Her Little Dimples Chapter 72

Chapter 66: Mountain Rescue

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For an instant, Xu You felt the blood all over his head.

Feelings of guilty conscience and shame mixed together. Her first reaction was to break free of his hand and ran away, but before she could shake her off, she was forcibly pulled on the sofa by the force.

A dark shadow quickly pressed over, and his body was next to her, breathing like hot lava.

Xu You was wearing pajamas with her neckline slightly open, and a large area of naked skin was exposed on her chest and neck. She began to struggle, kicking her calves.

He bent his elbow and pressed it against her ear, his voice was dumb, "Xu You...you dare to kiss me stealthily."

It seems that she has committed some heinous crime.

"You... don't press me." She has a weak voice, her arms are weak, and she weakly pushes the person on her body.

No matter how hard you struggle, there is no resistance.

The hormonal smell in the air was about to explode. Thanks for deceiving others, his hands began to fall unfaithfully.

"Don't touch..." Xu You lay on her back, feeling in a daze that her body was hot. She wanted to take away the hand he put on her waist, but was pressed against the sofa with her arm.

"Are you ticklish?"

He tightly circled her in the corner, and the thank you words seemed to like this posture very much, and I felt terribly cool.

I saw her for the first time since high school.

She passed by him and brought a cool breeze. And she slept in the position, or got up in class to answer questions.

Thin neck, arms, thin white calves.

Slowly appeared in his dream fantasy. At that time, Xu You hated him, he knew. I was annoyed at the beginning of the thanks, thinking that I just liked to bully her, and didn't care about it at all.

But the more you deceive yourself, the more you can't control yourself. The more I want to get closer to her, as long as I get closer, I can't stop looking at her. Later, he gave up altogether, no longer suppressed himself, and reluctantly allowed himself to fantasize.

Anyway, what is in my mind, no one else knows.

In countless sleepless nights, fantasizing about the same scene tonight, completely circled her.

Circle under him.

He couldn't help it, lowered his head to press his lips, and gently licked the tender skin. Licking and biting, thanking Xu You kissed Xu You's slightly opened lips, his back numb like an electric, his breathing couldn't help but heavier.

Her mouth was warm, and her moist tongue was suddenly caught and sucked.

The two people on the sofa fluctuated.

The enthusiasm was raging, and Xu You gradually became confused and awake, feeling that the person on her body was loosely restrained. She felt that something faintly touched her lower abdomen, and she did not dare to touch the thank you words on her body.

He didn't dare to say a word, for fear that it would irritate him again.

Thanks to her, she buried her head between her neck, her damp black hair, and the scorching heat made her shiver.

Waited for a long time.

He pulled off the coat he had thrown next to him, put it on her body, and got up abruptly.

The yellow light in the bathroom turned on, and then there was a splash of water.

There are a few strands of Xu You's hair sticking to her mouth. She sat up slowly, her chest, arms, and calves had several pinched pale red marks. Thinking of the nasty gesture of the thank you speech just now, Xu You felt that the blood was flowing backwards in his body. She didn't dare to think about it any more, silently pulling up the messy nightdress, her jacket covering her calf.

The patter of water stopped.

She just regained her senses, and seemed to be able to get back to the room. Lock the door, and my heart is about to jump out of my chest.


Meeting in the morning.

The conference room is dark, only the ppt screen emits a little light. Recently, the whole group is busy choosing a topic, staying up late to catch up with the draft, everyone is not in good spirits.

Xu You is also a little tired.

She just wanted to take out her mobile phone to check the time when she saw two missed calls, all thanking her.

The group leader on the stage was talking, and it was all clichs.

"Although we are engaged in current affairs news, what the leaders mean is to let us be more practical. They are more optimistic about economic news. You can look for topics in this area recently."

Someone next to him whispered, "Who believes it?"

After the regular meeting, Xu You walked to the pantry, charged his mobile phone, and called back his thanks.

He was very noisy over there, and there was a sound of howling wind.

"Xu Yo, I can't find you tonight, I have something wrong."

Xu You didn't sleep well last night, and her eyes were aching and sore. She asked while making coffee, "What's the matter."

At this moment, the door of the pantry was pushed open, and several people walked in.

The colleague who just whispered at the meeting, Qiu Yu, talked to the people around him as soon as he came in.

"It's really tiring to be alive, all **** nonsense. If you have to do economics, you don't have to admit your fate if you think about it. According to the leadership, it's just to earn two more money to live your life, what the **** is justice, freedom... To be consumed by them every day, it is better to apply to be a war correspondent abroad, at least there is some meaning."

Others are accustomed to Qiu Yu being more angry and youthful, with his left ear coming in and his right ear coming out, just so casually comforting.

The thank-you speech paused for a while, and then said, "My friend, driving to Jingshan for a self-driving tour, his car broke down, I will pick him up."

"Jingshan?" Xu You walked to the corner.


Xu You thought for a while, "That place seems to be far away, isn't the mountain road easy to drive?"

"It's okay, you'll be back tomorrow, don't miss me too much."

Putting down the phone, she looked out the window. The dark clouds rolled.

I couldn't help but think of the weather forecast before I went out this morning. There was a heavy rain today.

After holding the mobile phone for a while, she edited a text message to send her thanks.

Time flies quickly as soon as you start to work.

Xu You maintained a posture for a long time, her arm stiff. A man sat down next to him, and the chair whirled on the floor.

Liu Xiao was angry and started to complain after drinking, "I don't want to be a reporter in my next life."

The opposite Zhang Lili looked up from the computer, "Who hired you?"

Liu Xiaoda vomited bitterness, "Isn't we going out with the TV station today to pick it up? It's really a treatment to get insurance and MLM on the street. When others see it, we avoid us."

"Isn't that normal? Be a reporter. A good mental quality is better than anything else."

Zhang Lili had already taken lightly on such trivial matters.

"I worked as a reporter for the first two years and I just graduated. I write about anxiety every day for no subject. Sometimes I have nightmares at night, dreaming that something secretly photographed and being beaten, and the anti-French news cannot be reported, and the leaders have not allowed us. In such revealing cases, dont say how noble and principled you are. Its all bullshit."

Xu You listened to them in silence, resting his chin in a daze.

After dinner in the evening, go shopping with You Lele.

You Lele was surprised that Xu You actually asked to go, and then she went to major shopping malls with great interest, and a huge digital camera billboard was hung above her head.

The two casually went to the clothing store to pick out clothes. It was almost Qixi, and there was a lot of people on the road.

You Lele remembered, "By the way, you just said, what are you going to buy today?"

"do not know."

"Buy it yourself or a gift for someone else?"

Xu You looked away, but his face gradually became unnatural. You Lele thought about it casually, and immediately guessed, "Wow! Don't you want to pick a gift for your very handsome first love, right?"

In the past few days, You Lele often saw a man sending Xu You home, and later asked him a lot, only to realize that this man was the first love of high school that Xu You had told her before.

I couldn't help sighing, he really responded to Haruki Murakami's words.

Those who are lost will be lost, and those who meet will meet again.

Xu You did not refute.

"You got back together?" You Lele glanced at her and asked tentatively, "Still..."

Xu You did not answer or deny.

Lie on the bed at night and read a book with the lamp on for a while.

I fell asleep without knowing it.

She was awakened by thunder, and the rumbling noise suddenly started to rain.

The strong wind blew the rainstorm into a net.

Xu You picked up the phone, half past five. She put on her shoes and slippers, got up from the bed, took two steps and opened the curtains to look down.

The rain curtain was all over the sky, and several trees were broken downstairs. It is estimated that the wind was too strong last night.

Xu You drove to work because the road was crowded because of the weather.

As soon as she reached the floor, as soon as the elevator opened, she saw several people running around, packing up things.

"Get something, the team leader said to have an emergency meeting." Someone reminded Xu You, and then walked away.


Xu You pulled out the press card from her bag, put it on, opened the drawer and took out the book.


"I just received the news that there was a torrential rain in Jingshan yesterday and a landslide occurred. The casualties are unknown at the moment. Which ones of our team are going to the frontline?"

As soon as the words fell, the people sitting below whispered and whispered.

But the moment Xu You heard the location of the accident, the pen he was holding fell to the ground.

Even the people next to her found something wrong with her.

The editor-in-chief flipped through the information he had just sent, and said calmly, "This time the task is relatively tight and there are dangers. I want to go voluntarily."

Qiu Yu stood up, "I'll go."

After the emergency meeting, Xu You held the phone, hands shaking. Repeated three times and dialed the thank you phone.

Not in the service area, not in the service area after dialing several times.

She took a deep breath to calm herself down. Xu You didn't dare to think about anything, turned the phone and went to call Li Xiaoqiang again.

When the phone was connected over there, Xu You hurriedly asked, "Did you contact you?"

Li Xiaoqiang was confused, "No..."

"He went to Jingshan yesterday, do you know?"

"do not know."

"Okay." Xu You held the table with one hand to stabilize his figure, "If he comes back, you can call me."

Seven or eight people were dispatched by the news agency this time. Because the fire and rescue team in the city had almost arrived at the scene at the time of the accident at 4 in the morning, and the people who arrived first updated the situation there in real time.

It takes nearly three hours to drive.

Along the way, Xu You tried to make a few calls with Xie Ci, but they couldn't get through. Her hands trembled slightly, and she opened the web page to search for news about mudslides.

In 2010, the Bududa administrative region in eastern Uganda was hit by a large-scale mudslide, 3 villages were buried, 94 people died, and about 320 people were missing...

In 2011, xxxxxx caused 806 deaths and about 300 people were unaccounted for.


When the car is driven into the mountains, the closer it is to the accident, the harder it is to drive. Dizziness, bumps. Xu You's face was pale, and her chest became stuffy for a while because of something else.

There were constant sharp bends on the mountain road, and several colleagues couldn't stand it, so they took out their motion sickness bags and vomited.

The last part of the road was to be walked, and it was raining heavily outside. The wind was blowing, because I had to carry a lot of things, so I couldn't hold an umbrella. Everyone put on heavy raincoats and non-slip rain boots before getting off the bus.

The heavy rain hit the body, and the heavy rain drenched his hair and naked eyes quickly.

The closer you are to the accident, the more chaotic you are. There are firefighters, rescue doctors, and policemen guarding the scene. The outside cannot get in, and the inside cannot get out. Due to the continuous heavy rains, rescue work was very difficult, and the excavator stayed aside and could not move.

Screaming, women and children kneeling on the ground and crying, people were constantly being carried by stretchers, and they were all muddy. There is also a blind middle-aged couple who kept holding the rescuer's hand and said, "My son, he is still inside, you must get him out, please, we kneel down and beg you."

Witnessing the disaster with your own eyes, experiencing the suffering, and feeling the pain together on the spot are two completely different feelings than just watching the news at home.

Xu You and his party waited outside the cordon, and people moved around one after another, and they started to work separately.

Many rugged mountain roads have turned into muddy ground. Xu You said nothing to help with the anti-control equipment. Qiu Yu had already gone to the side and started setting up a camera.

To a place full of rubble, the road slipped almost untenable. The thing she was holding was heavy. The water on the brim of the raincoat slipped down and blurred his vision. The male colleague walking in front of her didn't lead the way. He tripped and could not stop. Xu You followed him, not as tall and physically as him. I stumbled and fell on the muddy ground.

Xu You subconsciously protected the equipment, pressing his hand on the ground, his palm was scratched by sand and gravel, the back of his hand was directly scratched by a larger stone, and there was a small nail next to it.

Colleagues hurried over to help.

"It's okay, business matters." Xu You stood still and picked up the equipment again, with red blood oozing out of the back of his hand.

Everyone cared a few words, but when she saw her insisting, they didn't persuade her.

Arriving in the most serious place, facing the front-line scene, everyone feels like something in their heart.

When the filming started, everyone worked separately, and Xu You seemed to wind up the clockwork, rushing with vigour.

Time flies quickly, her hands are getting more and more serious, and colleagues can't stand it, "Let's go to the hospital first, it's almost busy now, why do you work so hard, what if you have tetanus?"

Xu You wants to refuse, she wants to stay here...

And thank you.

She still doesn't know where he is, or what his condition is now.

Everything is unknown, like a big hand, squeezing her uneasy heart fiercely.

Xu You was very insistent, but her colleagues did not dare to let her fight again. Several people persuaded her, and at the end half pulled and half dragged her back into a small rescue team that was going back to Jingshan City.

Xu You suffered a serious hand injury, and was sent to a local hospital to get a cold shot.

The little nurse helped her deal with the wound. Xu You was in a daze, watching the wounded people sent by Lu one after another.

Someone is chatting nearby.

In this accident, the mountain was high and dangerous. Some vehicles near the scene of the disaster escaped. The local hotel was full of people, and even the small guest house had no place.

Xu You's knee just broke, and his hands hurt. The ten fingers connected to the heart made his heart hurt even more.

It was dark outside, and the rain gradually stopped in the evening. She was sitting alone on the corridor of the hospital, not knowing how long she had been in a daze, an unfounded weakness spread in her heart.

The coming is turbulent, and you can't help it.

The little nurse pushed the car by and asked her curiously, "Miss, who are you waiting for?"

She couldn't afford to answer, only shook her head as an answer.

Who is she waiting for...

Xu You started to be in a trance, and seemed to be returning to the hospital many years ago, where people came and went. The thanks lay in the emergency room.

Same location, same helplessness.

She didn't dare to think anymore, really didn't dare to think anymore. A tear fell for no reason.

I do not know how long it has been.

"Xu You!"

The moment the familiar voice rang, she looked up and saw the words of thanks come rushing from the surging figure.

Xu You couldn't react until he ran in front of her.

Thank you, his body was very dirty, there were traces of soil that hadn't dried up, and there was black engine oil on his face.

He squatted down, propped his hands on the seat next to him, and looked up at Xu You. Because of the violent running just now, he couldn't stop his chest undulating and panting.

"Fuck me, why can't you get through on the phone? It scared me to death. I just met your colleague and realized that you are also in Jingshan. I wanted to call you and ask you not to worry, but a fire truck broke down. Go help fix it, and then"

Without speaking, Xu You couldn't help covering his eyes with his fingers and crying loudly.

She cried so that her shoulders trembled and her fingers trembled.

Hot tears slid down drop by drop.

Xie Ci was stunned, worried, and anxiously said, "Are you scared by the disaster? Don't be afraid, don't be afraid, I am here."

Then, his neck was hooked with an arm, and he moved forward.

Xu You hugged his head, pressed his chin against the top of his head, and said in a choked voice, "Don't talk, let me hug you."

Affectionate until defeated.

She didn't understand this sentence until now.

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