Hello Mr. King Chapter 629

Chapter 629 When A Wall Falls Everyone Pushes It Down

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She was poor again!

The first time she went into debt, it was for the house in Beijing. Now, she emptied her wallet for this house.

After four years of hard work, the high-income group had turned into two houses just like that.

Half of her income would be given to the company, and the other half would be transferred to an account with Qiao Guan. Qiao Guan would set up a Yun Foundation and use it for charity. The rest of the tax would not be much in her hands, moreover, she did not belong to the group of actors who paid sky-high prices.

This time, the house was sold with a black jadeite accessory. However, Yun Xiangxiang picked up her phone and saw that the balance on her bank card was less than 100,000 yuan..

She deeply realized that money was really something that could not be spent.

Who would have thought that she, who lived in a hundred million mansion, could not even take out 100,000 yuan from her bank card?

This year, he Wei did not give her much work. In the next few months, she would count on the money in her bank account to survive until "Soar to the sky"was completed and then she would get the rest of the pay.

However, it was not much because she wanted to split the money. Although it was a guaranteed share, the pay had to be lower than the normal price.

Yun Xiangxiang suddenly remembered that her familys song Mians birthday was coming soon, and her birthday was definitely before the filming ended!

Staring at the tens of thousands of Yuan on her bank card, she suddenly felt a little sad. What was going on?

It was impossible for song Mian to give him anything valuable for his birthday this year, so what should she give him?

Yun Xiangxiang kept thinking about things. She had originally planned to buy a pair of expensive couple watches for song Mians birthday, but now the economy did not allow it.

"Im so lucky. Should I go shopping? Maybe Ill find some antiques?"Yun Xiangxiang mumbled and smiled. She threw away all her unrealistic thoughts and looked at the ring box on the nightstand.

She opened it and saw the proposal ring that song Mian had given her. The four diamonds were extremely beautiful. After song Mian came back, they were together again.

Now, she only wore the golden tail ring on a daily basis to protect herself. She rarely wore this ring.

Thinking of this, Yun Xiangxiang could not help but look for Zhou Jie. "Zhou Jie, what does my gown look like when I go to Chan City the day after tomorrow?"

"Ive chosen this one for you. Take a look."Zhou Jie walked over with an iPad.

It was a light blue gown with a long suspenders that mopped the floor. It had a unique design with a long gauze cape fluttering in the wind. The edges were embroidered with golden threads. This dress would look elegant and fairy-like when it was worn. Together with Yun Xiangxiangs 172-foot-tall figure, it would also look very elegant.

Yun Xiangxiang only took a glance and nodded. "Wheres the jewelry?"

"I chose this set of Blue Diamonds after negotiating with Mr. Zhou."Zhou Jie swiped the picture.

The jewelry was a three-ring necklace made of small, clear blue diamonds. There was a pair of slender pear-shaped blue diamond pendant earrings. The earrings were very large and there was also a bracelet of the same style.

Yun Xiangxiang was very satisfied, so she did not ask any more questions. She went back to her room and called Austin to ask if she could wear her ring. The ring was custom-made by Song Mian, and there was no brand logo printed on it.

Austin was willing to be flexible. They were the best partners. Yun Xiangxiang hung up the phone and split the ring. She took off the Sapphire and put the other three together in the jewelry box.

She decided to wear the proposal ring openly during the film festival in Chan Cheng. Song Mian would be happy to see it.

It didnt matter even if others thought it was sponsored by a brand company. As long as song Mian understood it, it would be fine.

The storm on the internet had not subsided at all. There were still Xu Chens fans supporting him, but there were fewer and fewer people. Everyone hoped that Xu Chen could prove his innocence. When Xu Chen saw the accusations made by Sun Tang and a few others, he was a little flustered.

Out of his ignorance of this illness, he was indeed Sun Tangs first man. He really did it. As an experienced lover, he was very clear. He also remembered that Sun Tang had called him so many times in the first place. It was because he was impatient and unwilling to pick up..

He could only take the chance to go to the hospital for a check-up. He was in Shenshi. A person like him would definitely not go to a small hospital. Xu Chens agent was also unwilling to believe this fact. However, when he thought about Xu Chens decadent private life, he had no choice but to believe it.

By relying on his personal connections, he had made an appointment with a private expert who had a good reputation. He managed to get through his connections and picked a time to go to the hospital for a rest. He was specially served by Xu Chen alone. He was given the most thorough check-up and test results.

The test results were out in a few hours. However, they were still ambushed at the hospital by the reporter who was pretending to be a nurse. When they received the results, the fake nurse rushed forward and knocked the test results out of the agents hands, they could see the results clearly.

The phone they had prepared was still in the recording mode. They pressed the button and quickly ran away.

Xu Chen was immersed in a bolt from the blue. His agent was not any better. In addition, he was wearing a nurses uniform. They did not react at the first moment. By the time he took a photo, they realized that he had already run away.

The agent chased after him for two steps but could not be bothered to chase after him. They had no way to explain this fact. Now, he could only bring the muddle-headed Xu Chen back to the company and hand him over to the company to handle.

The rumors on the Internet were incessant. Soon, the news media reported that they had followed Xu Chen into hiding and obtained solid evidence. Xu Chen, who had gone to the hospital for a check-up, did indeed suffer from this disease. The check-up that he had done at the hospital had a nose and eyes.

Of course, the evidence that they had captured was not put up, because Xu Chen Fang did not say a single word of rebuttal. The company allowed them to turn the world upside down, as if they did not know about it and did not express their opinions.

Gradually, everyone came to realize that the number of people who supported Xu Chen was decreasing. The public opinion did not need Yun Xiangxiang and Huan Yu Century Entertainment to incite them. It was one-sided. Many people even praised Yun Xiangxiang for being magnanimous and did not add insult to injury to Xu Chen at this time.

From the beginning to the end, Yun Xiangxiang herself, Huan Yu century entertainment, and even the media that were on good terms with Huan Yu century entertainment did not pursue and beat them up.

In fact, there was no need for that. Yun Xiangxiang never liked beating up a dog that had fallen into the water.

When a wall falls, everyone pushes it down. She had already retired successfully.

The public opinions doubts spread from Xu Chen to Xu Chens company. Perhaps the company had held an internal meeting, but in the end, they still released official information, implicitly acknowledging the Xu Chen incident and adding that they had failed in their supervision, an apology for hiring unclear people.

Most of the netizens did not buy it, especially the actors who were popular with the company. Both male and female actors were questioned.

Xu Chens incident had a wide range of implications. The male and female actors in the company were very angry. Some of them directly accepted the examination and posted a health certificate to protect their reputation.

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