Hidden Marriage: A Heaven Sent Billionaire Husband Chapter 2244

Chapter 2244: Extraordinary Twins

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Chapter 2244 Extraordinary Twins

seemed to be aware of her gaze, Shen Mubei raised his eyes and looked in Qiao Weiyang's direction.

Qiao Weiyang has already lowered his head to draw the clips that he wanted to play, and did not look at him.

Soon, Qiao Weiyang finished his play and left.

When she walked to the door, an assistant said to her: "Miss Joe, the producer asks you to stay for a while."

"Okay." Qiao Weiyang nodded and sat down in his seat.

Lu Mingjue heard that he would stay for a while, and said, I guess its you. Ive seen clips of your work before to the producer, and I guess Ill have to chat with you alone. This crew is really efficient.

"That's pretty good." Qiao Weiyang nodded.

After everyone else had tried, Qiao Weiyang was called in to meet with the producer and director.

For her, this is commonplace.

After a few brief chats, the producer said with a smile: "Wei Young, you have to ask your agent to talk to us about the next thing, and you have to confirm your time later."

"Okay, is it now? I'll let him in right away."

Qiao Weiyang knew that the matter was almost finalized.

Lu Mingjue entered, Qiao Weiyang was about to follow, she suddenly heard Shen Mubei's voice.

"Qiao Weiyang, wait a minute."

Qiao Weiyang turned his head and saw Shen Mubei standing not far away, holding his arms, so cold that no one should come near him.

"President Shen." Qiao Weiyang walked to him with a peaceful voice, "Is there anything to do with me?"

"You gave the brooch?" Shen Mubei asked straightforwardly.

Qiao Weiyang laughed: "Why would President Shen think so? Do you think I am interesting to you? Or, because I want to get this part, I will please you in advance?"

Naturally, Shen Mubei would not think so. He just saw this brooch and thought of a possibility, and the face of a woman...

So that, he had never liked wearing any accessories, so he pinned this brooch to his chest.

"President Shen, you haven't answered my question yet, how come you have such a strange idea?" Qiao Weiyang asked.

Aunt Hui gave him so many things every year, and she never asked him a word.

In short, I never asked Qiao Weiyang.

What a coincidence this time?

Qiao Weiyang is also very curious, how did he smell the wind?

Naturally, it cannot be Lu Wenhui. She has been in business for so many years, and her ability and emotional intelligence have been leveraged. Isn't it a matter of trying to hide Shen Mubei?

Shen Mubei narrowed his eyes, how could it happen?

This question actually asked him.

When Lu Wenhui delivered the things, she was exactly the same as usual, even her words were the same as in previous years. She thanked him for taking care of her family's business and also thanked the two for their friendship. She looked like the gift was suitable, and she specially left it for him. .

He had received it in the past, and most of them casually glanced at it and put it aside. They either took it to give it away or threw it into the warehouse. He had forgotten that there was such a number one thing.

But this time, he saw the brooch at a glance, and put it on in a ghostly manner, which lasted for several days.

It was a strange feeling that he was guiding him in the dark and let him do so.

"It may be my illusion." Shen Mubei said lightly, "Sorry, I caused you trouble."

"Then I hope that Mr. Shen will not have this illusion. You are the father of the gold master. If this is to be spread, there must be no good things."

(End of this chapter)

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