Hide in the Banished Palace and Level Up To A Big Boss Chapter 354

Chapter 354: Amu Werewolf

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Wolf Race Center.

Wei Yang closed his breath tightly and moved forward another two meters.

He moved very carefully.

For these two meters, it took more than half an hour to complete.

"Can't go any further."

He sighed slightly in his heart.

Going further, he really fell into the trap of the wolf clan.

Hiding in the thick accumulation of leaves, Wei Yang looked like a dead body for many years, lifeless.

Not being able to enter means that one can only passively obtain intelligence.

The day passed quickly.

Wei Yang also listened to a lot of information.

Basically, it has no effect on this rescue.

Waited another day.

Two wolves return to the original realm master came out of the cave and stood on a huge boulder not far away in the wind.

It seemed that the two wolf spirits seemed very happy.

"Finally succeeded!"

"That kid actually wanted to resist in the end. Fortunately, the god-changing boss made a move. It won't help if he wants to resist. From now on, let's do things for us obediently!"

"Unexpectedly, the werewolf would just pick up a Returning Origin Realm master for nothing."

"It won't be long before the werewolf's return to the original realm will grow. Even the Void realm masters will suddenly increase. We have more cards in the hands of the wolf clan."

"Think of a day like this. It's worth staying in the dark day and night."

"Don't talk about keeping it for ten or eight years, it can be a hundred years and a thousand years."


The two demons seemed to come out to let the wind.

But Wei Yang listened to the conversation between the two demons without fail.

"So... Amu was forced to become a werewolf..."


Wei Yang's mood fluctuates.

Suddenly, a powerful momentum came.

Wei Yang quickly pressed down.

After a while, that momentum left.

"What is the old ancestor doing? Let's just chat here for a while and get excited... The reaction is too intense, right!"

"Speak down, the ancestor is still there!"

"Scared us, let's go! From now on, I won't chat here anymore. You can be surprised if you breathe."

The two wolf demons cursed and left.

Wei Yang lay still in the cumulus leaf.

One day, two days.

To make sure that the **** of transformation wolf demon would not pay attention to this, Wei Yang moved carefully.

After half a month, Wei Yang appeared dozens of miles away.

At this point, the range of movement can be greater.

After another month, Wei Yang appeared at the border of the wolf region and found the old demon Liu Anhan.

"What's the situation?"

"Oh!" Wei Yang shook his head, repeating what he had heard.

"It's unlikely that the other party deliberately acted!"

Liu An looked gloomy.

The three were silent.

Old Demon Han knew that after this time, Amu had a lot of bad luck.

80% of them may have become a werewolf.

"After rescuing Amu, I wonder if there is a way to get rid of wolf blood on his body?"

"There must be a way, but we definitely don't know. When that happens, we will ask Xuan Tianzong." Liu An said.

"How to save now?"

"After Amu becomes a werewolf, one day he will come out. Of course, if we are not fooled, we may have to wait a little longer."

Wei Yang suddenly said: "Now I am worried, whether this Amu will be the Amu we know."


Liu An also exhaled.

To become a werewolf, you must first open your heart and be willing to become.

Otherwise, when the bloodline is changed, the soul will not be able to fuse and will either die or become an idiot.

Even if there is the help of the **** of transformation, the will is obliterated, and there is not a trace of willingness in the heart, it is impossible.

There is nothing to save Amu!

What if Amu is not the one they know?

It's not that I don't want to think badly.

To live on this continent, I'm afraid that what happens!


Liu An didn't know what way he could think of to save people.

Wei Yang didn't know what to say.

Old Mo Han looked at the expressions of the two of them, opened his mouth, and finally closed it altogether.


Half a day later, there was a wave of vitality in the distance.

"There is another battle in the wolf domain. I didn't expect the tiger clan to send a master of the return to the original realm this time."

Old Demon Han rejoiced.

For so many days, all I saw were rubbings by wolf clan little guys. There has never been a battle with a master above the human level.

Great! Fighting between Guiyuan realm masters meant that the two clans might not be able to have a big war. Wouldn't they have the opportunity to fish in troubled waters?

"It's the human masters fighting against the wolf masters."

Wei Yang swept the distance.

Although the divine consciousness can't reach, the fluctuation of vitality can still sense the state of several masters in the battle center.

Liu An's expression changed, and he said anxiously: "Human? Wei Yang, go and see if Xu Xiao and the others rushed to it."

Hearing this, Wei Yang flew over.

Liu An and Old Mo Han followed behind and rushed into the wolf domain.

After half a day.

Wei Yang returned with a figure to meet Liu An and others.

"Chu Qing..."

"The wolf race is coming, hurry up."

Wei Yang shouted loudly.


Then a series of shadows appeared in the sky.

Outside, several masters of the Tiger clan stared at the sky with confusion.

"The one in front seems to be...human race. The wolf race is chasing behind."

"Why did the Human Race provoke the Wolf Race?"

"It doesn't matter, what the wolf tribe is chasing is definitely a good thing. At this time, the wolf tribe is still chasing out of the wolf domain. Go, let's chase after it!"


Soon, several shadows passed over another group of tiger clan.

"Wolf, huh! No matter what the wolf is chasing, he won't let him succeed. Go, go up and stop the wolf master."


Soon, this team of tiger clan appeared beside the wolf clan and wanted the wolf clan master to take action.


The leading wolf demon cursed.

At this moment, what kind of trouble did the tiger demon come over?

"Don't fight with the tiger clan, let's chase it quickly."

"Boss, there is a team of tiger demon behind us."

"Then get rid of them quickly."

The wolf demon ran his true essence frantically and turned a deaf ear to the tiger demon's attacks.

The more so, the attacking team of tiger monsters attacked more frantically.

"We don't even care about our attacks, we can't let them run away."

The tiger demon team was very excited.

It seems that something extraordinary has been discovered.

"Leave a few masters and stop this team of tiger demon."

The wolf had no choice but to separate a part of the wolf demon from the team to stop it.

"A small team entangled these wolves, and the others chased after me." The tiger demon said.

As long as you know how to separate teams, don't we Tiger Demon understand?

Soon after the two sides, Tiger Demon finally stopped this team of Wolf Demon.


"You bastards!" said the wolf angrily.


At this time, another group of Tiger Demon flew by and continued to chase Wei Yang and the others.

The wolf's face changed.

Scold again in my heart.

This tiger demon abacus is very tight!

Forget it, if Tiger Demon kills this group of people, it can be regarded as completed.

Staring at a group of tiger demon~www.wuxiaworld~ wolves are in formation.

If these tigers are cleaned up, the plan this time will be even more perfect.


The tiger demon and the wolf demon are fighting together.

In the distance, another team of Tiger Demon stared at several figures in the distance.

"The idiots behind only know to stare at the wolf demon, so they are not curious about what is even the wolf demon staring at?"

"Boss, something that even the wolf demon is staring at is definitely a good thing. There must be a treasure in this group."

"I guess they might have stolen something good from the wolf clan that caused the wolf demon to chase after him."


In the air, the pursuer quietly changed from the wolf demon to the tiger demon.

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