Hide in the Banished Palace and Level Up To A Big Boss Chapter 355

Chapter 355: Demon Slayer Appears

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"No, we have to find a place to hide."

Liu Andao.

Among several people, he has the lowest cultivation base.

Continue to fly quickly, the true essence in the body is not enough at all.

Originally, Chu Qing's cultivation base could not get better, after all, Wei Yang was carrying it.

"Where to hide? The one chasing us behind has now become a tiger demon."

Wei Yang sighed.

"Huh? Why did Tiger Demon chase us."

"The ghost knows it!"

"Since the tiger demon is chasing us, everything is much easier. Weiyang, find a big river, let's sink down the river and follow the river."

"Thirty miles ahead, five miles northwest of the northwest. But the river course is a little small, and the tiger demon can definitely keep up."

"I can't manage that much. Go into the water and sink into the quagmire or walk in the sand of the river. I don't believe that the tiger demon can really sink into the river bottom to find us.

Liu An said bitterly, and then turned and ran towards the river.

After two breaths, the tiger demon got closer to them.


Then the four burrowed into the bottom of the river, then quickly sank to the bottom of the river and swam forward along the sand.

They have done this kind of action many years ago.

The four of them entered the sand to close their spiritual consciousness, and moved forward quickly based on their feelings.

At the same time, it stirred countless water monsters scurrying under the water.

After the four of them entered the bottom of the river, the Tiger Demon also chased up.


A series of water sounds.

After a while, these tiger demon came to the surface.

"What about people?"


One of the tiger demon still had a fish in his mouth.


"Our actions in the water are awkward."

"These people are too familiar with water."


Several tiger monsters exchanged and dived into the water again.

Soon after, it surfaced.

"A little search, I don't believe it, can they disappear?"

Several tiger monsters dived into the water and continued searching.

As the tiger demon raised their heads to breathe, the sand at the bottom of the river kept surging.

In fact, the entire river was muddy water at this time.

Several tiger demon spirits were restricted in the muddy river water.

"We are not good at getting into the water to find prey."

The leading tiger demon patted the surface of the water.

In the water, their flexibility is extremely limited.

If they encounter big rivers and lakes, they will intrude rashly, and they will be treated as intruders by the powerful water monsters in the river.

Fighting the water monsters in the water, they almost never win.

Puffed in the water for a while.

"Really missing?"

"They must have ran downstream."

"Go downstream and look for it."


At the bottom of the water five miles away upstream, Weiyang Liu An drilled out of the mud. They glanced at each other, and tacitly chose a tributary to continue upstream.

Two days later, in a mountain forest.

"Finally got rid of the pursuit."

The four of them let out a long sigh of relief, and then the three of Wei Yang stared at Chu Qing.

At this time, several people have time to say hello to each other.

"You come here, have you thought about Xu Xiao and the others?"

Liu An asked.

Seeing Chu Qing not speaking, she continued.

"The wolf clan uses Amu as the bait and wants to kill us all at once. These days, we are all trying to rescue us."

At this time, he did not dare to tell Amu the situation.

"I am in love with my sister and brother..."

"Aren't we and Amu brothers?"

Old Mo Han had a black face.

"I will look for them and see if I can find Xu Xiao and the others."

"Even if Xu Xiao and the others appear, they won't enter the wolf domain. Look around!"

A few days later.

Xu Xiao and others met Chu Qing.

The crowd continued to discuss the rescue plan.

A little bit of time passed, and another month. Over the past month, various rescue plans have been used, and none of them have worked.

Several times, he almost took Wei Yang in.

On this day, there was a violent fluctuation in the sky not far away, and then countless vitality vortexes rushed to a small lake.

A large amount of vitality surged in, becoming more and more crazy, blowing all the water on the lake into the sky.

"The Land of Slashing Demons has appeared!"

"After waiting for so many years, I finally waited."

"I didn't expect to appear in the center of the mainland this time, luckily."

The powerful Yaozu is excited.

Leading the clansmen flew to the land of the demon slashing.

In the valley, Liu An and others also fell into entanglement.

"What should we do now?"

"Go to the land of monsters! After all, we have been looking forward to this for many years."

"If you can see Grandpa Li in the land of Slashing the Demon, maybe he has a way to save Amu."

"Who will go?"

"Weiyang, Tingting must go. Others can't be a burden." Liu An said.

Xu Xiao nodded.

Going to the land of slashing the demon, one is to enter the tower of refining the demon, and the other is to find Li Mu.

There can be no more people.

Must be a genius and must be familiar with Li Mu.

In terms of strength and genius, Wei Yang ranked first, followed by Tingting.

Soon the number of people was fixed.

Liu Wei, Wei Yang, Tingting and Han Laomo.

Others stay in place to find a way.

The moment Li Mu appeared in the Demon Slayer Land, Li Mu landed at one of the entrances.

Familiar enchantment.

However, I was the only one around me.

Touch the enchantment.

Li Mu fell into thinking.

Such a strong formation, I don't know how many human race predecessors' efforts are involved.

Many runes that I couldn't understand last time are very clear at this moment.


Several shadows appeared behind him.


"Unexpectedly, the first person to come here turned out to be a human being. I happened to be short of a bite to eat."


Sword Qi flashed, and several monsters turned into a rain of blood.


Before the enchantment, Li Mu was unmoved.

After a while, a few demon shadows appeared behind him, all of whom were masters of transforming gods.

"People? Get out!"

The sword intent flashed away, and the sky was still raining blood.

Li Mu had a few more demon pills that transformed the gods and beasts.

"Sure enough, it's easier to harvest demon pills around the land of Slaying the Demon."

He took the demon pill into his arms and signed it silently.

The reward is more generous than the reward in the land of the last time.

But there is nowhere to be rich.

These rewards are still a drizzle for him today.

After that, a series of monster masters appeared at the entrance, all of which were easily beheaded by Li Mu.

It's been a long time.

The news that this entrance was occupied by human masters also spread.

Many demons came to challenge and were killed one after another.

With more killings, no demon clan approached anymore.

"Is it the sword repair ancestor of Xuan Tianzong?"


"It's really his words, I'm afraid it's really hard to deal with."

"The dragon and Peng clan masters stared at each other and couldn't move. The other monster clan masters are not opponents at all."

"Dragons and Pengs are looking forward to each other's masters coming out of the nest so that they can attack the other's lair. As for other masters, even if they are opponents of the old thing, I am afraid they will not fight this person desperately at this moment."


After killing another group of monsters, no monster came from the entrance where Li Mu was.

After many human races suffered losses at other entrances, they ran over to take a look after hearing about Li Mu's entrance.

Seeing that Li Mu was not malicious, he stood silently behind.

Within a few days, the master of Xuan Tianzong arrived with the genius disciple in the door.

It was Bai Zhijing who led the team.

In the crowd behind him, the petite and beautiful faces fluttered with big eyes and stared at the familiar figure in front of the barrier.

I found it~

Senior~www.wuxiaworld~ finally see you again.

Li Jiao was extremely excited.

Involuntarily want to move forward.

Bai Zhijing gently blocked Li Jiao's move.

"Sure enough, Li Jiao and the ancestor are related."

She had discovered the figure in front of the barrier long ago.


"Don't disturb the ancestors."

Bai Zhijing said.

At this moment, Li Mu was staring at the formation formation, and his whole body was plunged into it.

Everything in the outside world has nothing to do with him.

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