Hidden Marriage: A Heaven Sent Billionaire Husband Chapter 2125

Chapter 2125: Extraordinary Twins

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Chapter 2125 Extraordinary Twins

She quickly coordinated the time and replied to Lu Mingjue. After finishing work in the evening, she can go to try the installation.

After Qiao Weiyangs personal studio was established, Lu Mingjue quickly rented the house and hired professional staff for publicity and hairdressing.

The location chosen for the office is in a private office building in Kyoto.

Lu Mingjue borrowed clothes from his own ability, and the brand personally delivered them to Qiao Weiyang's studio.

When Qiao Weiyang arrived, the other partys designer had already arrived and was drinking coffee with Lu Mingjue.

When he saw Qiao Weiyang, the designer's eyes lit up and he immediately showed his approval.

Any designer cherishes his hard work.

One of the ways to cherish is to find the most suitable wearer for your work.

The designers gaze was like a radar. As soon as Qiao Weiyang came in, he would have a panoramic view of her figure, knowing that Qiao Weiyang would be able to wear this dress.

"Miss Joe, hello." The designer reached out.

Qiao Weiyang shook hands with him: "Hello, thank you for taking the time to come."

"Miss Joe is polite, it is my honor to serve you."

If the designer came before because of Lu Mingjue, when he saw Qiao Weiyang himself, he felt that he would not hesitate to do so.

"Don't say much, let's try it as soon as possible." Lu Mingjue was afraid that he would leave Qiao Weiyang too long, and he would be beaten by Su Zhuoqian.

"Okay, I'll change it." Qiao Weiyang followed the staff into the fitting room.

The designer took out his own toolbox, all kinds of scissors, needles, and clips.

Every dress is designed according to the standard model figure. Only the person with the most standard figure does not need to modify it.

The celebrity borrows these clothes to wear, there is nothing that needs to be modified.

Usually, when the average celebrity borrows clothes, there are staff to help make some temporary changes.

Aside from first-line artists, those who can invite designers to make changes in person are artists like Qiao Weiyang who are backed by powerful agents.

Lu Mingjue glanced at the time and estimated that the time needed was indispensable, so he had to patiently reply to Su Zhuoqian.

With the help of the staff, Qiao Weiyang quickly put on this dress.

When she came out, she asked: "How is it?"

Lu Mingjue put down the phone subconsciously.

The designer also put down his tools.

The staff was busy taking a few photos of Qiao Weiyang.

The designer couldnt help but laugh: "Its still my mistake in vision, its my mistake. I thought that although your figure is good enough, you are still different from the model's figure, but I didnt expect that... you dont need to change it at all."

It shows that Qiao Weiyang's figure is better than what he thought and saw.

It's just this kind of thing, it's impossible to verify it.

This dress on Qiao Weiyang is completely tailor-made, without the slightest error, the designer is naturally very satisfied, and his own efforts have also had the best place to go.

Lu Mingjue shook his head with a laugh: "I thought it would take at least two hours to try the installation. Now I am a real Ruisby. Okay, it will be done in fifteen minutes! Except for Qiao Weiyang, I will treat everyone to dinner."

"Why don't you invite me?" Qiao Weiyang asked.

"I dare not." Lu Mingjue shook his phone.

Qiao Weiyang laughed: "Well, then you guys go eat."

She went downstairs, and the designer was still chatting with Lu Mingjue.

On the way home, Qiao Weiyang opened Weibo and took a look.

On the official Weibo of studio, she has posted a picture of her just now.

"Thank you for the invitation of "Light Fashion" to Wei Young. Wei Young will wear Fiona's new summer products on the red carpet of "Light Fashion" and the pictures will be broadcast. We invite you to witness it together."

Fiona is not a top luxury brand, but its reputation has been very stable over the years. Their clothes do not take the initiative of the artists position, but pay attention to the artists personal reputation.

So being able to wear clothes loaned by Fiona has always given fans peace of mind, and has always been a hot spot on the red carpet.

Qiao Weiyang just got such resources shortly after her comeback, making those who laughed at her as having only her own studio and no one behind her back is also shocked.

The fans are running around and telling each other, they are very excited.

And Qiao Jierou is still worrying about what to wear on the red carpet this time.

Since her fashion resources were cut off, she has not borrowed any decent clothes and jewelry for such a long time.

She is keen to walk on the red carpet again. Its okay to wear brands that dont pass through once or twice. The fans are dissatisfied with the number of times. The gossip magazines are also laughing at her whether she is going to die.

Some fans even went to her studios official Weibo and quarreled with the makeup team, asking her to replace these people.

Especially when fans released her comparison photos over the years, everyone discovered that she used to wear well-known brands, and every time she can borrow very good jewelry, the naked eye can see that the fashion resources are excellent.

And this year, I dont know why, but I repeatedly missed her hands, her dressing is ugly, and the things she wears are not suitable for her. She has no reputation.

As everyone knows, it's not that these staff don't work hard, but that many brands of others, when they hear the three words Qiao Jierou, they shook their heads and refused!

Qiao Jierou only now knows that there is a big difference between having Qiao Weiyang and not having her!

However, she didnt feel that she had done something wrong, she just hated Qiao Weiyang and cut her back!

If it werent for Qiao Weiyangs trouble with those brands and put eye drops on herself, how could she not be able to borrow clothes.

"Are all Ocean's new products delivered?" Qiao Weiyang asked directly as soon as he walked into his studio.

"All are here." Jiang Lin said softly, "They are all here, what do you see...Which set is you wearing?"

Ocean is a brand founded by Qiao Weiyang, which is owned by Hengyuan Group. Over the years, the clothes are all made by Qiao Weiyang.

In the past few years, it has been comparable to first-line luxury goods, and in the past it was a brand that many artists have come to borrow one after another.

Many artists are proud of being able to wear Ocean.

But since Qiao Weiyang left...

Qiao Jierou opened the curtain, a series of clothes, came into her sight.

She couldn't help but touch her forehead.

No wonder Jiang Lin was so hesitant to say it.

After Ocean has been supporting it for a while, the current dresses are still made of the same materials, but I dont know why, the clothes they made lose the charm of the previous ones.

Everything looks incomparable with the previous ones.

"Change it!" Qiao Jierou finished speaking, and the staff came forward to change her.

After changing five sets in a row, no one spoke.

Qiao Jierous figure is inherently bruised, her head-to-body ratio is not good, her shoulders are narrow, and her head is too big.

(End of this chapter)

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