Hellbound With You Chapter 636

630 Naive Fool

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The reason why this somewhat powerful male witch did all these for the sake of his longing to be king of the witches. He had always hated the thought and felt it was biased and unfair that only female witches are given the opportunity to be chosen and could rule the witches. He also loathed the fact that within the many kinds of non-humans currently alive, the witches remained the weakest of the creatures. And in his impression, it was due to this fact that until now, they ended up living in the dark, hidden from the eyes of the vampires and even humans. So the mad witch created a strong army. His plan was to create an army so huge that was strong enough to lead the world into chaos. Since he could not change anything, he planned to become the villain instead. He wanted to expose the existence of vampires and witches to everyone living in the world and this would then drag the world down into chaos. He was planning was to lead an attack on a few major human cities all at once using his countless minions and undead vampire army that no living vampire nor witch, could stop nor cover up. He thought that this was the most dramatic and thrilling way of exposing the world to the knowledge of the existence of creatures such as vampires and witches.

And his plans were almost carried out to completion. A little bit more and he'd complete the number of required resurrected vampire soldiers he desired.

"I will not let you stop me. I already stationed many of my minions in a few major human cities around the world. They're simply waiting for a single order from me and they'll attack."

"Oh are you talking about those rogues we found in some of the caverns we found in several countries?"

"H-how did you "

The male witch seemed shocked and Zeres could only laugh, finally realizing something. "Damn you, Kiel." Zeres muttered under his breath before he returned his attention to the male witch.

"I am not here to stop you," he said finally as he let go of the insane male witch. "You are free to do what you wish."

"Could it be that you're here to join me?" The male witch's eyes widened comically as they sparkled with sudden joy, thinking he had gotten another powerful male witch to be on board with his campaign. He could not believe his luck as he grinned gleefully. "Do you wanted to be king too?!"

Suddenly, an ecstatic and thrilled laughter filled the massive cavern. Zeres simply watched as the insane witch rejoiced on his own.

"You made the best choice in this, ancient witch Zeres. I will step aside and make you king. It's time for the witches to rule by a man. And I believe this is meant to happen. The existence of a male witch with silver hair is the proof that it's time for a change. Hahaha!!"

Zeres didn't even bother to respond much less take the effort to speak to this ridiculous person. His gaze was blank as he watched the insane witch and his minions. But after a while, he lifted his hand to silence the mad man. "Why? You don't want to be the king anymore?" Zeres asked. "The truth is I am not here to stop you. I am here to because I wanted to die." he continued with a sardonic smile, causing everyone to look at him in surprise. "If you can kill me, you'd probably inherit my immortality, and you can be the king. So why don't you find a way to kill me instead?"

The mad witch looked at Zeres in disbelief and scepticism but eventually, his greed and desire for power filled his eyes and his madness seemed to have totally consumed him. "Sure, ancient witch. I'll thank you first for the opportunity to be the one in taking the honour to kill you!" he roared and without wasting a moment, the mad witch rushed at Zeres.

That night was the longest and the most agonizing night in Zeres' existence. He had let the mad witch do anything to him, not caring if it was humane or barbaric or brutal. He remembered what he had told Ezekiel before this journey. Zeres had asked for a peaceful death but it appeared that was too much for him to ask. It appeared it was just a wishful thinking.

And as the night slowly came to its end, the agony of still breathing despite everything caused Zeres to growl in misery.

The mad witch who had been ecstatic and thrilled as hell at first was now slumped on the floor, hair dishevelled and looking in all the world as if he was also taking the torture along with Zeres. Utter surrender already etched on his face. He had done everything. Even the things no sane man could think of doing. And yet, it was futile.

Zeres had fell on his knees, laughing hysterically. And then, he slumped on the ground, one hand fisting his previously silky silvery hair that had long since turned scarlet. He didn't stop laughing as tears began to fall from his eyes.

"Of course" he uttered between his hysteric laughter, talking to himself and shaking his head. "Of course, it was truly too much for you to hope for it to be this easy. When did the world ever let you have what you wanted? When will you ever learn? You're a nave fool, Zeres. Haha..."

Like a mindless, broken doll, Zeres resignedly rose with a heavy sigh and turned around to leave the cavern. It was already dawn when he stepped out at the entrance. He looked up at the brightening sky, his eyes empty as he watched the beautiful colours of dawn being splayed across the expanse.

He was soaked naked in a lake a few moments later. His eyes were closed, looking up the sky. He remained unmoving, statue-like for hours that way and when he finally made a move, a smile curved on his lips. It was the kind of smile that had never graced his lips before.

As the sunshine kissed his face, his eyelashes fluttered open, revealing deep unfathomable pools that were his eyes. They were gold and bright as the morning sun. The only difference was that Zeres' eyes no longer have any trace of warmth left in them bright gold and freezingly cold.

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