Hide in the Banished Palace and Level Up To A Big Boss Chapter 356

Chapter 356: treasure house

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"Hiding in the cold palace, Gou Cheng, the boss (!

With the expansion of the human race, this entrance has completely become the entrance for the human race to enter the land of monsters.

Countless vitality surged.

At the entrance, many masters took the opportunity to absorb vitality and practice.

Time passed a little bit.

With the absorption of the vitality of the Demon Slashing Land completed, the barrier shattered, and the various races crazily poured in from the entrance of the cave.

At the same time, Li Mu's eyes suddenly lit up outside the barrier.

Then the figure disappeared.

"let's go."

Seeing Li Mu's figure disappeared, Bai Zhijing led the team into the land of Demon Slayer.

At the same time, she pulled Li Jiao by her side.

After the people of Xuan Tianzong entered, the other human races also entered in order according to the size of their influence.

Soon, Weiyang Old Demon Han also rushed over.

"This is the entrance made by our senior human race, right?"

"Guess so!"

As soon as they arrived at the Demon Slayer Land, the four wanted to use another entrance to enter, but they were stopped, only to realize that the senior human race had occupied one entrance.

After coming over, I found that it was so.

There was such a strong senior who grabbed an entrance from the hands of a group of monsters.

"You said, will we meet Grandpa here?"

"Don't think about it. Maybe they have already gone in."

Liu Wei attacked.

"Let's go! If you don't go anymore, all the good stuff inside will be robbed."

Then the four of them also entered the land of Slaying the Demon.

In the gray sky, everything is unclear, and there is no distinction between day and night.

There are mountains and rivers just like the outside world.

It's just that the river is red and looks the same as blood.

"This is the land of demon slaying?"

"Go, look for the Demon Refining Tower!" Wei Yang said.

The four then found the direction and flew away.

"It's too big, look it this way, when can you find it?"

"Find it slowly!"


In a certain cave, Li Jiao carefully looked around.

After entering the Demon Slayer Land, they split up with the brothers.

Li Jiao and Yun Yiyi went into a dense forest together, and then found a dilapidated cave in the forest.

Relying on their knowledge of the game, Li Jiao and Li Jiao quickly broke the front of the hole and stepped into the hole.

The place where the vitality of the cave is ten slashing the demon is tripled.

One day of practicing here is equivalent to two days of practicing in Xuan Tianzong.

Counting it all, cultivating in the land of slashing demons will not benefit much.

If the Land of Slashing Demon can be opened for a long time, it is still possible to cultivate in it.

"No one has been here."

Yun Yiyi glanced at the cave mansion, there were spirit grass everywhere, and there were many supreme-level treasures.

"should be!"

Li Jiao held a long sword and looked around carefully, walked to a broken knife, gently picked up the knife and put it in the storage bag.

There are so many treasures in this cave mansion, no one has been here.

It is this knife that is the base of the formation.

If anyone came in, the base would be gone.

"Then we found a treasure?"

Yun Yiyi was pleasantly surprised.

Made a fortune.

There are so many spiritual grasses, many of them don't know how many years old.

It seems to be older than the weed that Master got from his ancestors.

Of course this is my own guess.

"I don't know how many years the Land of Slashing Demons has existed, nor how many years the storage bag in the hands of this predecessor has been damaged. Every spirit grass is unique and has a sufficient age. No wonder the monster clan yearns for the Land of Slashing Demons so much. "

"Pick up everything and find Master quickly."

The two women quickly calculated.

The more I sorted out what I got, the more surprised I was that I found the treasure.

"For the first time in the land of Slashing Demons, luck is really great. I hope no **** will stare at us."

Li Jiao picked up a gem and looked back out of the cave.

no one!


Soon the storage bags in both hands were filled.

"Senior Sister Yiyi, can you still pretend to be there?"

"No, it seems that you have to throw away the useless things inside." Yun Yiyi thought for a while, and threw many useless personal belongings in the storage bag to the ground.

"Senior Sister, you even threw this away..."

Li Jiao pointed to a bellyband on the ground, blushing.

"Throw it, don't throw it and keep it for the New Year?"

"Senior Sister, without this thing, aren't we all gone?"

"Whoever loves to see will go to see."

If it weren't for worrying about not having any clothes to change in the Land of Slashing Demons, the last few clothes in the storage bag would have been thrown away.

In addition to personal items, other things that the two people thought were useless were also thrown away.

"Well, what's left is just insignificant items."

Li Jiao swept around.

There are also a few elixirs, which are basically scrapped. Some other broken swords and swords were also thrown away.

"Hurry up, and after you find the master, stay with him."

After finishing the items, Yun Yiyi dragged Li Jiao to leave the cave quickly.

As soon as the two left, several orcs appeared at the entrance of the cave.

"This seems to be the last cave house left by an ancient master. It looks like it was just discovered."


Several orcs flashed into the cave.

"Humans, or women."

The floor is full of women's belongings.

One of the orcs grabbed the clothes on the ground and leaned to his nose to sniff.

"Just left!"

"Catch up, it's too late."

Several orcs scanned the inside and outside of the cave again, and ran out of the cave.

"This is a newly broken cave house, and there are still many good things left in the cave house. The woman lost her personal belongings, indicating that the storage bag is not enough. It can be seen that the storage bag is full of better things."

"I looked at the size of my bellyband, it should be something from two women."

"Don't you think this cave is familiar?"

Suddenly, the green-faced curly hair among the orcs couldn't tell from the orc's origin.

"The layout of the cave really makes people feel familiar."

"They are heading in this direction, catch them first before speaking."


Several figures flew along the trail left by Yun Yiyi Li Jiao.

"Senior Sister, we have picked up so many good things. After seeing the master, let the master take us away from the land of the demon slayer and return to the sect."

"Don't think about it, you and I haven't climbed the demon refining tower yet!"

"Hey~ Someone seems to be chasing behind. Hurry up~"

Suddenly Li Jiao's face changed.

Yun Yiyi felt it behind him, and then the two ran forward holding hands.


Several figures passed by in the land of Slashing Demons.

At the same time, the scene of killing people and winning treasures was being staged everywhere in the land of Slashing the Demon.

"Be sure to catch up with those two women, the things in their hands may be Yang Gong's treasury."

"Gong Yang Treasure House, my God!"

Several orcs glanced at the lead orc, and their feet were quicker.

"Duke Yang Treasure, is that guy from the human race who has robbed and killed many masters in the Land of Slashing Demons for many years, and who was finally badly injured and disappeared by the Monster Beast?"

After so many years in the mainland, after the human race has weakened, there have been many amazing human masters.

This Duke Yang is one of them.

It's just that when this person enters the land of slashing monsters, he offends a party of orcs~www.wuxiaworld~ and slays the enemy orcs under a sneak attack, and takes the resources of the opponent as his own.

Maybe this time I tasted the sweetness.

In the following days, robbed countless masters of monsters and beasts in the land of slaying monsters.

Gain a lot.

In that era, all the geniuses of all races were able to enter the Land of Slashing Demons.

There are a lot of babies.

One can imagine how many good things Yang Gong grabbed back then.

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