Hellbound With You Chapter 645

639 Twice

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"Brother!!" Kyle's eyes were wide as he hastily rose from sitting on the bench in front of the house. His face severe and worried as he approached Zeke. "Zeres is gone!" he exclaimed, ignoring the presence of Alexander and the prophetess.

"Calm down, Kyle." That was all Zeke said. He didn't look surprised at all, causing Kyle to frown hard.

"You already know he's gone? Did you see him?"

"Yes, I already know he's gone. No, we didn't." Zeke's gaze lifted to the window of Alicia's room. "How is Alicia?"

The confused young prince could only answer. "She's already awake, but she's not eating. I think she's waiting for you."

"I'll have to speak with Alicia first," Zeke turned to Alex, and once Alex nodded, he entered the house.

Blinking, Kyle finally looked at his brother's companion and the shock on his face intensified. The last time he met Alexander was when he wandered into the human city, and Alexander caught him. Kyle still remembered clearly how terrified he was when this man caught him and then scolded him. Alexander had said that Kyle should pay for disturbing his precious time with his wife.

And now that he was before him again, Kyle could only shrink away and silently nodded at him. Alexander was truly different from Zeres, even though they were both immortal. Kyle could now confirm that he really liked Zeres more than Alexander or his very own brother, Ezekiel.

"So you've grown quite stronger now, eh, Little prince." Alexander flashed his mischievous and challenging smile, his gaze assessing Kyle thoroughly.

"Uhm yes, I guess" the young prince still found it quite awkward talking to Alexander mainly because he did not know what to call him. He knew that to the vampires, Alexander was someone even higher than the king, and yet this man had no title or whatsoever.

"Shall we spar? I think you're strong enough to serve as my warm-up partner now." Alexander smirked, and Kyle swallowed. He was a little taken aback by the sudden offer, but thrill and excitement quickly overshadowed his fear and hesitation.

"My pleasure," he bowed at him again before pulling his sword without wasting a moment, causing Alexander to smile.

Kyle wanted to know why Alexander already wanted to warm up or why he was even here. Many questions were filling his mind, but he knew it was not his place to ask question from this man. It seemed all he must do right now was entertain him the best way he could.

As the two-headed toward the nearby forest, Zeke had just ascended the stairs after exchanging few words with Lucas.

He halted for a second beat the moment he touched the doorknob of Alicia's room before pushing it open.

Alicia was sitting on the edge of the bed, her food on the tray untouched. She was already wearing her cloak and she seemed prepared to leave.

Lifting her face, Alicia immediately rose at the sight of Zeke. She rushed towards him, nearly knocking on the table where her food was placed in her haste.

Her hands clutched Zeke's cloak as she looked up at him, not minding that her hood was falling behind her.

"Where is Zeres?" she asked, her voice and gaze desperate.

Zeke's eyes fell on her hair for a moment before his eyes met hers. He could feel she had more strength left in her than yesterday, though she still remained powerless. He could only deduce that Zeres must have cast a stronger spell on her this time.

"I'll answer your question. But" his gaze flew past her and settled on the untouched food on the small table. "Eat your meal first, Queen Alicia."

Alicia pressed her lips tight, and her grip on his cloak tightened. His voice wasn't soft nor coaxing, his face stern, and his eyes were unfathomable as always. It was as if he didn't know how to coax at all. But his approach made Alicia move almost instantly.

Without a word, she turned and sat on the bed and began eating.

"Easy, Alicia. The food is not going to run away." Zeke said those words with a straight face as he leaned leisurely against the door, watching her.

Alicia slowed down a little as she threw a glance at him. "But you might run away without even answering me." She told him, and the corner of Zeke's lips tipped up a little.

"I won't."

"I don't trust you now."

He smiled again. "Then why do you still want me to answer your question? You don't trust me, yet you're going to trust my answer?"

She stopped chewing, and her gaze flew from the food to him, looking as though she didn't expect what he just said. Her gaze fixed on him before she returned her attention to her food. She was not used to him talking this way and even smiling. Aside from being not in the mood and situation to bicker with him, Alicia just found the smiling Ezekiel quite unsettling. This vampire smiles too rarely that seeing him smile twice in a row made her feel slightly suspicious and distracted. Was he trying to cheer her up or something by smiling? No way. Wait, was he trying to distract her?

She sighed, forcing herself to focus on her food again. She couldn't afford to be distracted in this situation.

"Yes. I still want your answer." Alicia answered, and she continued devouring the food that she could not even taste. She refused to appear petty before this man.

He approached her and grabbed the pitcher to pour water into her glass. She wanted to protest, but her mouth was full, so she could only watch him as he poured the water and then looked at her with his expressionless stare.

"I just told you there is no need to haste."


*unedited chapter


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