Her Little Dimples Chapter 71

Chapter 65: Stay

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When Xu You heard the words, his expressionless eyes narrowed slightly, "You can go to the hotel."

"I don't like staying in hotels, and I didn't bring my ID card."

"So what do you want to do." Xu You asked.

"I want to live in your house." He replied solemnly.

She refused without thinking, "No way."

"why not?"

Thank you for your own reasons, "I don't do anything, I really don't do anything."

She did not speak.

Do not agree or respond.

He thought there was hope, so he hurriedly added, "ballballyou?"

"Neither do you beg me."

Xu You still refused, but when she heard this sentence in English, she couldn't help but, "Why do you still like to use this strange sentence."

Before, I always like to create messy English sentences.

Thanks for not teasing her, the corners of his lips raised slightly and he smiled lightly.

"All right, you go up, stop making trouble, I will go home immediately."

After a while, Xu You glanced at him, "Do you want me to see you off?"

"What to give, just a few steps away, I just walked back to sober up."

Xu You paused. Still open the door and get off. After she stood up, she turned her head and said, "You come down too."

She was afraid that he would drive back by himself.

Thank you, sitting in the car to see her, and agreed.

A pair of young lovers walked by. It is estimated that they had just watched the movie and still had a bucket of popcorn in their hands.

They were struggling with each other. The girl took her boyfriend's arm and looked at Xu You standing under the street lamp. She was taken aback.

"Teacher Xu, why are you standing here all night?"

This little girl immediately graduated from postgraduate and worked as an intern at Xu You News Agency, and happened to live in the same community as her.

Xu You said: "I have something to say to my friend."

When the words were over, the little girl couldn't help but floated behind Xu You, without saying much, nodded and said goodbye to her.

Xu You hesitated seeing them walking away for a while, and then said to the thanks, "Forget it...I will send you to the gate of your community?"

She asked tentatively.

Thanks to his smile, he raised his eyebrows slightly, "Don't be so serious, you go up soon, and I'm leaving too."

In fact, she also realized that she was a little wrong.

When he said so, Xu You could only say: "Then you get home and sleep well, remember to call me."

"I know Teacher Xu," he said.


"Who is your teacher." Xu You was speechless, "I'm leaving."

She took two steps, then turned around and said, "You go back quickly and don't stay downstairs."

Thanks for resignation and nodded, "I see."

The light in the corridor was broken and it was pitch black. Xu You went upstairs directly in the dark without holding the phone.

On the third floor, she stood at the door for a moment.

After inserting the key in, Xu You stopped dazed and came back to his senses.


Thanks, leaning on the door of Land Rover, bowed his head and played with the car key in his hand. The slender wrist, the scarlet smoke between his fingers is not extinguished. He tilted his head to suck, then spit out.

In the dead of night, the smoke drifted away.

The next second, he stopped smoking.

Xu You stood not far from him, keeping his sight still, watching him all the time.

The thank you speech seemed to have been expected a long time ago, and I was not surprised to see her.

Xu You said softly, "Thank you, why are you still a virtue after so many years."

She knew it.

It was the same before.

He stayed at the bottom of her house at all times. If he didn't coax, he wouldn't leave even if he freezes to death.

Obviously looking at the foolish man, there is a stubborn vigor.

Every time she went down to find him the night. He waited idly, and then smoked.

Thanks with a smile, he extinguished the smoke and got up.

"I know you are soft-hearted."


Go up the stairs, no lights. She walked with him one step after another, step by step, walking slowly.

The moon is a bit bright at night, and the shadow on the ground is particularly clear.

Xie Ci asked, "Xu Yo, are you afraid?"

"What are you afraid of."

"What do you mean."

"do not know."

Turn around and go up to the first stairway.

He looked at her vaguely back, and silently counted the steps in his heart.

Xie Fei raised her hand slightly, and with force, she held her hand hanging beside her.

Xu You looked down and didn't struggle.

There are no lights all the way upstairs, and darkness is really a good thing.

Anyway, this is how I feel the thanks.

"Xu Yo." He called her.


"You are now considered a senior intellectual."

Xu You stopped and waited for another step before saying, "You are not bad."


"It's great to be able to make money with my own hands."

He was silent.

"I know, you used to try to prove yourself."

Xu You remembered the day when she had a fever, and she told her a lot of random things.

So she was a little depressed when she mentioned the old things.

"But life is unsatisfactory. It's almost impossible."

Xu You repeated it again, "There are many occupations and many choices. I think it's good if you go to repair the car and make money by your own ability."

"You are fine," she said.

"I know I'm good, don't say anything, it always feels like sending me a good person card."

It was a bit heavy, she couldn't help but smile, "What a good person."

Thanks: "........"

Thinking of the playful words at the dinner table, Xu You thought for a while and said: "If I send you a good person card, it should be..."

"What is it?"

"You are fine, but I'm so beautiful, you don't deserve it."

Thanks and laughed, laughed twice, and couldn't help but laugh again.

He saw her profile clearly and asked half-jokingly, "Will you dislike having no common language with me?"

Xu You's eyes were faint, and he answered calmly, "Chai, rice, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar tea, the fireworks in the world are also interesting."

He paused, but was speechless.

I just finished drinking, my brain reacts a little slow.

Silence spread.

Within a few minutes, the voice of thanks rang again.

"You feel a little stern and humorous when you speak now. I think I probably fell in love with your serious and humorous appearance at the beginning."

Xu You was quiet for a while, then looked up at him, "When have I been humorous with you?"


"Have you forgotten?" Thanks, lowering his head, his lips touched her face accurately and quickly, "What you said to me yourself."

Xu You let him kiss, "What."

Xie Ci recalled, "What is the name, the knowledge is one's own, or what, how to say it."

After so long, he can't remember.

Xu You didn't know why, so she felt a little uncomfortable.

She said, "You remember what I said very clearly."

Tugging the corners of his mouth, he laughed lazily, "Of course, you are more rigid than my parents, and you like to talk about soul chicken soup when you come up."


Xu You remembered one thing. She was led by him, took two steps, and asked tentatively, "Are you going back for the New Year now?"

The thank you words were not very reactive.

But seeing her solemn appearance, he smiled, "Go back, there are relatives at home."


When she reached the third floor, Xu You opened the door and followed her with thanks.

She went in to change her shoes and said to the person behind her, "Come in."

The simple two rooms and one living room are decorated very warmly, with wooden dining tables, wooden floors, and bear pillows everywhere. Iris picture album, and a few spider plants on the balcony.

The thank-you remarks looked casually.

"Your house is pretty."

Xu You ignored him. She put on her slippers, put down her bag and keys.

The words of thanks followed her, picked up a magazine on the table, picked it up and looked through it.

The content was boring. He leaned on the door frame to pass the time, waiting for Xu You not to know what he was up to.

Xu You poured two glasses of ice water into the kitchen, she picked her up to drink, and stretched out her other hand.

"Drink of water."

Accepted the thanks, raised his face and drank the water in the glass. "Where do I sleep?" he asked after drinking.

At this time, the phone set aside rang.

Xu You took it over, looked at the ID, "Wait a minute, I'll answer the call."

She turned around and gave a bass feed.

"Azai, are you asleep?" It was Chen Xiuyun.

Xu You: "I didn't sleep, I just had a meal with my former classmates."

"are you home yet?"


It's quiet nearby.

Xu You listened to her mother absently, and glanced at the thank you words. He was already sitting down on the sofa, playing with the phone while propped his head, with his legs placed straight.

He casually said some trivial things. Xu You walked into the room.

After a while, she moved an air conditioner out of the room and put it on the sofa. "Remember to cover it if you sleep cold at night."

"I'm sleeping on the sofa?" Thanks to her, watching her move, and asked.

Xu You nodded.

"You are not at all polite. Didn't you say that the guest is coming to bed."

After playing for a day, she was also tired, walked to the side and turned on the air conditioner in the living room to 28 degrees to help her thanks.

Xu You put down the remote control and said to him, "You wash your face and sleep today. I don't have any clothes for you to change here."

Thanks and threw the phone away, "It doesn't make sense, you don't even let me take a bath."


It was too late, Xu You entered the room, turned on the computer, and flipped through work emails.

Tomorrow afternoon I will go to an e-sports competition site for an interview, and there will be an opening ceremony in two days. There is also the topic she reported a few days ago, about the Mountain Hope Primary School, which has been approved, and will go to the field for investigation in a while.

A lot of things are piled up, but Xu You takes annual leave next month and wants to go back to her hometown to pay her little aunt's grave. My little aunt had esophageal cancer a few years ago, and she couldn't survive her age. She passed by in the hospital a few days ago. She thought about taking advantage of the annual vacation to accompany her parents by the way.

Coming out of the shower, wet black hair draped over her shoulders. Xu You was wearing a nightdress, but because she was in the living room with her thanks, she wore a small coat specially.

I was very sleepy just now, and after taking a bath, I felt a lot more energetic. Xu You went to the kitchen, took a watermelon out of the refrigerator, and tore off the plastic wrap. She bent over and pulled the cabinet open to find a stainless steel spoon.

Just turned around, thanking me and leaned against the door.

Xu You moved for a while, closed the cabinet, and asked, "Do you eat watermelon?"


She passed the iced watermelon in her hand, "For you to eat."

Thanks: "Is there any seeds? I won't eat them." He was very picky.

"No, you can eat it." Xu You dug a spoonful and handed it to his mouth.

She has a natural expression.

The thank-you speech was stunned for two seconds, and then he took it openly.

"Xu Yo." After taking two bites, he suddenly called her name.

"what's happenin?"

Thanks and said, "We will be together in the future, can you take good care of me?"


She lay on the bed and read a book, waiting for her hair to dry almost to sleep.

Looking at the ceiling, Xu You suddenly remembered going to university before. A roommate asked her if she had anyone she liked, and if she could be with him in the future, what would be the most comfortable life for her.

She is consciously a very boring person, and she doesn't look forward to being magnificent. He grew up peacefully, obediently, and never provoke anyone. The thank you speech was the first wave in her life.

It's just that she was a bit introverted at the time and didn't know how to be nice to others. So I was too cold to thank you, and I have regretted it in the past few years. But he is no longer around.

The roommate turned his face and looked at Xu You who was in a daze. He was about to speak when he heard her voice.

Plain and gentle, as if there is no trace of emotion.

"The most comfortable day."

"I want to go to the park after dinner with him in the summer evening, passing by the colorful fountain pool, and watching the dogs on the grass. There is also the aunt who dances in the square. We can go for a walk, chat casually, and talk about everything. can."

"Then I went to the gate of the community and went to the fruit stand to pick a delicious watermelon and put it in the refrigerator."

"After the shower, blow on the air conditioner, eat watermelon with him, and then watch TV."

"I think this kind of life is very good."


The door handle was gently twisted open, revealing a face in the crack of the door.

Xu You walked gently into the living room. The replay of the football match is still playing on the TV.

She quietly walked over, revealing her thin, thin legs under the white and thin dangling skirt.

The headlights in the living room were turned off, and people were tired of drinking too much thanks. Sleeping on the sofa with closed eyes, black hair is soft. He breathed deeply, as if he had fallen asleep.

She used her fingertips, a little bit, to gently touch the skin of his side face.

For a long time, she squatted down.

Xu You pressed her lips and stretched out her hand to pull up the thin quilt for the thanks.

Immediately, a fluttering kiss fell on his forehead, followed by closed eyelashes.

Go to sleep.

She whispered.

Immediately standing up, she bent over, picked up the remote control placed on the coffee table, and turned off the TV.

The last bit of noise was extinguished, and the room sank in darkness.

Xu You was about to leave with light hands and feet, and suddenly stretched out a hand to grab her wrist.


Xu You froze, and the next second, a hoarse voice came from behind her ears.

"I was kissed by you."

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