Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself Chapter 778

Chapter 778 How Could It Be Nians Hubby?

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Li Beinian felt even more embarrassed when she heard the envious and jealous voices coming from the crowd below. Although she had turned a bright red, she couldnt help but look up at Mu Xichen.

In the eyes of an onlooker, that expression on her face spoke of shyness and timidness as she made her secret overture to her man!

Cheng Su was full of envy. She tugged at Bai Yuans sleeve and said with misty eyes, "Sob, sob, sob Sister Nian is so fortunate to have met such a good man. Hes handsome, rich, and loyal. Ahhhh, hes so perfect"

Bai Yuans body swayed from the tugging. He looked at Cheng Su, then at Li Beinian and Mu Xichen, and said mysteriously, "Ill tell you a secret."

She continued looking straight ahead and replied without even glancing at the man, "What?"

"Actually, Im such a man too. Although Im not as rich as our boss, Im rather good looking." As he spoke, he stroked his chin and said in a self-righteous tone, "Would you like to consider me? Im 26 years old and come from a decent family. Ive never been in a relationship!"

Cheng Su rolled her eyes at Bai Yuan in response and said, "Save it. Sigh, you cant compare to Nians Hubby!"

Bai Yuan rubbed his nose.

At this point, someone in the crowd shouted loudly, "Wait! Three companies? One of them is Shangzhi? F*ck! Am I hearing things?"

"Whats Shangzhi?"

"Dont you know Shangzhi? The most promising company in Xia Nation is Shangzhi! Have you never been to Shangzhi Square?"

"Ah So its Shangzhi Square Damn!"

Discussions broke out among the people in the crowd. The more they talked about it, the more shocked they were!

Initially, they thought that Li Beinians choice of men was just getting from bad to worse. After all, the Mu Corporation had been established in Xia Nation for many years and had a strong and stable foundation. It was unshakable!

Everyone knew that Mu Donglin was the heir of the Mu Corporation!

And Mu Xichen, on the other hand, had no status in the Mu Family.

This rumor had long been circulating and almost everyone knew about it.

The fact that he was Sheng Ans boss aside, what was even more earthshaking was that he was also Shangzhis CEO!


Very quickly, someone expressed their doubts and said, "Clearly, the surname of Shangzhis CEO is Mo, and he shuns the public eye. He keeps such a low profile, how could he be Nians Hubby!"

"Yes, Ive heard so too. Everyone calls him Mr. Mo. His surname isnt Mu."

The doubts around this question started to grow among the crowd.

Hearing these comments, Bai Yuan remarked nonchalantly, "As though one couldnt take on his mothers surname."

"Ahhhh, so its true?"

"Damn! The surname of Nians Hubbys mother is Mo? She has the same surname as me. Im so happy!"

"Damn, who are you? How did you know that?"

Looking smug, Bai Yuan replied. "Im a former member of the Swift Eagle Special Team. Im also a subordinate to Nians Hubby!"

"Ahhhh, so youre a soldier too?" A cute girl ran towards Bai Yuan with bloodshot eyes. "Really?"

This girl was a little aggressive. Caught off guard, Bai Yuan took a step back and mumbled, "Really."

"Wow, then you"

"Say whatever you wish to, but dont come so close!" Looking displeased, Cheng Su grabbed Bai Yuans collar and pulled him back.

This made the man feel rather smug.

This woman said that she had no interest in him, but look at how jealous she was!

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