Hidden Marriage: A Heaven Sent Billionaire Husband Chapter 2245

Chapter 2245: Extraordinary Twins

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Chapter 2245 Extraordinary Twins

Shen Mubei opened his mouth and wanted to ask about Xiao Qing's situation. After thinking about it, he gave up.

"If there is nothing wrong, I will go first to meet the producer." Qiao Weiyang nodded, then turned and left.

Shen Mubei stretched out his hand and touched the brooch, rubbing his fingers on it unconsciously, bowing his head in thought.


Zhao Xinshu is still resting in the dressing room.

After the agent ran out to help her inquire about the situation for a while, her face was a little bad when she came back: "Xin Shu, do you know who I met?"

"Who?" Zhao Xinshu was drawing her eyebrows, her tone a little casual.

"I saw Qiao Weiyang talked to Mr. Shen just now, but I didn't dare to get too close, as if I heard what they were talking about brooches. Mr. Shen seemed to have asked if it was the brooch Qiao Weiyang sent."

"What?" Zhao Xinshu stood up immediately, "Could it be Qiao Weiyang who wanted to join the crew, so he deliberately gave him the brooch, right?"

The agent is not easy to say, just saying: "What I said is not necessarily prepared, I just heard these few sentences."

"That's for sure. Don't doubt yourself. Don't have too many people who want to join the group. Those who can't get along the way of the producer and director. It's normal to want to go to Shen Mubei. I can see a woman like this. That's too much. I just didn't expect Qiao Weiyang to be like this. She was close to Mu Bei before, but they haven't been in contact for several years. I thought she wouldn't use this method anymore."

Zhao Xinshus impression of Qiao Weiyang was suddenly reduced.

In other words, she didn't like Qiao Weiyang in the first place, but now there are more reasons to dislike it.

After Zhao Xinshu finished speaking, he comforted himself: "Fortunately, Mu Bei has never been a person who is attracted by beauty. He is very principled. Even mine can't get the role of female number one. What about Qiao Weiyang? may?"

The agent's face changed a little, and he opened his mouth and stopped talking.

"So, is Qiao Weiyang eliminated?" Zhao Xinshu asked.


"How many times is she then?" Zhao Xinshu asked amusedly.

The agent considered for a moment, and slowly said: "A hostess..."

With a "click", Zhao Xinshu's eyebrow pencil pulled a long scratch on her face, the shape of her eyebrows was destroyed, and the makeup on her face was also destroyed.

The agent lowered his head, and Zhao Xinshu threw the eyebrow pencil on the table, "Bitch!"

how can that be!

Shen Mubei will never make mistakes because of beauty, let alone use it for private use! Why is Qiao Weiyang OK?

The agent hurriedly comforted: Maybe this is just Qiao Weiyangs audition. Shes not very popular recently, and the topic is also very high.

"How can such a vase be possible?"

She said disdainfully.

After Zhao Xinshu changed her makeup again, she immediately went out and found Shen Mubei.

"Mubei!" She stepped forward and took Shen Mubei's arm, with a cute smile on her face.

"Why are you here?" Shen Mubei took out his arm calmly.

"Let me see you, and I heard that the main roles have been finalized. I want to come and see the people I work with. Isn't that okay?" she said coquettishly.

While talking, Qiao Weiyang and Lu Mingjue came out talking and laughing together.

Perceiving that there is a line of sight staring at him, Qiao Weiyang raised his head and looked in the direction of the line of sight. He was seeing Zhao Xinshu's gaze, staring at him. The gaze was a bit complicated, but in any case, he couldnt see how much. bona fide.

Qiao Weiyang retracted his gaze and came out with Lu Mingjue.

"Do you know Zhao Xinshu?" Lu Mingjue asked.

"We have known each other for many years, and the relationship is very ordinary." Qiao Weiyang said softly.

"Oh, it doesn't matter, anyway, it's just four months of getting along with each other at most, so you can become an ordinary colleague." Lu Mingjue said.

Qiao Weiyang did not object, she really thought so.

Before, Zhao Xinshu was very hostile to herself because Xiao Qing hadnt seen her for so long. She still had this attitude.

Probably she thought...a woman would **** Mubei from her?

"Mr. Lu, your news is sometimes not accurate. This Zhao Xinshu, Shen Mubei should have been inserted into the crew, right?" Qiao Weiyang teased.

Lu Mingjue smiled and shook his head, then looked back and laughed.


After Qiao Weiyang met the producer and director, the contract was signed.

The crew is very efficient. As soon as the contract is signed, the official announcement is made immediately, and then the filming process is officially entered.

Before the shooting of "Bright Moon Night", there was a media meeting.

After the official Weibo released the approximate time of the meeting, fans have been looking forward to it.

"Wait for Weiyang's new movie!"

"Career fans are looking forward to happiness!"

"The movie ticket money is ready!"

In the comments, Qiao Weiyang has a huge number of fans.

Tao Huan took the confirmed timetable and handed it to Qiao Weiyang: "Sister Weiyang, tomorrow is this time to participate. The formal meeting will be at three o'clock in the afternoon, the media will be interviewed at four o'clock in the afternoon, media photos will be taken at four thirty, and makeup will be taken at five thirty. Take a makeup photo at seven o'clock. Come out from the main entrance at ten o'clock to greet the fans, and then you can come back."

"Okay." Qiao Weiyang took it, roughly memorizing the process.

Other preparations are naturally arranged by Lu Mingjue and Tao Huan.

Her most important job is to maintain a good state, and manage her facial expressions, respond to various questions from the media tomorrow and take photos.

Zhao Xinshu also got the notice and is arranging it.

She called the agent over and whispered a few words.

The agent heard: "This is not so good, right? And with so many people, it is not so easy to avoid Qiao Weiyang."

"Then it depends on how you arrange it. What did I ask you to do for?"

Listening to what Zhao Xinshu said, if you can do it, you have to do it, and if you cant do it, you have to do it.

And if this matter is to be done well, it is indeed the best to do it now. Now Qiao Weiyang is still not familiar with the people in the crew. If he changes to do it, there is really no such good opportunity.

"I see, I will do it now."

So, all the participants were notified that the press conference was changed to ten o'clock in the morning, and the media meeting was also ten o'clock. The rest of the matter will be postponed in turn.

is equivalent to almost everything, ahead of schedule.

However, only Lu Mingjue was not notified, nor did anyone notify Tao Huan and Qiao Weiyang.

However, Qiao Weiyang has always had the habit of checking the time in advance.

She said to Tao Huan: "Is the time for tomorrow finalized?"

"Let me ask Shao Lu." Tao Huan ran to ask Lu Mingjue.

Lu Mingjue is dealing with Qiao Weiyang's upcoming announcements, arranging the time for the crew, and hearing this, he said: "You call to ask yourself, I have no time here."

(End of this chapter)

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