High Priest In Japan Chapter 1490

Vol 2 Chapter 1473: Dawn

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Because it represents hope!

After all, there are only three evil gods left, and even if the demon pot cant completely swallow and suppress another evil god, arent there still the Haotian Pagoda and the Eastern Emperor Bell? With the power of their two great artifacts, suppress the two evil gods. There is still no problem.

What about the remaining one?

Divide! One is divided into three and suppressed by the Demon Refining Pot, the East Emperor Bell, and the Haotian Tower respectively, so that the margin of the Refining Demon Pot can be used, and the last evil spirit will not become a hidden danger for the future.

In this way, as long as the world collision problem is completely solved, the crisis of world extinction will be over!

He can continue to be his custard niche, and enjoy the real emperor's life in China and island countries.

After thinking about this, Qin Heqing collected his thoughts and called back to the Haotian Tower, and slashed forward with an axe, and the scene of the twelve golden immortals appeared in his eyes again

"No! Golden immortals are in danger!"

After he didnt hesitate, he dashed straight into the crack in front of him, stepped across the infinite space, and appeared in the battlefield where the three evil gods and the twelve golden immortals battled, Jiang Nezha, Big Dipper Lianzhen Xingjun, and Nandoudu Exing Jun's battle has given income--

I saw that among the huge tentacles covering the sky and the sun, the three-headed and six-armed image appeared, and Nezha, who opened the body of the law, the sky, and the earth, was like an ancient **** and demon. The same huge flaming spear in his hand was anxious. Stopped stabbing away from the tentacles that restrained Huaguang Great Emperor Ma Lingyao.

But it doesn't seem to have much effect. Because basically after every attack he ends, the wound on the tentacles will recover at a speed far beyond imagination under Nezhas gaze, and even huge eyes pop up, shooting scarlet scars at Nezha. Ray of death.

However, Nezha is as expected. Every time the ray lasses, it will go to another place, or change its body shape, so that the Hun Tian Ling and the Universe Circle held in the other four arms Slap to the tentacles...

Time and time again, but never able to save the Great Emperor Ma Lingyao of Huaguang, he could only watch his alienation more and more severely, and he looked like he might step into the footsteps of Huo De Star King Song Wuji at any time. Huh feels restless.

However, compared with the performances of Du'e Xingjun and Lian Zhen Xingjun on the other side, his situation seemed a lot more relaxed!

At least he did not like the two of them, just like a mouse crossing the street, he needed to keep avoiding rays, tentacles, and even the sudden attack of the arrow made by the chaotic gas, which was much more stable and safe.

The East Emperor's Bell kept shaking, while counteracting the mental pollution of the three evil gods on the twelve golden immortals, while creating sound waves to counter the various attacks of the evil gods.


"Gan!" Qin Heqing, who had analyzed everything in front of his eyes, couldn't help but cursed, and without hesitation, first threw the Haotian Tower out of his hand, letting it swell into a giant like the Tower of Babel. The magic weapon was suspended above one of the three evil gods, and thousands of invisible energy chains were hung around the other's body, and then spread, until all the tentacles extending out of the evil **** were entangled with energy chains. The tower shook, and turned around unconsciously

The resulting changes and effects can be imagined. Almost instantly, the energy chains entwined with the evil **** also twisted and rotated, forming ropes one after another, and squeezed into the evil god. Within the body and flesh and blood, it produces huge lethality, turning it into a real meat grinder, twisting and dividing the evil spirit into weird looks.


The Cthulhu screamed, and he no longer had the energy to care about the other Cthulhus or the golden immortals in their hands.

But Qin Heqing was not over at this moment. Then, Qin Heqing, who also spread the body of the heavens and the earth, appeared next to the Azure Dragon God Lord Meng Zhang, and the Pangu axe in his hand split into thousands of real energy phantoms, like a knife blade. On top of the tentacles restrained on his body, he cut open the tentacles, dimming the light of his body, and saved the Azure Dragon God Sovereign who was about to run out of oil.

Then, as soon as his mind turned, he threw the Azure Dragon God Monarch into the world in the pot

Now that it looks like this, Qin Heqing doesn't expect him to show any more effects, it's better to just leave the field and recuperate.

Following Qin Heqing's concoct, another stepped to the side of the restrained Vermilion King Ling Guang, and in Ling Guang's call of "Your Majesty", he helped him release his restraint and threw it into the demon refining pot instead. .

Then, the Huaguang Emperor Ma Lingyao, the Big Dipper Star King, and Wu Quxing King, also got out of the predicament with the help of Qin Heqing and got into the world of the pot.

At this point, only Qin Heqing and the three evil gods remain in the entire scene, plus Nezha, Lian Zhenxingjun and Nandoudu'e Xingjun are still intact in the world, dealing with the remaining two evil gods and transforming into evil fire monsters. The original Huo De Xingjuns attack.

"Ne Zha, Du'e, Lian Zhen Xingjun, come to me." Qin Heqing also differentiated the image of three heads and six arms, and while resisting the attack of the two evil gods that had not been suppressed, he shouted at the three of Ne Zha.

"Your Majesty." The three of them didn't hesitate when they arrived, or said that they had been fed up with such a bad fighting state of precariousness and the possibility of death at all times, and they quickly walked to Qin Heqing's side.

"Don't resist!"

Following the movement of his mind, three dark holes suddenly appeared on their left and right, like huge mouths of gluttonous, swallowing them in an instant.


The Eastern Emperor Bell, held by Qin Heqings angry phase, made a loud noise that shook the void, and the evil **** closest to Qin Heqing suddenly seemed to be hit by a high-speed train~wuxiaworld.online~ bursting open in his body. At the same time as the hole that blew him off, the whole body flew out uncontrollably.

After Qin Heqing lost the Eastern Emperor Bell in his hands, the Eastern Emperor Bell grew like a Haotian Tower, and it was not able to stop until it swelled to a lap larger than the Cthulhu itself. Then the horrible vortex and pulling force erupted from the East Emperor Bell, like a vacuum cleaner, sucking the evil **** and flowing towards its interior.



Qin Heqing stopped paying attention to the other two evil gods, and concentrated on dealing with the remnants in front of him.

The Pangu axe and eight-handed swords are like the butchers double knives, which are constantly being cut on the body of the evil god, changing the evil spirit from big to small, from the whole into pieces, and then unfolding the power of the demon pot, which can directly suppress the demon pot. Part of the income is included.

"Give me all in!" After that, Qin Heqing, who was originally three-headed and six-armed, split up again and became three-dimensional, giant, mighty and mighty Chaos Demon God, who appeared in the Haotian Tower, the East Emperor's Bell, and was being distracted by him. In front of the Cthulhu who stopped beheading and rebirth, each exerted his strength and cooperated with the Haotian Tower and the Eastern Emperor Bell to suppress the remaining two Cthulhus...

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