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  • Her Little Dimples

  • Genres : Romance -  Drama -  Harem -  Female Protagonist -  Marriage -  Modern Day -  Genius Protagonist -  Adapted To Drama -  Slice of Life -  Cute Protagonist -  Cute Story -  caring protagonist -  bullying -  Playboys
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Her Little Dimples summary:

“When I first met you,I never thought you would be so attractive;I never thought you would make my mouth water…”One day, a problematic teenager with a bad temper met a timid transfer student from the south…All the classmates have been wildly spreading the news that the extremely handsome boy in the class, Xie Ci, was interested in the transfer student.When Xu You was doing self-study in the morning one day, she found a note on her desk:Cutie.We northerners have a bad temper~- Description from Novelupdates

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Her Little Dimples Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 65: Stay15 minutes ago
Chapter 64: Lightly15 minutes ago
Chapter 63: Bar15 minutes ago
Chapter 60: Ring15 minutes ago
Chapter 56: Meet15 minutes ago
Chapter 55: How Long15 minutes ago
Chapter 53: Library15 minutes ago
Chapter 51: Reward15 minutes ago
Chapter 50: Uniforms15 minutes ago
Chapter 49: Snowing15 minutes ago
Chapter 47: Eat15 minutes ago
Chapter 46: Blow15 minutes ago
Chapter 45: Night15 minutes ago
Chapter 44: Demented15 minutes ago
Chapter 42: Grouping15 minutes ago
Chapter 40: Come15 minutes ago
Chapter 33: Go Back15 minutes ago
Chapter 31: Decadent15 minutes ago
Chapter 27: Awesome15 minutes ago
Chapter 26: Times15 minutes ago
Chapter 24: Temper15 minutes ago
Chapter 23: Rogue15 minutes ago
Chapter 20: Bunny15 minutes ago
Chapter 18: Accident15 minutes ago
Chapter 16: Play Fun15 minutes ago
Chapter 15: Fuck Me15 minutes ago
Chapter 14: Grades15 minutes ago
Chapter 13: Fled15 minutes ago
Chapter 12: Lost15 minutes ago
Chapter 9: Acha15 minutes ago
Chapter 8: Wicked15 minutes ago
Chapter 3: Very Bad15 minutes ago
Chapter 1: Transfer15 minutes ago
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