Hidden Marriage: A Heaven Sent Billionaire Husband Chapter 2246

Chapter 2246: Extraordinary Twins

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Chapter 2246 Extraordinary Twins

"Go." When Tao Huan made the call, he hesitated on the other side of the phone, and then said for a long time: "No problem, come on time."

"It's weird." Tao Huan said, "How does this man do things? He said it was okay, and he said that we should come on time, but he couldn't speak for a long time."

"You find someone else to confirm." This is Qiao Weiyang's habit. When working with people, he always doesn't like to let others wait, so he confirms the time very accurately.

Tao Huan was on the scene that day, adding the contact information of the assistant of the female number three.

The other party quickly replied: "It's ten o'clock in the morning, the time has been changed. Don't you know?"

"What we know, just confirm it." Tao Huan is also very smart, and in order not to make others suspicious, he immediately replied.

She tossed around and found another person to confirm that it was ten o'clock in the morning.

"Sister Weiyang, it was changed to ten o'clock in the morning! Why didn't anyone notify us?" Tao Huan was a little angry, "How does the crew do things?"

"It's not necessarily that someone in the crew did something wrong, maybe someone specifically didn't want us to go." Qiao Weiyang said.

If it hadn't been for seeing Zhao Xinshu that day, she wouldn't have said that.

But the hostility of that woman was really obvious that day.

"Ah? The crew signed you as the heroine, where can you not let you go? I heard Lu Shao say that this crew is not the kind of irresponsible crew." Tao Huan said, "But if you really want to, it's also It's really too much."

Qiao Weiyang thought for a while and said, "Look for Lu Mingjue and ask me for Zhao Xinshu's phone number."

Tao Huan didnt know why she wanted it, but she quickly brought it over.

Qiao Weiyang directly dialed Zhao Xinshus number.

The call was answered by Zhao Xinshus agent. She picked it up and heard that it was Qiao Weiyang, somewhat surprised.

It was late at this time, and the agent said: "So, what do you do?"

"I want to confirm, what time does the daytime activities start tomorrow?" Qiao Weiyang said straightforwardly.

The agent, under Zhao Xinshus instruction, originally wanted to make a time difference, so that Qiao Weiyang was caught off guard, too late to participate in those important activities tomorrow, leaving a bad impression on the outside world, and let the media feel that she was playing a big name.

As long as you push back to the organizer afterwards, just pretend you dont know anything.

I expected Qiao Weiyang to call in person.

She hurriedly clutched the microphone and asked Zhao Xinshu what to do.

Zhao Xinshu was also caught off guard, and said: "You can just deal with it, coax her."

"Oh, it's still the old time." The agent said into the phone.

"Then I will confirm that it is the time sent to my agent before, starting at three in the afternoon, right?" Qiao Weiyang asked.

"Yes, yes. Old plan, old time."

"Then I understand." Qiao Weiyang said lightly, "Thank you."

After she finished speaking, she hung up the phone.

The agent said to Zhao Xinshu: "Xinshu, will this be over?"

"Don't worry, there are so many people, it is inevitable that the notification is not in place. What can I worry about. Okay, hurry up to prepare for tomorrow's event, it is late."

Qiao Weiyang hung up the phone and said to Tao Huan, "Prepare at three o'clock tomorrow."

"Then they said ten o'clock?" Tao Huan asked.

"Just follow the statement of Zhao Xinshu's agent. Zhao Xinshu is half an investor in the show. Do we dare not listen to what she said? Think about it, this is the first day of everyones collective activity. She dared to change the time randomly. , If I really go as expected, she will have a second and third time. I will not go this time. I want to see her and how to make this happen." Qiao Weiyang said.

Tao Huan understood, and immediately nodded.

People like this should teach them a lesson.

Early the next morning, Qiao Weiyang got up.

After she did exercise, she took a shower, and then she took half of the time and covered half of the content of her schedule, and posted it on Weibo with the following text: "Its rare to take a break this morning. You can accompany her. Be with your family. See you in the afternoon."

After she posted a Weibo, she turned off her phone, and signaled Tao Huan and Lu Mingjue to turn off too.

Tao Huan posted a Weibo before shutting down: "Thank you, Miss Sister, for helping me confirm the final time. I can rest in the morning."

And @ 's agent.

After that, the phones of the three of them couldn't get through anymore.

Qiao Weiyang changed into home clothes and walked downstairs.

Su Zhuoqian was watching the financial news, and when he saw her, he said unexpectedly: "Isn't that there is a job today?"

"Someone wanted to postpone it for me on purpose, so I pushed it according to that time." She briefly said about Zhao Xinshu.

After listening to Su Zhuoqian, he secretly shook his head about Zhao Xinshus private use of public equipment.

He said: "Okay, then stay with me at home in the morning, just because I don't have to go to the company."

Qiao Weiyang shook the phone: "The phone is turned off, and it happens to be with you."

Su Zhuoqian pulled her to her side to sit down and buckle into her arms.

Because Qiao Weiyang posted a Weibo, many people saw that her journey started at three o'clock.

But in fact, the entire crew received the news ahead of time.

So someone kindly left a message to her, or found her on WeChat, but there was no response.

The phone can't get through.

At the scene, it was almost ten o'clock at noon, the event was already in the final preparation stage, and everyone entered the venue one after another.

The producer did not see Qiao Weiyang and was very anxious: "Where is Qiao Weiyang?"

"I called, and her side was shut down, and the whole team could not be reached." The assistant said.

"This kid, why did you lose the chain at a critical moment? What is going on?" The producer was a little annoyed.

"She shouldnt be blamed. She probably didnt get a new notification, so she didnt rush over. Even if she calls her now, she may not be able to come right away. There is also time for dressing and the like."

"Who did the notice and how?" the producer said furiously.

The assistant said weakly: "This may have to ask the management side."

Because Qiao Weiyang did not come, the media reporters were also very disappointed, but fortunately, the producer and director can speak well, and the whole scene is still very lively.

Its not uncommon for the leading actor to not come, and the atmosphere on the court gradually became normal.

It's just that the personal influence on Qiao Weiyang is really a bit big.

The reporter did not say anything, but when reporting, he was more or less inclined to the concept of Qiao Weiyang playing a big name.

## This hot search also quickly rose by digits.

(End of this chapter)

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