the game is still going on. If you want to ask questions, you have to wait until the game's over. He'll only lift his silence after he has his 'checkmate' so don't waste your time asking. Don't even try understanding his motives and actions, you'll get nothing but massive headaches and more confusion."

"So you're saying, I should do nothing but shut my mouth and obey"

"Ditto." Lucas smirked and Kyle's shoulders dropped as he sighed heavily.

"I really don't really like this." The boy complained rather petulantly, shutting his eyes closed. Lucas gave a lopsided droll smile looking at the very promising and powerful vampire prince acting like a child just because he could not get his older brother's explanation.

"I like the adventure and the fights. But I don't like the way everyone's behaving." Kyle muttered.

When he opened his eyes again, he stared at the blood on the floor. And Kyle remembered that this wasn't the first time he had seen a droplet of blood coming from Zeres. "Lucas" he spoke without averting his gaze from the blood.

"Witches can heal themselves, right?"

"Yes. They don't heal naturally like us but they can heal fast with the use of their healing spells."

"Then why is Zeres bleeding? This is not the first time and I always smell fresh blood coming from him for days now. It's like he has a wound that's not healing for days. He has also kept his cloak on for a long while now. He used to remove them immediately the moment we're indoor."

Lucas was silent this time. He noticed this young prince had the same discerning eyes that notices almost everything like Ezekiel did. Only difference was that he had no restrictions in saying them out loud and not keeping his observations to himself.

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