Her Little Dimples Chapter 73

Chapter 67: Last Of The Last

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It rained again in the evening.

Xu You turned on the hot water faucet in the small and dark bathroom.

She injured one hand, which is not very convenient. Only scribbled with a white towel to clean the body.

Because I temporarily stayed in Jingshan and didn't have any clothes to change, I could only buy one casually on the road.

It was almost midnight, and the white cotton T-shirt that didn't fit well was worn on the body, and the cuffs were also rolled up. Xu Youguang was sitting on the bedside with her legs naked, and the battery of her mobile phone was almost fully charged.

She had just pulled the plug, and the light above her head flashed twice, and the whole room suddenly fell into darkness.

A thunder flashed outside the window, followed by the sound of an outbreak of rain.

Xu You raised his arm to press the switch on the wall and repeated it twice, but the extinguished light did not respond.

After a while, Xu You looked around for a while, it was dark and he couldn't see everything. She fumbled and stood up. Within two steps, the door was knocked.

"Xu You, are you there?" It was the voice of thanks.

She slowly touched the wall and opened the door.

"what's happenin?"

"power cut."

Xu You turned sideways and let him in, "I know."

Thanks for a pause, and raised the things in her hands to show her, "I will give you candles, are you afraid of being alone?"

"You come in first."

It was quiet at night, a dilapidated little hotel, and it was raining heavily outside. The shaking candle flame in the room was on, and two twisted black shadows were projected on the cratered wall.

There was no place to sit, so I just sat on the bed with thanks. The bed is a little short, his legs are spread out, his elbows are on his knees, he looks serious, and he doesn't even glance at his eyes.

The fact that the eyes are not squinting does not mean that the mind is not sloppy.

Thinking wildly for a while.

"That." As soon as he turned his head, he hit her in the eye.

Too caught off guard.

Xu You asked, "What are you going to say."

Yidou looked at Xu You a few times in the evening light, "What you just told me in the hospital, is it true?"

She was silent.

"You said that you are so afraid of me that something will happen, and you really don't know what to do, and" he repeated with a stern look.

"Wait a while, don't say anything." Xu You's eyelashes trembled, wishing to cover his nonsense mouth.

She bit her lip, her complexion was reddish, and her eyes seemed to be amused. The thank-you speech was filled with excitement.

After sitting and swaying for a while, he suddenly remembered something, "Do you remember when you were in high school, there was a time for self-study at night when it rained and the power was cut off."

"Then the teacher left, and the classroom was very messy. We were all playing crazy, and you were all alone with a flashlight, and you were quietly studying in position. Then I went up and took a look, and it was actually still counting physics problems at the time. I admire you very much, and I am still thinking, I am really a fighter in the school dominance, this new classmate."

Xu You was amused by his strange adjectives, and after laughing blankly, he said silently, "Of course I remember."

And remember very clearly.

The thank you words were surprised, "Do you remember?"

"You and Song Yifan were arguing next to me holding umbrellas, stepped on my foot, knocked over my table, hit my flashlight on the ground and broke it."

The thank-you speech sounded with a smile, "Oh, what else?"

She began to look uncomfortable, "It seems to be gone, I don't remember the others."

Xie Ci said firmly: "You must remember."

Xu You: "..."

Thank you and said slowly, "You stand up after picking up the flashlight."

"You are so annoying." She interrupted him.

Thanks to his smile, "How long has this all passed since I fell down in front of me when I got up, and knelt next to my leg?"


"I'm still thinking about what's wrong, the new classmate gave me such a freshman gift."


"I helped you stand up, and you kicked it. Now it hurts to think about it."


"Are you shy?" he asked tentatively.

Xu You turned his head away, his face was red.

"Okay, I won't say it." Thanks to his side and smiled. His neat Adam's apple rolled twice, touching her bare, white thighs, and then moved away after stopping for two or three seconds.

After the meeting, the thank-you remarks returned to the original topic, "In fact, it doesn't matter much. Don't hold grudges. I doubt that you hated me so much later. Is it because I was not careful that night"

The words were stuck in the mouth. Thanksgiving eyes widened, only two words remained in my heart.

Fuck me? !

Xu You knelt on the bed, stood up, wrapped his arms around his neck, and pressed his lips to lips.

She opened her mouth slightly, and the fragrance of her body seemed to linger on the tip of her nose.

After thanking her, her brain crashed for a moment, and she soon kissed her back and pressed her on the bed.

Spreading on the bed divergently, Xu You was kissed so badly. Her fingers fumbled to his short black soft hair, and her other hand was pressed by the words of thanks, her fingers intertwined.

The thin lips touched the slender neck. He bit from her hot auricle, slid all the way to her chin, and the hem of the white T-shirt was lifted.

Slippery that can't be held in one hand...

He rubbed the tips of his thumb and index finger and heard a muffled moan in her throat.


It's terrible.

In the silent room, there were only interlaced and chaotic breathing sounds, soft tongues intertwined, and teeth knocked together slightly, a little painful. I don't know how long it took, thank you, exhausted the greatest restraint in this life, and resisted leaving Xu You's body.

He endured sweat on his forehead, and sweat was all over his waist, back and neck. The thank you words were dumb, low and low, "I..."

Under the light, his sweaty look, intoxicated in passion.

There is really a kind of unspeakable **** appeal.

Say a word and stop. Thanks for the resignation, he had to get up and then get out of the bed.

Hands clenched tightly, and even the knuckles turned white.

He deliberately dragged it to the limit, but he felt that he needed to go and couldn't stay.

Stay again...

Xu You slumped and stood up in a daze, her heart beating quickly, "Thank you, don't go."

He paused, breathing uncontrollably, his chest rising and falling.

"you sure?"

Behind him, the last light in the room was blown out.

In the dark, she slowly got out of bed, barefoot, and fumbled over and held his hand.

Xie Ci breathed heavily for two or three seconds, and pushed Xu You back against the wall, with his hands on her ears, and bowed his head to search for her lips.


Back to Shencheng at 5 o'clock in the afternoon the next day, thank you for resigning and driving, Xu You was lethargic in the co-pilot.

The car circled down the mountain road.

She was tossed several times last night, woke up and slept, and was awakened again and again. I am tired and exhausted now, so sleepy.

When the road was bumpy, Xu You was bumped once and woke up. She was tired and fragile as a whole, slowly, looking at the scenery flying past the window, her voice was completely hoarse, "How long will it be?"

"you're awake?"

He drove while thanking her, and looked at her carefully, "There is still an hour, would you like to sleep more?"

His voice was softly pinching out water. Pang Fengli, who was sitting behind, stared at Xu You for a while, then suddenly slapped his forehead, "So it's you!"

He said, "I just said thank you for sending candles to a girl yesterday, so why didn't I go back."

Thanks, he glanced at him in the rearview mirror, and made a shut up mouth.

The rain outside almost stopped. I was afraid that Xu You would feel bored, so I turned off the air conditioner and opened the windows on both sides.

Fresh air poured in, and humid wind.

"Thank you." Xu You rubbed his forehead, raised his face to drink water, and called him.

Thanks, the line from the mouth to the chin tightened, and he hummed.

She said, "Don't look at me, drive well."

Thanks: "..."

Returning to Shencheng, Xu You directly sent Xu You home. She took a hurried shower and slept faintly on the bed. Coming out after dinner in the evening, You Lele was sitting cross-legged on the sofa with a glass of juice and watching TV.

She stared at Xu You, swept back and forth, and said quietly, "Xu You, which man did you fool with last night?"

Xu You pulled her hair for a while, but she didn't speak, and she pulled a chair away and sat down.

The phone on the desk buzzed and vibrated twice, Xu You picked it up and looked at it, and was about to pick it up.

You Lele put the juice on the side of the glass and ran over in threes or twos, "Look at you!"

There are traces of ambiguous bruising on the neck, the collarbone, and even the arms and calves. You Lele knows without even thinking about it...

She grinned open the neckline of Xu You's pajamas and glanced inside.

Gee tut tut tut.

Xu You guarded her chest, didn't make trouble with her, took the time to answer the phone, "Hello?"

"Why did you answer the phone for such a long time?" Xie Ci asked.

Xu You pushed away You Lele's claws and said, "I was sleeping just now."

"You... these few days, don't run around." His voice is unnatural, "also...does it hurt?"

Hearing what he said, Xu You blushed, a little embarrassed, and hesitated, "It's okay."

Before hanging up, he suddenly asked, "By the way, you have time for the Qixi Festival the day after tomorrow."

Xu You gave a hum.

As soon as the phone was cut off, You Lele couldn't wait to rush over, muttering, "Fuck me, you, the battle is fierce."


You Lele looked narrow, "Last night, how many times did you guys?"

"..." How could Xu You answer her kind of question, as if she could escape back to the room.


On the Qixi Festival, thank you for making an appointment with her.

Xu You didn't have the habit of going out to make-up, so he just cleaned up and went out.

He sat on a railing in the park and waited for her. Seeing Xu You approaching, thank you and jumped down casually.

The park is very lively, the road is full of couples, the neon shining lights, Xu You's footsteps stagnated.

In a daze, when I saw the person in front of me, I thought I was back many years ago.

Thank you, wearing black skull short sleeves from school days, the outline is more clean and handsome. He put his hands in the pockets of his jeans and looked at her with a lazy smile.

Then, Xu You learned that she remembered to bring her ID card and the reason for wearing a white skirt before the remarks made her go out.

The flight from Shencheng to Lincheng is six o'clock in the evening.

Her heart was pounding along the way, and it felt like she was in a dream.

"Why did you suddenly think of buying a ticket back to the city?"

"What's all of a sudden, I've already thought about it." He said thank you, sitting on the plane, always happy, "Are you happy?"

Back to the city again.

This city, as always, after so many years, is especially lively at night.

The lively and crowded crowd, thanking Xu You, wandering around the streets and alleys with her.

There are still many people holding up in front of the night market next to the park, there are small rivers, barbecues, and gadgets.

In a square in the center of the city, the bustling advertising lights began to shine. Pedestrians coming and going are reflected in the shop windows, and there is a constant flow of people through the glass doors of the building. Life is still good, and not much has changed.

He took her by the hand and walked all the way, and every few steps there was a wooden bench to sit on.

"Do you remember that I watched the sunrise with you here?" Xie Ci bowed his face and looked at her very closely.

His pupils were dark and bright, reflecting in her eyes.

Xu You was gentle and sad, "I remember."

They watched the sunrise together. It was winter and it was cold and freezing all night.

"I also remember that after I kissed you that time, you ignored me for a long time."

She bit her lip lightly, "Who told you to be a hooligan."

Regardless of thanking her, she kissed her on the street and laughed silently.

It's a sweet taste.

The two walked on the street for a long time, and then got on a bus.

It was almost nine o'clock, and there were only a few people sitting scattered in the car. The car started slowly, and they found a position by the window to sit down.

Get off at the gate of No. 1 Middle School.

There is no late self-study in the first year of high school, and the self-study in the third night of high school has not been released. The front and side doors of the campus are closed, and only the security room and the third grade teaching building are lit.

"Are we... going to school?" she asked hesitantly.

"Otherwise, what are you doing here?"

"But what if the security doesn't let us in."

"If you don't enter through the main entrance, how about I take you over the wall."

Xu You was shocked, "Over the wall?!" She turned her head and glanced at him in disbelief, "Are you sure?"

The thank-you speech said solemnly, "Otherwise, do you think I was a lieutenant colonel Tyrant White back then?"

Xu You: "..."

In the end, they didn't get over the wall. They went to the security room and said they were visiting the teacher. They were put in after they registered.

The school has been renovated several times over the years, and the general appearance has not changed. The colorful fountains in front of the school, the plane trees planted on both sides of the road, and the roses blooming on the black iron railings.

From the plastic track on the playground, all the way to the basketball court, the flag-raising stand, and the campus supermarket.

They walked holding hands.

The former high school teaching building has been transformed into a high school teaching building. He took her to the west building in the dark, and found the classroom of the former Class No. 9 in the middle of his memory.

The door of the classroom was closed, thank you hand on the window sill, his forehead against the glass to look in.

Luckily, one of the sliding glass doors happened to be unlocked. The gesture of thanking you by opening the window was natural and smooth, and it didn't diminish the style of the year.

After he flipped in, he opened the door to let Xu You in.

The moonlight at night was very bright, no lights were turned on, just enough for them to see each other clearly.

Xu You was a little at a loss. She stepped onto the podium, slowly surging inside like a tide, silently moved.

The empty classroom seems to have really gone back to the past. After so many years, there has been a dreamlike blur, and nothing seems to have changed.

Thank you, sitting at the desk looking at her.

The way she looks around is cute.

"Xu Yo."


Xu You slowly walked off the stage and sat down next to him. After a while, he rested his head on his shoulder.

The thank you words lifted her face up, his eyes narrowed slightly, "Are you happy?"

She didn't speak, and closed her eyes gently.

Thanks, saying: "I dreamed the day before yesterday that we were still in high school."

Xu Youqiang held back his wet eyes and listened to him casually say: "Then you stretch out your hand to me, and I will go with you."

In the quiet and dark classroom, his voice was soft and vague, as if he was back to the beginning.

"I used to peek at you in class."

"Tighten your water cup deliberately, and learn to speak when you read the text."

"Running in PE class, deliberately rubbing against you."

"Pass by you and knock off your book and pen."

"After school, I will follow you home secretly."

"After separating from you, I thought you were destined not to belong to me."


"Thank you." Xu You's voice was very soft and quiet.

"I will give you a home."

He was dumbfounded, and after a long time, he smiled, "Okay."

I will give you a home and take care of you.

Anyway, after so many years, I can't forget you again.

I can no longer like someone seriously and lastingly.

In the future, no matter day or night, or a hundred years, it will never be like many years ago.

The seventeen-year-old thanked him, fighting, smoking, drinking, and clubbing. He liked to mix with senior boys.

On a midsummer day, Xu You held a book and opened the classroom door in full view.

There are boys sitting at the table whistling.

The classroom is noisy and noisy, thanking him for holding his head with one hand, his legs folded on a chair, wearing jeans and a black T-shirt.

She stopped in front of him in a white cotton skirt.

The sky outside the window was very blue, the woods were green, and the sun was exceptionally bright.

The author has something to say:

During this period of time, my condition is very bad, and I am very guilty that I have failed to give you a good reading experience, and I have failed many readers' expectations and likes.

I don't want to finish this article in the worst period of time, but this is my personal problem, so I know I don't have the right to let you wait for me to recover and adjust. This article is here, letting them get together is a wish.

In addition to these, I have to formally apologize to the readers of this article. I broke the update for no reason and failed to do what an author should do. This is my fault, bow.

I don't want to scribble every essay I write, and the readers who are still looking forward to it.

Finally, thank you for accompany me through these two months, and see you later.

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