High Priest In Japan Chapter 1491

Vol 2 Chapter 1474: ending

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Soon after, apart from the two worlds that seemed to have never changed in the entire void, only the tall and sturdy Qin Heqing, as well as the equally swollen and huge Haotian Tower and the East Emperor Bell, existed.

As for the evil god? Naturally, the power of his combined five great artifacts was suppressed in the space inside the Demon Refining Pot, the Haotian Tower, and the Eastern Emperor Bell, waiting for him to refine it further.

It's just a pity...

"Damn it, let the evil **** reveal the coordinates." Standing on the outside of the world, Qin Heqing sighed with a sad face, looking at the boundlessness, and not knowing what demons and ghosts and the horrible changes in the void are inside.

Yes, although with the assistance of the Haotian Tower, the Eastern Emperor's Bell, the Demon Refining Pot, and the Pangu Axe in his hand, he easily and calmly took the remaining four remaining ones that could threaten the safety of the world, but in the Cthulhu system, It's not necessarily how high-level Cthulhus suppressed, but the Cthulhus who were unwilling to sink in this way also passed the void coordinates of the existence of modern time and space and the time and space of the Warring States in a unique way within their evil gods!

In other words, the position of the two worlds is exposed!

Moreover, the exposure was very thorough. Not only did other unknown evil gods know their existence, but other monsters and ghosts that existed in the void also got their coordinates.

This is equivalent to saying that even after his efforts, the modern space-time world and the Warring States space-time are not destroyed together due to collisions and fusions, but because of the exposure of the coordinates, they will encounter countless monsters and evil spirits coveted.

As far as the future is concerned, it feels better than destruction...

At least the latter is a one-off transaction and simple and rude, while the former is too uncertain and scary.

"What should I do now..." Qin Heqing frowned, thinking about a solution.

"Dang!" Donghuang Bell shook, and a wave of information flooded into his mind.

"Ha? Devour the world?! Can the Demon Refining Pot do it?!" After digesting the information in his mind, Qin Heqing turned his head to look at the huge Eastern Emperor Zhong in amazement.

He had never thought of using the Demon Refining Pot as a container to swallow and digest the world in front of him.

Even when the Demon Refining Pot was at its peak, the world in the pot possessed within it was larger and broader than the world in front of him.

The Donghuang Bell continued to vibrate, sending more information into his mind.

"Need to sacrifice Nwa Stone and let Haotian Tower assist..." Qin Heqing thought.

He can understand the need to sacrifice the Nvwa stone. After all, the Nvwa stone contains the purest Nvwa divine power, possessing infinite power of good fortune. Besides, Nuwa was originally the owner and maker of the demon pot, its divine power itself is right. The Demon Refining Pot has powerful blessing and replenishing power!

This is also the reason why the Demon Refining Pot can easily suppress the orthodox evil gods and refine them with the assistance of Nuwa Stone.

But the Haotian Tower... it was caused by too much sealing inside it!

At the beginning of ancient times, the gods used to balance the world, determine the five elements yin and yang and the vitality relationship between all things, or the root of heaven and earth, which may not have any obvious power in combat, but it is balancing contradictions. In terms of it, it has a power that other artifacts can't match!

Especially when it is used to correspond to the world, let alone swallowing and digesting the world, it means directly helping to fuse the two worlds. For the gods who have mastered the Wheel of the One, it is how much it consumes and what is required. The question of how much effort is spent.

But it will never be like Qin Heqing is now, and still have a headache how to solve the crisis of collision between the two worlds.

"Even so, can you still draw out your strength now?" Qin Heqing thought about it, and asked again towards the Haotian Tower on the side of Donghuang Zhonghe.

"It's just a low-level evil **** that seals a small area, and it doesn't cost much power." Donghuangzhong said proudly.

After all, there is a huge divine weapon in the body that exists in the heavens, and it is really not too difficult to use to suppress the evil god.

"I have no problem," Haotian Tower echoed.

It itself is a sealed artifact, and there is also the Wheel of the One, one of the original ten ancient artifacts, and it is also the kind of artifact that can balance and transform the five elements. It just happens that Tiankes chaos is the main thing. Preface Cthulhu, so it is not a trouble to seal it.

But correspondingly, they can only seal the Heretic God, but they can't refining the Heretic God like the Demon Pot, and even destroying it into Yuanqi to supplement themselves. Therefore, if you want to completely solve the trouble at hand, you must finally look at the operation of the demon refining pot.

After listening to this, Qin Heqing nodded, and moved the mind to summon the Nwa Stone, and told it about the matters discussed before him, the Donghuang Bell and the Haotian Tower.

"Yes, I can release Nuwa's divine power to help Hu Zhongxian refine the evil **** and devour the world, but correspondingly, after obtaining the Yuanqi, you should also replenish my consumption as soon as possible! I don't want to be good. I was sacrificed like this." The surface of Nuwa Stone flickered, expressing his meaning.

"Yes!" Qin Heqing looked at each other with Donghuangzhong and Haotian Tower, and nodded in agreement.

After that, Qin Heqing put away the Nvwa stone, and waited for a while, until the Eastern Emperor Bell and the Haotian Tower completely suppressed the evil spirits they had absorbed into their bodies, and then returned to their original size. The two were also sent into the world of the pot, and the figure was reduced, except for the dead Tai Sui coach Yang Ren and the evil fire monster who was mutated into an evil fire monster and was killed by Qin Heqing when he suppressed the evil god. Dajinxian was released.

"Your Majesty!" the immortals shouted.

"I will help you deal with the injuries on your body, and then you will go back to the heavenly court." Qin Heqing nodded and looked at Chu Nezha, Dong Dou Ji Suan Xing Jun, Xi Dou Hu Ming Xing Jun, Nan Dou Du E Xing Jun and Outside the Big Dipper Lianzhen Xingjun, everyone is languid~www.wuxiaworld~ the realm is unstable, and even a ten golden immortal who is about to mutate at any time said quietly.

"Your Majesty will not go back?" The keen-minded Lian Zhen Xingjun asked in surprise.

"I still want to stay to solve the problem of world collision." Qin Heqing turned his head and saw that in the immediate field of vision, the two sides were only a small distance apart, a pair of worlds that might collide with each other at any time.

"Your Majesty is merciful." The immortals were silent, and followed Qi Qi and bowed their heads.

It is indeed merciful, otherwise it is not just the world itself that will be unlucky when the time comes, but also the gods who rely on the world to gain long-term vision and carefreeness.

Again, they haven't enjoyed enough yet.

"Okay, let's solve your injuries first." As he said, Qin Heqing didn't say anything more. As soon as his tactics changed, the immeasurable chaotic vitality surged up, swarming to Qin Heqing, and got into his body. Absorbed and transformed by the Demon Refining Pot, it transforms into an immortal power suitable for spell application, and then forms a magic effect with a power much higher than the inside of the world, acting on the ten golden fairy in front of you.

"Huh...wow, lala..."

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