Hello Mr. Major General Chapter 1497

Chapter 1498 Diamond And Porcelain

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Gu Nianzhi was sitting next to Xiao Zhang, but the man ignored her and handed his business card to Xiao Zhang, who was at the front desk. He didnt even look at Gu Nianzhi.

Gu Nianzhis heart sank. The Qin family had already come knocking on her door. How could they not show him her photo?

How could he not know what she looked like?

He clearly knew her, but he still pretended not to know her.

This kind of behavior was a clear indication of their attitude.

Gu Nianzhi didnt say anything. She got up and left. She walked to the only room in their small law firm and slammed the door shut.

There were only two rooms in this small firm. Inside was the lawyers office, and outside was the front desk.

Little Zhang was almost scared out of her wits by this mans business card.

The big shot that they had been gossiping about just a moment ago had suddenly descended from the sky and stood in front of her..

Oh my God! Her legs have gone soft!

She hadnt noticed when Gu Nianzhi had left. She only came back to her senses after hearing the sound of the door slamming. She said enthusiastically, "Mr. Fang, is it? Are you really the CEO of the Qin Corporations secretary?!"

This man was the first-class secretary to the chairman and CEO of the Qin Corporation.

He smiled reservedly and nodded. "This is our corporations number. If you dont believe me, you can call and check. Our chairmans motorcade is still parked at the entrance of the building. The police have people on lock-down downstairs."

Xiao Zhang sucked in a breath of cold air and quickly said, "Please wait a moment, Ill go find lawyer Gu!"

She got up and knocked on the office door, but there was no sound inside.

Xiao Zhang froze for a moment, then went back to the front desk and called Gu Nianzhi.

In order to show his respect to the chairman of the Qin group, Xiao Zhang put her on speaker.

"Lawyer Gu, the chairman of the Qin group wants to see you." Xiao Zhang was so excited that her voice was trembling.

Gu Nianzhis unhurried voice came from the phone, "Is that so? Does she have an appointment?"

Secretary Fang: ""

She was really putting on quite a show!

Xiao Zhang: ""

Oh my God! Lawyer Gu was so cool!

Xiao Zhang was initially overwhelmed by the imposing manner of the Qin Corporations CEOs secretary, but when she saw Gu Nianzhis calm and collected manner, she immediately calmed down as well.

She switched off the speakerphone and picked up the receiver. Xiao Zhangs professional front desk demeanor also appeared.

Her voice was even sweeter. "Lawyer Gu, let me check your appointment record."

She pretended to fiddle with the computer. After a while, she said regretfully, "The other party didnt make an appointment."

Of course, there was no appointment.

Gu Nianzhi had only been at work for a week and hadnt seen a single client. How could there be an appointment?!

Gu Nianzhi curled her lips in the inner office and turned her chair to look out the window.

There was no good view of the skyline on the second floor. She could only see the building right in front of her. It was completely blocked off.

However, she acted no differently from when she was sitting in Speaker Longs office, which had a beautiful view of the entire imperial capital. She continued to say calmly, "Then make an appointment. Ive been very busy recently. I wont be free until next week at the earliest."

Xiao Zhang adored Gu Nianzhi to death. How could she be able to talk nonsense without batting an eye in the face of such an influential man?!

Since she didnt want to see the other party, Xiao Zhang immediately went into acting mode and cooperated with Gu Nianzhis performance.

She looked up and smiled at Secretary Fang. "Hello, would you like to make an appointment?"

Secretary Fang thought he had heard wrong and turned his head to face Xiao Zhang. "What did you say? Im sorry, I didnt hear you clearly."

Xiao Zhang smiled and thought to herself, this CEOs secretary was actually a deaf person. If such a person could become the CEOs secretary, then wouldnt she have a bright future as a drama queen?

With this thought in her mind, Xiao Zhang still smiled professionally and said again, "To see the lawyer in our firm, you need to make an appointment. When do you want to make an appointment? Our lawyer Gu is very busy, and the most recent time is next week."

Secretary Fang felt choked from her words and turned to look at the smiling receptionist. He was roaring in his heart as he refused.

He needed to make an appointment?!

If he followed Chairman Qin, he would be able to do whatever he wanted in all of Huaxia Empire!

Even if he wanted to see General He now, his personal secretary wouldnt dare to mention the word "make an appointment", let alone a lawyer from a small and unrated law firm!

It had been so many years before he had heard the word "appointment" again. Haha, Gu Nianzhi really thought of herself as someone important, didnt she?

No wonder President Qin didnt like her

Secretary Fangs expression froze for a moment, and he wished he could turn around and leave.

But when he thought of how the chairman had gone from south to north, and from north to south, just to meet this woman, what else could he do?

He had to give in, of course.

Secretary Fang had a constipated look on his face as he said stiffly, "Our chairman wants to see Gu Nianzhi, not for official business, but for private matters. May I ask if you need to make an appointment for private matters?"


The young and beautiful lawyer Gu from a third-rate law firm had a private matter with the president of the world-class Qin Corporation? !

Xiao Zhang was blown away by this news.

In an instant, her imagination was filled with cheesy scenes.

It was a heavy blow!

Instinctively, she touched her phone with her fingers and wished she could immediately post a Weibo post, "Why would the president of the Qin Corporation privately meet the young and beautiful lawyer Gu from the Jin group law firm?!"

With the sensational headlines and the back view of the CEOs secretary, lawyer Gus face would definitely become a hot topic immediately. She would also gain a wave of fans

Little Zhang struggled internally. It wasnt easy for him to regain his rationality.

If she dared to use this news to make a trending search, be it lawyer Gu or the Qin Corporation, would tear her apart.

Still, he had to stop. He had to stop.

It was important to gain fans, but the price of life was even higher.

Looking at Secretary Fangs fake smile, Little Zhang had no choice but to call Gu Nianzhi again. "Lawyer Gu, the other party said theyre looking for you for a private matter, not official business."

Gu Nianzhi gave a big smile in the inner office and said sternly, "If its not official business, then its inappropriate. We work for someone, so how can we do private things during office hours? Please ask that gentleman to leave our office and not interfere with everyones work."

Everyone was just two people.

Xiao Zhang was extremely curious, but he knew his duty as a receptionist. She also wanted to get rid of this man so she could interrogate Gu Nianzhi about her relationship with the Qin Corporation.

After hanging up the phone, Xiao Zhang spread her hands to Secretary Fang. "Im sorry, but our lawyer Gu said that its work time now and we dont deal with personal matters. Please go back."

Secretary Fang was furious.

How many large-scale meetings had he organized?

How many meetings had he coordinated between the heads of state and his boss?

How did he end up in a small law firm?

Secretary Fang turned off the pinhole camera on his lapel. Then, he slammed his hand on the front desk and said with a dark face, " Okay, dont refuse the toast."

He turned around and left. He kicked open the glass door of the small law firm and went back to the thirtieth floor to report.

At this time, Qin groups seventy-year-old chairman, Old Qin, was having a meeting with Lu Yuan, the president and chairman of the Lu Group.

"President Lu, this time, our group has completely replaced the computer security system. We have inspected many companies, and your bid is the most suitable for our requirements."

Old Master Qin sat on the sofa in Lu Yuans office. He held a cup of Kung Fu tea in his hand and lowered his head to sniff the tea.

He was wearing a Tang-style shirt and trousers made of fragrant cloud gauze. His hair was completely white, but his face was ruddy. He looked sophisticated and classy.

Lu Yuan brought his technical director, operations director, and finance director to sit across from Old Master Qin. He smiled and also picked up a cup of Kung Fu tea to take a sniff. He said, "Thank you for your love, Old Master Qin. Its a surprise that our group was able to win the bid this time."

The technical director of the Lu Group was Zhao Liangze.

He was the one who had drafted the bid.

He also smiled and said, "Old Master Qin is really bold. When we were bidding, your vice-president once said that our bid was too expensive. I hope its not too expensive. Hahahaha"

Old Qin also laughed loudly and said, "They are petty and only know how to save money for me, but didnt they think that in terms of network security, they could also save money? I believe in the technology of head office Lu If you dont have a diamond in the rough, then dont take on a porcelain job. If its too cheap, Im worried that they dont have the ability!"

Now that the Qin Medical Corporation had assets all over the world, the security problem of the entire groups network system was even more pressing.

It wasnt something that could be solved by installing a 3X0 system.

"In the end, Old Master Qin has sharp eyes." Lu Yuan smiled and the corners of his lips curved into a happy smile. The lines at the corners of his narrow eyes were raised, and he appeared so charming that it made people unable to close their legs.

The few female secretaries and female executives on Old Master Qins side hurriedly withdrew their gaze and didnt dare to look anymore.

If they looked any further, they were afraid that they would fall into an extramarital affair

They quickly agreed on the general direction of the cooperation. The specific contract would be negotiated by the executives, lawyers, and accountants of both parties.

The total value of the entire contract might exceed one billion, and each one had to be verified by the lawyers and accountants of both parties.

Zhao Liangze brought them out of Lu Yuans office and went to the conference room next door to discuss the contract.

Only Lu Yuan and Old Master Qin were left in the office.

They were drinking Kung Fu tea and chatting casually until secretary Fangs slightly hurried knock on the door interrupted their conversation.

"Come in." Lu Yuan glanced at Old Master Qin and asked the people outside to let him in.

Secretary Fang walked in with a sullen face and nodded to Lu Yuan to greet him. "Chief Lu."

Lu Yuan smiled at him. "Hello, Secretary Fang. I was wondering why Old Master Qin didnt bring his most trusted secretary Fang with him when he came to our office."

The compliment was just right, and both Old Master Qin and secretary Fang laughed.

Secretary Fang composed himself and said to Old Master Gin, "Chairman, Gu Nianzhi said that we can only see her if we make an appointment."

Old Master Qin: ""

Lu Yuan: ""

Secretary Fang was overjoyed to see their expressions.

As expected, each was more sullen than the next.

He was happy to see others unhappy as well.

Old Master Qin pursed his lips. "What did you say? She really wants us to make an appointment?! What exactly did you say?"

Secretary Fang glanced at Lu Yuan.

His hands in his pockets, Lu Yuan stood up and said calmly, "Im going out for a while."

Old Master Qin gestured for him to sit down. "President Lu isnt an outsider, so theres no need to hide it."

He explained to Lu Yuan, "Its like this. This Gu Nianzhi is actually my granddaughter. She was born before my good-for-nothing daughter married General He. She has only given birth to this child in her entire life, and theyre like fire and water. I cant stand it anymore. I want to meet this child and be a peacemaker for the mother and daughter."

Lu Yuan replied with an "oh" and sat down with a smile. "So thats how it is. Old Master Qin is already so old, but hes still so worried about his children."

"Not at all" Old Master Qin shook his head with emotion, "When I was young, I was also focused on my career. I didnt pay much attention to my daughter. When I thought about how I should pay more attention to her, she had already grown up and become an adult. She had her own values and principles. Its too late Its too late"

Lu Yuan smiled but didnt say anything.

This was someone elses family matter, so he didnt want to interrupt.

Old Master Qin played with the iron walnut and said to Secretary Fang, " You need to make an appointment for personal matters? Did you not make it clear?"

"I did." Secretary Fang took out the pinhole camera on his body. "Ive recorded everything. Take a look for yourself."

Otherwise, if Old Master Qin thought that he was playing tricks, he really wouldnt be able to explain it clearly.

Secretary Fang transferred the contents of the pinhole camera to his phone and showed it to Grandpa Qin.

Lu Yuan sat across from him. Although he couldnt see the contents of the video, he could clearly hear the sound coming from the microphone on the phone.

When they heard someone say, "Im sorry, our lawyer Gu said that its work time now and we dont deal with personal matters. Please go back."

Lu Yuan and Old Master Qin laughed together.

Old Master Qin was so happy that he couldnt close his mouth. "I like this child! This posture, this grandeur, neither servile nor overbearing, not being led by the nose. I like her too much! I want her to change her surname to Qin and become our Qin familys child."

Lu Yuan: ""

Secretary Fang: "! ! !"

Old Master Qin waved his hand. "Go and make an appointment with her. I can wait!"

Secretary Fang had no choice but to go down to the second floor in dejection. He pushed the door open and entered the Jin familys law firm again. He said politely to the young lady at the front desk, "Hello, Id like to make an appointment to see lawyer Gu."

After only ten minutes, this persons attitude had become much more sincere and less arrogant.

Xiao Zhang looked at Secretary Fang in surprise. After a while, he picked up the phone and called Gu Nianzhi. "Lawyer Gu, the chairman of the Qin group wants to make an appointment with you. May I know when youre free?"

Gu Nianzhi was in the inner office at the moment and searching for information about the Qin Corporation.

The more she looked, the more amazed she became.

Such a large corporation, with hospitals and investments all over the world, could rank in the top 100 of the worlds largest corporations.

It was indeed impressive.

The chairman of such a large corporation wanted to see her because of Qin Yaoguang.

This was because the chairmans only daughter was Qin Yaoguang, and Gu Nianzhi happened to be Qin Yaoguangs only daughter.

Gu Nianzhi stopped putting on airs when she received another call from the receptionist, Xiao Zhang. She said, "Since they are so sincere, I can squeeze in half an hour to see them tomorrow morning."

Secretary Fang agreed and said, "Ill go back and make an appointment."

After returning to the thirtieth floor and discussing with Grandfather Qin, they agreed to meet on the eighteenth floor of this building.

Because they had negotiated a contract with Lu Yuans company, the Qin group had rented a floor of office space in this building for the convenience of future cooperation. They planned to move the IT department here.

Jin Dazhuang had returned in the afternoon. He was also surprised to hear from Xiao Zhang at the front desk about Gu Nianzhi.

He walked over to Gu Nianzhis desk with a thermos glass filled with goji berries and asked with concern, "Nianzhi, whats going on between you and the Qin Corporation?"

Gu Nianzhi looked up at him and shrugged. "I dont know either. I was also very confused when you suddenly came to see me."

"Okay, do you want me to go with you tomorrow?" Jin Dazhuang was afraid that something would happen to a little girl like her.

Gu Nianzhi felt warm inside. Although she wasnt close to her family, she was close to people on the streets. She could always meet people who were willing to treat her well and show kindness.

She smiled and shook her head. She pointed to the top of her head and said, "No, its okay. Its just on the eighteenth floor here. I can call you right away if anything goes wrong."

"Okay." Jin Dazhuang was relieved to hear that they were meeting here.


After a night of rest, Gu Nianzhi went to work the next day in high spirits.

Jin Dazhuang and the receptionist, Xiao Zhang, cheered her on. "Good luck! Youd better get on the Qin Corporations good side, and well follow you around!"

Gu Nianzhi couldnt help laughing. "Dont dream in broad daylight. Wake up and order takeout for me. I didnt eat breakfast this morning."

She had tossed and turned last night and had fallen asleep very late. The alarm clock in the morning had failed to wake her up, and she had almost been late.

Of course, she hadnt eaten breakfast.

"Go ahead, Ill order for you." Xiao Zhang, the receptionist, quickly picked up his phone and ordered for her.

Gu Nianzhi walked towards the elevator.

This was the first time she had taken the elevator up the stairs.

She used to take the stairs directly.

When she reached the eighteenth floor, Secretary Fang was waiting for her at the door.

When he saw her come out of the elevator, he hurried over and said, "Miss Gu, this way, please."

"Please call me lawyer Gu." Gu Nianzhi nodded. "According to our firms rules, the first half-hour of a meeting with a client is free."

Secretary Fang: ""

Was he going to call her dedicated, or was he going to call her stupid?

He glanced at her and walked in front of her to push open the door to the conference room.

It was a small conference room on the 18th floor. There were seven or eight people sitting on both sides of the long conference table, filling up the entire conference room.

At the head of the table sat an old man, with white hair and a robust face, dressed in a tang-style suit. He must be Chairman Qin.

There were also two other people she knew. One was Mrs. Qin Yaoguang, who had a white bandage wrapped around her hand.

The other was Zhao Liangze.

Gu Nianzhi raised an eyebrow. She wondered if Wen Shouyi would be far away now that Qin Yaoguang was here?

She scanned her surroundings, but didnt see Wen Shouyi.

"Is that Nianzhi? Its so nice to finally meet you." Grandfather Qin smiled and waved at her.

Gu Nianzhi walked in and sat down at the seat that Grandfather Qin had assigned her.

Old Master Qin first introduced Gu Nianzhi to the people in the meeting room. "Everyone, this is Gu Nianzhi. Shes my granddaughter. Shes the only daughter I have."

As he spoke, he said to Gu Nianzhi, "Everyone here is from our company. Theyre all your uncles."

Gu Nianzhi pursed her lips and nodded politely at them. Of course, she didnt call them "Uncle".

Those people didnt dare to do so either. One by one, they came over to shake her hand.

Old Master Qin introduced the people on the other side. "Theyre from the Lu Corporation. You work here, so theres no harm in getting to know more people."

"This is President Lu, this is President Zhao"

One by one, Gu Nianzhi memorized all of them and exchanged business cards with them.

The atmosphere became harmonious and Old Master Qin saw that the time was ripe, he smiled and said, "Nianzhi, we havent seen each other for a few years and youve become a big girl. I know youve been wronged. Ive already told your mother, so you should take a step back and apologize to your mother. Were family, so dont treat her like an outsider."

Gu Nianzhi felt extremely awkward when she heard this.

They said it was a family matter, but didnt it feel wrong to talk about it in front of a bunch of outsiders?

They said it was a business matter, but they kept quiet about the companys business.

So they wanted to use outsiders to pressure her into making peace with Qin Yaoguang?

Gu Nianzhi smiled and said aloofly, "Mr. Qin, Im here for business."

Grandfather Qin laughed loudly. "You child, you have the same temper as your mother. A nail is a nail, a Mao is a Mao. No wonder youre going against each other!"

Qin Yaoguang finally said reluctantly, "Nianzhi, dont be like this again."

What the h*ll, its her fault now?

Gu Nianzhi was furious.

But she didnt show it on her face. "I dont understand what you mean. May I ask what this is about?"

"Nianzhi" Old Master Qin said earnestly, "Your mother doesnt have any bad intentions. Shes just straightforward. Shes been doing research all her life, and her words arent very pleasant to hear. If she offended you"

Gu Nianzhi couldnt help smiling and nodding. "Indeed. Mrs. Qin really is an exceptionally straightforward person. Shes like an earthworm that has turned into a spirit, and has a gut that runs all the way to the end."

To be able to say to her biological daughter that she didnt treat her as her biological daughter and that she was just someone elses medicine, such a straightforward person could only be deemed "an earthworm turning into a spirit."

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