Hidden Marriage: A Heaven Sent Billionaire Husband Chapter 2126

Chapter 2126: Extraordinary Twins

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Chapter 2126 Extraordinary Twins

What's more, her face itself is not the superior head-to-face shape, but the face-to-face shape, which needs to deal with the details of the shoulders.

She is short overall, with thick calves and a wide waist.

Before, when Qiao Weiyang matched her with each other, he carefully selected all of them and worked **** the styles, so every time the clothes set her off as petite and tall, the whole person seemed to have a delicate soft cuteness in it.

This has also won her a very good reputation, and she has been heartbroken and loved by fans.

But without these blessings, just wearing a dress can only be a disaster.

Even those super first-line female artists often turn over on the red carpet, not to mention her.

"Isn't there a decent dress?"

"Jie Rou, I originally liked a Fiona dress. That dress is very close to the one you used to walk on the red carpet the year before. That one has won the best-dressed award before."

"Then, don't you hurry up to borrow from Fiona?"

"That dress has been lent by Qiao Weiyang."

Qiao Jierou said angrily: "Qiao Weiyang! She did it on purpose!"

The red carpet show of "Light Fashion" is just around the corner.

Qiao Weiyang has already filled the expectations of fashion circles and fans because of the clothes she wears.

Other female artists also posted photos of Zhengqi Douyan.

Qiao Jierou, a female artist who rarely misses on the red carpet, has not posted photos yet, and everyone has been looking forward to it.

Until half an hour before the red carpet.

Qiao Jierou's official Weibo finally posted a photo: "Thank you Fiona for lending us the clothes, and work together to create greater glories!"

She wears exactly the same as Qiao Weiyang's.

The photos are also taken very beautifully.

As soon as the photo came out, it naturally attracted the attention of countless people.

A clothes of the same brand will naturally not be loaned to two artists to appear on the same occasion.

Either someone borrowed a fake, or bought it by himself, but said that he borrowed it.

In short, there is always one person who will bear the ridicule from everyone in the end.

"Who is the problem?"

"I think Fiona might really not lend to Qiao Weiyang, right? How long has Qiao Weiyang retired before returning? And Qiao Jierou is a winning general on the red carpet!"

"I am inclined to this too!"

When Qiao Weiyang arrived at the studio, Lu Mingjue was calling the designer: "So, are you sure not to borrow?"

"I'm very sorry, as a designer, I am definitely willing to put my hard work on the most suitable person. But the company...I'm really sorry." The designer's attitude is very sincere, and the apology is full of sincerity. .

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?" Lu Mingjue was not appeased by his attitude.

came to this end.

It doesnt matter if he borrows no one. Lu Mingjue can find more good brands for Qiao Weiyang to wear with a phone call.

But if he doesnt borrow, its okay to lend it to others.

It's just that person, it's Qiao Jierou!

"I'm sorry, Shao Lu, I'm so sorry!"

"Hehe, I'm sorry it's useful?"

Qiao Weiyang walked in, and the people in the studio were in a panic.

"Okay, don't worry, change to another better brand." Lu Mingjue was not worried either.

It was just this incident, which really ignited his huge anger.

In this circle, keeping promises is the foundation of standing up.

I dont even need integrity. What is the time spent before?

"Let's change it." Qiao Weiyang knew that the matter was over, and it was useless to find someone on Fiona's side.

"Go directly to secret next year's limited edition new products." Lu Mingjue said lazily.

Qiao Weiyang has no opinion.

At this time, only by suppressing the opponent with an absolute advantage can they really let them eat their own fruits.

at the same time.

Su Zhuoqian's office.

Zhou Lang reported the matter again.

"Fiona is a famous brand?" Su Zhuoqian asked.

"It's not actually counted. It's just that their reputation is good, and they have been among the forefront in the past two years. But in fact, the water behind this is very deep."

"This kind of brand dare to jump in the Su and Lu family." Su Zhuoqian said quietly, "Let Lu Mingjue choose the clothes to change. Fiona does not need to exist."

Zhou Lang understood this.

Into the night.

The periphery of the hotel under the "Light Fashion" package is already full of reporters and fans. The lights flicker, and the lights of the fans are gathered together, almost illuminating the sky.

The reporter has also prepared long guns and short cannons long ago, waiting for all the artists to enter tonight.

Qiao Weiyang has just come back, so it wasnt worth the multi-media stare.

But tonight, because of her dressing with Qiao Jierou, the Internet has been arguing.

There is a lot of enthusiasm, and the media naturally has to keep up.

What's more, Qiao Jierou has gained a very high reputation after two years of development.

Cars carrying artists began to stop at the entrance of the red carpet.

The well-dressed entertainers began to appear on the red carpet.

A luxury car in which Qiao Jierou was riding also followed towards this side.

She has changed into Fiona's dress.

This dress is very similar to the clothes Qiao Weiyang gave her before. It can strengthen her head-to-body ratio, modify her figure, and play a role in the clothes.

The only thing that made her uncomfortable was that when the evening dress was brought over, it was a bit too small. After the designer modified it overnight, she put it on.

However, flaws are not concealed.

She still showed a high level of control over evening dresses.

Jiang Lin helped her with the final make-up and hair care, and said: "You are really of a very high level today. It seems that the best dress tonight is what you have in your bag again!"

"It doesn't matter whether there is this nihilistic title or not." Although Qiao Jie said softly, the smile on her face widened, and it was obvious that she still cared very much about the title.

When the car was near the red carpet, the fans who supported Qiao Jierou raised the light sign and called her name loudly.

Qiao Jierou came out with a smile.

The reporters also moved after hearing the wind and kept shooting at her.

"Jierou wears Fiona's latest model this summer!"

"So she really put it on!"

"really not bad!"

"It's not that I said, even if it is according to the coffee position, it should be Jierou wearing this suit."

"Fiona is still quite discerning, and the choice is really good."

The words of the fans came into Qiao Jierous ears.

She smiled sternly and waved to greet them.

It is foreseeable that after the photos of my scene go out tonight, what the external comments will be like.

Qiao Weiyang, still want to wear Fiona clothes?

The reporters can't help whispering: "Qiao Jierou is really a red carpet killer. In recent years, she has rarely missed her clothes.

(End of this chapter)

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