Hidden Marriage: A Heaven Sent Billionaire Husband Chapter 2127

Chapter 2127: Extraordinary Twins

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Chapter 2127 Extraordinary Twins

"Some time ago, I thought her fashion makeup had declined. This time, when I look at it like this, the name of the general on the red carpet is a well-deserved reputation!"

"Jierou, look over here!"


Qiao Jierou kindly interacted with everyone, posing and letting reporters take pictures as much as they want.

She quickly walked in the direction of the host.

The host immediately smiled and said, "Jierou, please come here. Your clothes are very beautiful today."

"Thank you."

"Welcome to "Light Fashion" again. "Light Fashion" has always been committed to brand building and the promotion of artists' fashion resources. This time you come here, do you have any dressing experience you can share with you?"

Qiao Jierou smiled and was about to answer when someone said: "Qiao Weiyang is here!"

She couldn't help but look over the red carpet subconsciously.

Because we all know that Qiao Weiyang's clothes tonight are also Fiona's suits, and they are exactly the same as Qiao Jierou, so Qiao Weiyang's arrival naturally attracted the attention of many people.

Even the host couldnt help but said, "Then well ask Jierou this question later, now lets look at Qiao Weiyang."

Everyone looked at the car with Qiao Weiyang's name written on it.

In the fashion and entertainment circles, on important occasions, zipping shirts is more generous than wearing seasonal clothes.

Wearing season clothes is often seen as a precursor for an artist to get confused.

And hitting the shirt is an even more embarrassing thing.

Especially, I know that someone is already wearing that kind of clothes, and I still wear it like this.

The matter of hitting the shirt was originally ugly and embarrassed.

But in a Vanity Fair like the entertainment circle, it is obvious who is in the low position and who is embarrassed.

Its no wonder everyone just wants to eat melons, and nothing else.

When the car door opened, reporters all took pictures, for fear of missing any minute of the plot.

As Qiao Weiyang got out of the car, a flash of lights on the scene.

People who did not take the photo held their breath.

The long skirt with high slits was slightly blown away by the wind, exposing the slender and straight legs inside.

A long silver dress, wrapped in a slender figure, when Qiao Weiyang got out of the car completely and stood in front of everyone, everyone was a little dazed.

She wears this evening dress, which outlines the lines of the body just right. It is very feminine that directly impacts people's vision at first glance.

However, Qiao Weiyang's expression is very pale, and the bottom of his eyes is a cold background, which neutralizes such stunning beauty, but gives people a soothing atmosphere that transcends gender.

only gives people a feeling of being able to see from a distance but not to play with.

Qiao Jierou naturally also saw the situation here.

There is a huge disappointment in her eyes.

I originally thought that she had taken Qiao Weiyang's evening dress. She couldn't borrow anything good temporarily, and she would definitely have embarrassment on such a grand occasion.

did not expect that Qiao Weiyang would wear such an excellent evening dress.

I usually see her silently, Qiao Jierou has never put Qiao Weiyang in her eyes, but she did not expect that she would control the evening dress so decently, calmly and grandly.

Qiao Weiyang walked to Qiao Jie and the host.

The host greeted Qiao Weiyang, and Qiao Jierou couldnt help but said: "Weiyang, I thought you would come here wearing Fiona clothes, why did you come here with such a dress?"

No one recognizes Qiao Weiyang's clothes. Although she manages well, she is always an unknown brand. Qiao Jierou can only comfort herself in this way.

"My clothes, aren't you wearing them?" Qiao Weiyang looked at her strangely, as if she asked a very stupid thing.

Qiao Jierou, of course, is not to be outdone. She smiled and said, "I was lent to me by Fiona early in the morning. Because they said that my style is consistent with theirs."

"It's really consistent." Qiao Weiyang smiled with a curled lips.

"So Jierou, will you have other collaborations with Fiona in the future?" The host took the opportunity to turn the topic to the fashion circle.

"Well, Fiona and I have decided on the next endorsement. However, I can't say what the specific situation is. Please wait and see."

"Okay, then we look forward to your good news. It seems that the cooperation between you and Fiona is indeed very pleasant."

Qiao Jierou smiled and said: "After all, our style fits well."

After Qiao Weiyang left, her fashion resources plummeted.

Now that she finally pulls it up, Qiao Jierou naturally wants to talk a lot.

As long as the cooperation with Fiona is successful, fashion resources will continue to come in the future. Qiao Jierou is full of confidence in this.

"So what other good news about Jierou's fashion circle to share with us in the future?"

"In addition to working with Fiona, I should be involved in several magazine shootings in the future."

The host was pleasantly surprised: "That's really looking forward to it. As we all know, you have photographed a lot of magazines before. This time I dont know if its a new magazine or a previous one?"

"There should be both new and old." Qiao Jierou smiled, looking provocatively at Qiao Weiyang.

Dont think that after leaving her Qiao Weiyang, she will not even have magazine resources!

These news kept spreading to Weibo, and Qiao Jierous fans felt that they had come to life.

"Finally waited until Jierou was in the magazine again!"

"To be honest, she has never waited so long before. She is not on the cover of a magazine."

"Yeah, it's so beautiful tonight! I am the magazine party and I would like to invite her to shoot!"

"Fiona's clothes are too beautiful, right? They match her perfectly."

"I have to pool money too, ready to buy Fiona's things! Jierou, wait for me."

The host and Qiao Jierou talked very happily. Although he did not deliberately neglect Qiao Weiyang, Qiao Weiyang was indeed not cueed.

She has long been accustomed to doing behind-the-scenes work and is accustomed to it.

After the host had finished talking with Qiao Jierou, he asked Qiao Weiyang a few questions.

Immediately, Qiao Weiyang and Qiao Jierou were invited to sit down.

Qiao Jierou has a higher position, and Qiao Weiyangs position is better.

The activity continues.

Many cameras are shooting around Qiao Jierou.

Qiao Jierou smiled even more when she thought of the attribution of tonights Best Dressed Award.

However, a group of pictures were posted on the Internet. Except for Qiao Jierous fans, no one thought her dress was the best.

"I think this is beautiful! What is the name of this artist, I am not familiar with it."

"It seems to be called Qiao Weiyang. It used to be very popular. It hasn't appeared much in the past few years. It seems to be a comeback."

"This group is too beautiful too!"

"It's a pity, I don't know which clothing this suit is from?"

"It's a sling!"

In the best-dressed voting activities on the Internet, fans from all families voted for their own artists.

But passersby...

(End of this chapter)

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