Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself Chapter 909

Chapter 907 Waiting For A New Day Or Death 14

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Li Beinian saw the change in Mu Xichens expression and understood how he was feeling at this point. She was uneasy, but she also thought it wasnt a big deal.

Meeting Mu Xichens gaze, Li Beinian braced herself and said, "Actually were almost done filming. There arent many action scenes among the remaining scenes to be filmed, so its rather relaxing. Weve already filmed the more brutal scenes."

Mu Xichen kept silent.

Li Beinian continued, "Actually, the scene I shot a few days ago was the most intense. I had to perform things like parachuting, throwing bombs, high altitude sniping, and underwater fighting"

The more she spoke, the more sullen Mu Xichen became.

Taken aback, Li Beinian immediately said, "But all these scene have been filmed!"

Mu Xichens expression did not soften. Instead, he was gripped by nervousness.

He looked at Li Beinian from head to toe and reached out to grab her by her shirt. "Im warning you."

The girl knew that Mu Xichen was this unhappy because he was concerned about her well-being. However, the filming was ultimately still not completed and there was the fact that she was looking forward to this movie.

After all, this was the first movie she had filmed in her two lifetimes, and it was led by seniors like Liu Wei and Jiang Chun.

The director and producers all treated her very well.

This role had not come easy for her and she had earned it through much effort. No one would be able to imagine how much blood and sweat she had gone through in order to understudy this role.

Now, the progress of the movie had reached this stage. Furthermore, there werent many scenes left to film that had her in them. She was most unwilling to give up at this point.

Confronting Mu Xichens displeasure, Li Beinian pursed her lips and said indignantly, "The doctor said that Im seven to eight weeks pregnant, which means that Im almost two months pregnant. I was filming even more intensely a few days ago, but you can see that Im fine!"

"If I had known earlier, I wouldnt have allowed you to continue filming," Mu Xichen said bluntly. "Now, Im not asking you to reject filming immediately. You can discuss with the director to reduce your scenes. After the filming is completed, Ill take you to England to visit Daddy. I take you to wherever you wish to go. But just for the time being, well stop filming, okay?"

Although the man appeared to be asking Li Beinian, his tone was firm and his words were domineering.

Being used to giving orders, the commanding tone came naturally and unconsciously to him.

Although Li Beinian understood what he meant, she suddenly felt a surge of anger. She raised her voice and shouted, "Mu Xichen!"

Ever since they got married, Li Beinian had hardly addressed him by his full name.

The man frowned and looked at her. "Be good. Carrying twins is more risky than carrying a single baby. I dont want you to be taking any risks."

"Why would that be taking risks!" Li Beinian fumed. "I was doing fine before I knew I was pregnant. You know that I can protect myself and you know that I know what Im doing. Previously, we had agreed I didnt have to do things that would make me unhappy. Now that you know that Im pregnant, youre being hypocritical. You have to interfere with everything. Dont you think youre being too annoying!"

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