Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself Chapter 777

Chapter 777 Clearly It Was Sheng Ans Boss Who Slept With Me

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At those words, CEO Wang was not the only one stunned, everyone else looked flabbergasted.

What did he mean by this?

A commotion broke out among the crowd. The two reporters who had deliberately targeted Li Beinian were now under police custody.

When they heard Mu Xichens words, they exchanged looks, horrified.

Trying to maintain his composure, CEO Wang turned to look at Gu Mingye with uncertainty. "Erm Mr. Gu"

Gu Mingye gave him a look of affirmation and said, "Didnt you want our CEO to clarify the situation? Well, hes here now. Say what you need to."

As soon as he said this, gasps could be heard among the crowd. Immediately, there was an uproar!


"What the hell! Nians Hubby is actually the CEO of Sheng An Entertainment?"

"F***, is this for real? This is too ridiculous. Is he just making this up to show off?"

"Ptui, how is that possible? What sort of occasion do you think this is? Is it an occasion to be bull-s****ing?"

"Ahhhhhhhh, no way, Nians Hubby is is actually"

Not only was the audience shocked, even Li Beinian was taken aback and blurted out, "Youre the CEO of Sheng An? Wasnt it rumored that Sheng Ans CEO is old, ugly and impotent?"

As she was standing close to the microphone, her shocked exclamation could be heard over the sound system.

Immediately, everyone fell silent.

All eyes were now on Li Beinian.

Even Mu Xichens attention was on her.

At this point, he narrowed his eyes, looking at her as he took a step towards her. "Dont you know if Im impotent or not?"

With that, a commotion erupted among the crowd again!


"Wheres the clarification? I dont want to know if Nians Hubby is impotent!"

"Obviously hes so not impotent. Hes about 1.9 meters tall isnt he ahhhhh, going by proportions, hes definitely not impotent!"

"What has it got to do with you? Hes not your man!"

"This is too much." Someone threw his phone down angrily. "I reject this sort of public display of affection!"

Li Beinian turned a bright scarlet at once.

Confronted by this commotion, she glared at Mu Xichen angrily and said, "Stop talking nonsense!"

"Why is this nonsense?" Mu Xichen reached out to hold her hand. "The day I proposed to you, I gave you my business licenses. Didnt you see it?"

"I didnt. I only saw Shangzhi Corporation. I didnt notice the names of the other two companies!" Li Beinian looked aggrieved. "Now everyones saying that I slept with the boss of Sheng An. I feel so wrongfully accused!"

Mu Xichens expression softened and he said gently, "So now you know?"

"Yes I got it alright!" Li Beinian looked indignant as she shook his hand off and shouted, "Clearly, it was Sheng Ans boss who slept with me!"


The crowd started cheering.

Looking at Li Beinians flushed face, a hint of a smile flashed across Mu Xichens initially gloomy face. He drew her towards him and whispered, "Alright already, we obviously sleep in the same bed. Why are we nit-picking?"

His deep voice was full of deep affection.

He spoke like how he would normally speak, but when he said these words before an audience of thousands, Li Beinian found it hard to maintain her composure.

Turning an even brighter red now, she could feel her heart pounding wildly.

"Damn it, wasnt this supposed to be a press conference on the perfume! Lies!"

"Mom, I want to go home. This world is too evil towards singletons"

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