Hello Mr. King Chapter 627

Chapter 627 Casting

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A bomb exploded in the entertainment industry. It wasnt just Xu Chens fans, it was also Xu Chens company. What a big melon.

He was busy contacting the trending searches and even tried to delete the posts, but it was useless. If they didnt delete the posts, the trending searches couldnt be taken down. Originally, Xu Chen had been at the cusp of the storm because of the revelation of Yun Xiangxiangs matter, but this time, it caused a huge wave.

There were also people who had a relationship with Xu Chen. They were all terrified. Those who had not had any reaction up until now even used their luck to investigate this illness. There was actually a silent incubation period, they were scared out of their wits.

There were some people who had a low psychological quality. They had not even gone to check and had already decided that they were done for. They did not care and directly scolded Xu Chen for being a scumbag. In an instant, the entertainment industry turned upside down. Although none of the people involved were popular movie stars.., a few of them were still very popular, but these few people did not make a sound.

The few mistresses that Xu Chen kept were even more unscrupulous. They were not public figures either. They felt like they were like Sun Tang. Their lives were also over. Two of them stood out to expose Xu Chen under their real names. It was all because of some unspeakable things behind his back.

One after another, they exposed the truth. It was impossible not to be paralyzed on Weibo!

This was the biggest rollover in the entertainment industry in more than a decade. This kind of phenomenon was really too terrible.

"Director Wei, Sun Tang is crying quite sadly. She has been calling me to apologize. Her tone is full of despair. I feel that this matter is not fake. Moreover, you have also seen that Sun Tang is not the only one who exposed the news online. Now, everyone in the production crew is in danger"Wei Shanwen had no choice but to find Wei Shanwen to express her thoughts, the thoughts of most of them.

Wei Shanwen also knew that things had come to this point. Xu Chen could not be washed clean. This was caused by the negative influence of the artiste. The production crew could instead claim compensation. However, Xu Chen was the male lead. It was not easy to find someone to replace him.

For the sake of the quality of the film, he had to personally supervise it. However, if the other person left and handed over the filming to the assistant director, he would still be worried. It was not because he was overbearing and did not give others the opportunity to perform.

On the contrary, he never hid anything from others. He treated his own people with great support and was never afraid of teaching his disciple to starve to death. If one day someone surpassed him, it could only be said that his progress was slow or did not improve. There was no need to be angry.

He was just a little harsh on the requirements of his own film. Up until now, no one could understand the filming methods of many scenes. The audience only looked at the finished product and did not know the hardships involved.

"Think about it. What do you think about the male lead?"Wei Shanwen asked Yun Xiangxiang, who had not spoken up all this while.

Wei Shanshan and Yan Zhenben, Yun Xiangxiang had recommended them very well. Wei Shanwen also hoped that Yun Xiangxiang would recommend another one so that he could come over directly. He would look at the people. If they were good, he would have a meeting with the investors and producers to greet them. It would save time.

"Director Wei, I need to avoid suspicion."Xu Chen had spread the rumor that she had set him up online. The purpose was to eliminate the dissidents and to recommend someone he knew to be the male lead.

Yun Xiangxiang did not care about the little gossip and told Wei shanwen the truth, "My circle is still narrow. I dont know anyone suitable for the person you want."

Wei Shanwen wanted to create a film that did not lose out to a Disney fairy tale. The requirements for male actors were a little high. They had to be well-known, have good acting skills, and be young. They could not be older than 25 years old.

It was really a little difficult to combine the three points.

There were many young people who became famous, but once they became famous, their acting skills might not be good.

Those who had good acting skills would definitely not be younger than 25 years old.

Xu Chen was looking for the most outstanding person according to the whole standard.

Wei Shanshan opened her mouth, but in the end, she closed it. Because Fang Nanyuan just happened to fit the criteria. Moreover, with the three of them joining, they could also use the emotions of "Caring Love"to promote themselves.

However, Yun Xiangxiang did not recommend Fang Nanyuan. Wei Shanshan understood in her heart that it was because she did not want to make things difficult for her.

Wei Shanwen remained silent, feeling a little awkward. He had made a few calls to the people he had selected previously, and all of them had new scenes.

"Director Wei, how about this? I have a suggestion for you to see if it works,"Yun Xiangxiang continued, "I will be going to Chan City to participate in the film festival soon and will be delayed for a few days. You can send a notice now and hold an audition to give the newcomer some opportunities."

Yun Xiangxiang was biased towards Wei Shanshan, but she could not ignore Fang Nanyuan. The audition was the best. Fang Nanyuan would decide whether he wanted to come or not. Whether he could get the role or not had nothing to do with Yun Xiangxiang.

If Fang Nanyuan changed his mind and did not want to come, how could Fang Nanyuan reject her recommendation so rashly?

Moreover, Xu Chens matter was not a small matter. He needed to appease the production team and deal with the aftermath. Letting the production team conduct an audition could also make the staff busy. It would dilute the ideas brought about by this matter and help motivate them, the expenses would not be too big.

After careful consideration, Wei Shanwen felt that Yun Xiangxiangs suggestion was not bad. After going through Xu Chen, Wei Shanwen felt that the selection criteria could be relaxed a little. In fact, it was not that the previous selection was not more suitable than Xu Chen, but it was just that the popularity was too low.

He looked at Yun Xiangxiang and thought about how Yun Xiangxiang had accumulated enough popularity and box office data since she debuted. It was enough for her to take on the role alone. Wasnt the cold theme of "Jiu se"different from how she had taken in more than 1.8 billion at the box office alone?

"Thats a good idea. You can prepare for the film festival. Ill wait for your good news here."Wei Shanwen accepted Yun Xiangxiangs suggestion. "Ill give you a break from today. You can rest first."

"Thank you, director Wei."Yun Xiangxiang certainly liked to have a break. During the break, she could spend time with song Mian. Although she was going to Chan City the day after tomorrow, which was less than two days more, she was still very happy.

After leaving Wei Shanwens room, Yun Xiangxiang bumped into Yan Zhenben, who was walking along the corridor with his hands in his pockets and his head lowered. He was bored, so he brought Wei Shanshan along.

"Are You Waiting for me?"Yun Xiangxiang took the initiative to ask.

"Yes."Yan Zhenben nodded. "I want to know the next arrangements of the film crew."

It was normal for Yan Zhenben to feel a little uneasy. Yun Xiangxiang told him about the general arrangements. "Im going to Chan Cheng to attend the film festival the day after tomorrow. Do you want to go with me?"

Yan Zhenben shook his head decisively.

He was not qualified to participate in the film festival, and he was also a small actor. Yun Xiangxiang was very popular now. If he followed Yun Xiangxiang around, he would inevitably attract attention. It was not good to be written blindly. The most important thing was that he did not want to spend the money for two round-trip tickets, he also did not want to take advantage of Yun Xiangxiang.

Yun Xiangxiang nodded. "You will be auditioning for Xu Chens role in the future. Dont get involved."

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