Hello Mr. King Chapter 628

Chapter 628 How Much Money Do I Have Left?

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"I know, that role is not suitable for me."Yan Zhenben was still very self-aware.

Yun Xiangxiang saw that he was listening to her seriously and could not help but say sternly, "Raise your head and look at me."

This was the first time that Yan Zhenben felt this kind of dignified aura from Yun Xiangxiang. She was like a child who had committed a mistake. She immediately puffed out her chest and raised her head. She even put her hands behind her back.

"PFFT."Wei Shanshan could not help but laugh out loud. This little brother of hers was really too cute.

Yan Zhenben was three or four years younger than her. It was not an exaggeration to regard him as a little brother. Yun Xiangxiang was the mistress of Yan Zhenben.

Yun Xiangxiang swept a glance at Wei Shanshan and saw that Wei Shanshan had restrained herself, she then said to Yan zhenben, "I did not let you go for the audition. It is not because of your ability. It is because there are many scenes in this role. The scenes are also important. In the future, it will definitely be heavily promoted in terms of publicity. This is indeed a benefit, but this role is not likable. It is typical of a blind man. You just need to guard your role well.

"Sometimes, when filming a work, dont only focus on the male and female leads. Although the main lead has a law of decency, it may not necessarily be likable.

"When the supporting characters are set up, they can be unforgettable at first glance. They can still step on the main lead to get to the top. Your sister Shanshan is an example."

"Hey, Hey, hey. If you want to teach people, then teach them. Why are you pulling my strings?"Wei Shanshan grumbled unhappily.

Yun Xiangxiang was telling the truth. After "Caring love", Wei Shanshan had been slipping all the way. Her role became less and less important, and there were fewer and fewer splashes. Later, she shot a costume drama, in which she played a character who silently sacrificed herself for the male lead, the third female lead, who sacrificed her life in the end, was once again dazzling.

It was also because of this characters rising popularity and Fang Nanyuans involvement in the company that the companys self-made drama, "Overseer of the heavenly destiny", fell into her hands. From then on, Wei Shanshan became famous.

If "Overseer of the heavenly destiny"was her high-rise building, then the previous drama was the cornerstone of this high-rise building.

"I got it, sis."Yan Zhenbens way of addressing Yun Xiangxiang changed again and again, becoming more and more intimate.

"During the two days Im away, if you run into any problems, look for your sister Shanshan,"Yun Xiangxiang said before leaving with Wei Shanshan.

Wei Shanshan did not forget to turn around and wave at Yan Zhenben. "Goodbye, Little Brother."

When they got home, Yun Xiangxiang could not wait to share the good news with song Mian. She leaned on song Mians back and wrapped her arms around his neck. She asked happily beside his ear, "Ill be able to accompany you for the whole day tomorrow. Do you have any plans?"

"Ill Take You Out Tomorrow."Song Mian turned his head and looked at her pretty face.

Yun Xiangxiang gave him a big kiss as a reward. "Ill go to Chan City the day after tomorrow. You Dont have to go with me."

She would be back in a day or two so that song Mian wouldnt have to go with her.

Song Mian held her hands in front of him. "I dont plan to go with you. Ill go back to your hometown and fetch your grandmother. While Im here, Ill recuperate for a month. Your crew might not be able to leave for the country of maple leaf until the middle of next month."

"What if your boyfriend is too nice? I Cant live without him for a moment. I really want to pack you up and take you away,"Yun Xiangxiang couldnt help but say.

"Why are you so touched?"Song Mian couldnt help but point at her nose. "Of course, Im not doing this just because shes your grandmother. Im also doing this so that I can marry you as soon as possible. The only person in this world who can suppress your father is your grandmother."

Yun Xiangxiang:""

"You dont have to tell me the truth."Yun Xiangxiangs face was cold.

"I thought you would be more touched. Ive done everything in my power to marry you."Song Mian held back the smile on his lips, but his dark purple eyes almost burst out laughing. How could he hide it?

"Ill give you one second to reorganize your words!"Yun Xiangxiangs grandmother threatened fiercely.

Song Mian was very obedient and looked like he was being bullied by his girlfriend. "Im now a man living in my girlfriends mansion. In order to make my girlfriend like me more, of course, I have to try my best to please my girlfriend. Thats why I thought of taking care of my grandmother."

"Yes, this is my world now!"Yun Xiangxiang jumped down from Song Mians back and spread out her hands. She circled her mansion twice and then put her hands on her hips arrogantly. "Little Mianzi, go and cook. If you dont serve me well, Ill kick you out."

"Miss Yun, how can I serve you?"Song Mian gave her a meaningful look.

Yun Xiangxiang immediately jumped back. "You you just cook and serve my stomach."

After that, she turned around and ran away. Then, she went to Song Yao to get all the property certificates, took a photo for Li Xiangling and song Meng, and showed them the whole villa.

[ look, this is my territory, isnt It Beautiful? ]

[ song Meng: ]

[ Li Xiangling: You Dont have to take a photo, we all know. ]

The news was so big, who didnt know that this was Yun Xiangxiangs territory?

Fortunately, which one was not exposed. There were quite a number of villas in the Jun Ming mansion, and the security measures were very good. Outsiders could not even enter the first gate, which meant that they could not enter the Jun Ming mansion, and reporters could not either.

The photo that Xu Chen exposed was also the photo of Yun Xiangxiang entering and leaving the first gate of the Jun Ming mansion.

After entering the first gate, there was a long, wooded road inside. It took ten minutes to drive, and only then did they reach the second gate, then the gates of their respective villas, and then the villas.

Otherwise, Yun Xiangxiang would have been surrounded by reporters by now. Even so, there were quite a number of reporters squatting at the first gate every day, which caused Yun Xiangxiang to change to a car that was worth more than two hundred thousand yuan.

[ Yun Xiangxiang: How Can I show off in front of you if I dont take a photo? ]

In the past, Yun Xiangxiang would never share song Mians mansion. This was because even if song Mian was her boyfriend, she did not have anything that belonged to Song Mian that was worth being coveted by others.

This was different. This truly belonged to her. She did not have any debts, did not take advantage of anything, and bought it with her own ability.

In the future, when her parents came to Shenshi for a vacation, she would have a place to stay. It was fine even if her friends came.

[ song Meng: Yun Xiangxiang, retract those photos of you and your arrogant comments. We can still be best friends. ]

[ Yun Xiangxiang: this plastic best friend relationship, let it end just like that. ]

[ song Meng: The boat of Friendship has capsized! ]

[ Yun Xiangxiang: I Can Row the boat of friendship by myself. ]

[ Li Xiangling: Miss Yun xiangling, how much money do you have left in your purse? ]

[ Yun Xiangxiang: ]

[ Yun xiangling: Li Xiangling, take this back. We can still be best friends. ]

[ Li Xiangling: Thank you, but its okay. I can row the boat of friendship by myself. ]

After playing with them in the group for a while, Yun Xiangxiang collapsed on the bed.

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