Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself Chapter 908

Chapter 906 Waiting For A New Day Or Death 13

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Sure enough, the bosses were elated when this sensational piece of news was submitted for publication.

They were so happy that they issued the reporters with bonuses right away!

After the news agency sorted out the news, they quickly handed it to Sheng An Entertainment.

The person in charge of Sheng An Entertainment was Gu Mingye, and most matters were handled by him.

When he saw this piece of news, Gu Mingye was stunned. He immediately jumped and exclaimed, "What the hell?"

He picked up his cell phone and dialed Mu Xichens number. The call was quickly connected.


"Uh huh?"

Mu Xichens voice was faint, however Gu Mingye could hear a hint of a smile in his tone, as though the man was trying to hint at something.

Gu Mingye initially had some doubts, but now he felt that this news was most likely true!

After a moment of silence, he tried to sound calm and asked, "I heard that Sister-in-law is pregnant."

Mu Xichens smile deepened and he raised his eyebrow slightly. "How did you know?"

Gu Mingye knew the answer immediately when he heard the mans gleeful tone.

The news was definitely true!

At this point, Mu Xichen had already arrived at the hotel with his wife after dinner.

Having taken a shower, Li Beinian was now in bed, lying on her belly and watching Mu Xichen speaking on the phone. When she saw his smug smile, a look of disdain appeared on her face. However, she couldnt help being infected by his emotions and felt a sense of bliss.


Although the filming was not completed, being pregnant would mean a slow down in the filming progress, and other work would be delayed as well.

However, it did put the pregnant woman in a good mood when she saw how happy Mu Xichen was.

Li Beinian turned away and laid on the pillow. She squinted in her drowsiness.

These few days had been very tiring indeed. In less than a minute, Li Beinian had drifted off to sleep.

Mu Xichen spoke to Gu Mingye only briefly before they hung up.

Suddenly, Li Beinian sat up in bed and looked at him with widened eyes. "How did Gu Mingye know?"

"We were photographed when we entered the OB/GYN Department. The person leaked the news to Ah Ye and asked us to buy it." Mu Xichen lifted her chin slightly and planted a light kiss on her lips. "Ah Ye has already bought the rights. You can announce it whenever you feel like doing so."

"Oh, have you told Grandpa?"

Li Beinian was feeling drowsy on the way to the hotel. Even dinner was eaten in a rush so that they could head back quickly.

At this point, a thought suddenly struck Li Beinian. She blinked and looked at him, asking, "Have you informed Daddy? Have you told Grandpa?"

Mu Xichen shook his head. "No, not yet." After a pause, he asked, "May I?"

Mu Xichens usually calm and restrained expression perked up slightly as if he was pleasantly surprised.

Seeing this, Li Beinian felt a little guilty and mumbled, "Why not? Theyre all our relatives. Its good to tell them to share the joy"

"Really?" Mu Xichens eyes lit up and the smile on his face widened. He leaned over and hugged her tightly. He grinned and gave her a light peck on the cheek. "Thank you, wifey."

"Hmph!" Li Beinian turned to face the other way. Her lips parted and her eyes narrowed before she fell asleep again.

Seeing how exhausted she was, Mu Xichen quietly held her in his arms and smiled silently. His heart felt as though it was coated with honey.

Li Beinian fell asleep very quickly. Perhaps because of her pregnancy, she was lacking color, but her skin was smoother and more tender than before.

Mu Xichen looked at her and couldnt help bending over to kiss her. He reached out and carefully placed his hand on her belly.

Right now, in her tiny belly, was his bloodline, the fruit of their love.

Realizing this, Mu Xichen felt like he was floating.

He was really, really happy and blissful.

Li Beinian woke up the next day to a flood of messages on WeChat.

There were messages from Nico, Will, Old Master Li, and the various elders and siblings of the Mo family.

Without exception, they were all here to show care and concern for her pregnancy.

Li Beinian was a little stunned. Only then did she realize that something had changed, things were a now a little different from before.

After a moment of being overwhelmed, she saw Mu Xichen walking in.

They had booked a suite in the hotel and there was a living room outside.

At this point, Mu Xichen walked in with a cell phone in his hand. It looked like he had just finished his call.

He saw that Li Beinian had woken up. The man rubbed his nose, seeming a little embarrassed and a little dejected. Looking at Li Beinian with an aggrieved expression, he said, "I was just scolded by my grandaunt."

Li Beinian asked, "What happened?"

Mu Xichen walked over and reached out to select a dress for her. "Shes berated me for being too high-profiled. Ummm I heard that were not supposed to tell others about it in the first three months of your pregnancy."

"That seems to be the case." Li Beinian looked at the flood of well wishes on her phone and could more or less understand why Mu Xichen had been chided by his grandaunt. "We ourselves have only just found out about it and look how many people already know!"

Li Beinian threw her phone at him with an annoyed expression.

Mu Xichen smiled and changed the topic. "Get up now, lets go to the hospital for the blood test."

The blood test was not only about the pregnancy, but also the health status of the pregnant mother.

Li Beinian had always been in good health, especially in this life. In order to film Stinging Vine, she had trained her body to be very fit.

At the same time, she was agile and healthy.

Even when Li Beinian was pregnant, there were no signs.

She didnt seem like she was pregnant at all, apart from her excessive sleeping every day.

After a series of tests at the hospital, they had to wait for the results.

However, the doctor had already given them an assurance. She said that the pregnant woman was in excellent health and this was rare.

However, her pregnancy was bound to come into conflict with the high-intensity action scenes in "Stinging Vine".

Li Beinian didnt think much of it, but Mu Xichen was on his guard. After leaving the hospital, Li Beinian suggested that she should return to the crew. Mu Xichen wasnt surprised by her request, but very quickly, his expression darkened.

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