High Priest In Japan Chapter 1492

Vol 2 Chapter 1475: end

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Needless to say the result. With the help of Qin Heqings profound abilities of good fortune, even Huaguang Great Emperor Ma Lingyao, a golden immortal whose half of his body had already been alienated, was rescued, not to mention the others were only contaminated with filth, and their mana and dharma were contaminated. The stars?

In the same way, it didn't take much time to restore the appearance of pure and true immortals one by one, and the whole body was shining with light, exuding the image of fortune and happiness.

"Thank you, Your Majesty!" All the golden immortals, especially Ma Lingyao, who was almost surviving from the dead, worshipped Qin and Qing together.

"After all, I brought you out. Although I could not bring you back with all your beards and tails, it is also something I should do to let you go back almost intact, so you dont need to be so polite. If you are grateful, then after returning to the Heavenly Court, work hard to maintain the stability of the Heavenly Court, and save yourself the chances of being taken advantage of by the younger generations in the West because of my absence." Qin Heqing shook his head without claiming credit.

"Your Majesty, rest assured, I will live up to what your Majesty entrusted, and look after the heavens, waiting for your Majesty's return to rule the Eight Wastes." Nezha clasped his fist.

"Well, I'll send you back."

After speaking, Qin Heqing raised the Pangu axe that he had never put down in his hand, and slashed down at the void beside him, and a portal to the inside of the world appeared again in front of the ten surviving golden immortals, bringing the heavens over. The scenery is re-presented.

"Go ahead."

"Wish your Majesty all the best, and the ministers will say goodbye."

"Your Majesty take care."

Then the ten golden immortals got into the cracks one by one and returned to the inside of the heaven...

Of course, it also includes a avatar that Qin Heqing temporarily separated. It returned to the heavenly court in silence, and then returned to the Lingxiao Hall, sitting in the heavenly court, in order to deal with that it could happen at any time and ordinary immortals are not easy to deal with. , Decision of various abnormal affairs.


"Now, let's digest the evil **** first, release some of the power of the demon refining pot and talk about other things." Qin Heqing, who sent the ten golden immortals who completed their mission back to the world, sighed silently, looking at the two worlds in front of him. , Sat down cross-legged in the void, closed his eyes, communicated with his mind the Nuwa Stone waiting to be summoned in the world of the pot, and sent the Pan Gu Axe to the refining area that suppressed part of the Cthulhu.

"Nuwa Stone, help me!" Qin Heqing shouted.


Then the colorful streamer on the surface of Nwa stone shines rapidly, and the energy quality is extremely high. Almost the moment it appears, it affects the rules of existence in the world in the pot, allowing good fortune to appear, and projecting the antiquity of Nwa's human snake tail. Nuwa's divine power in the image of the goddess poured out from the Nvwa stone in large quantities, and then part of it melted into the space with the natural overflow, enhancing the power of the demon pot and restoring its damage, and part of it is like the old monarch's alchemy The six sacred fires used at that time generally flowed into the refining pot specially used to refine the monsters and ghosts, and even create the magic furnace of the monsters and ghosts. The ability of the fortune furnace to return to the original and obliterate the abnormality was strengthened, and the strong refining suppressed it. Part of the body of the evil god.

At the same time, the Pan Gu Axe also flashed light and shadow. It broke into the Forge Furnace in a special way, transformed into a butcher knife, and cut the body of the Cthulhu that is still powerful and active into countless small pieces to help the Forge Furnace to digest the Cthulhu better and easier. Mutilated corpse.

Suddenly, the sky glowing in the pot world, the breath and energy unique to the rules of good fortune spread, infecting all the creatures and everything in the pot world, helping them optimize their bloodlines, improve their physical fitness and aptitude, Enhance the life of the world in the pot...

The Nvwa's phantom eyes formed by Nvwa's divine power turned slightly, and Qin Heqing smiled when he looked at Qin Heqing who didn't see any abnormality, and then stretched out his hand a little, once again strengthened the power of the fortune furnace, and made the evil **** be refined faster. Speed up.

"Huh? What's going on?" Qin Heqing whispered inexplicably, noticing the changes in the furnace.

But he didn't take it too seriously. After all, for him who was eager to liberate the power of the demon refining pot and then began to devour the world, the speed of the evil **** refining is naturally the faster the better!

Because only in this way, he can get more Yuanqi, better feedback Nuwa Stone and Demon Refining Pot, and strengthen the linkage between the two, so that Demon Refining Pot can explode with power that is not lost in the peak period, and then smooth Swallow modern time and space, or the time and space of the Warring States period, or both worlds, and completely help them ask the coordinates to expose all the sequelae caused by them.

As for what he would do after devouring the world?


Being swallowed does not mean that the world is destroyed. It is like taking an apple from one place to another for preservation. It is a complete change of the operating environment while preserving the original state of the world and the world view. It can still be used for human concrete life.

Even explore the starry sky without delay.

After all, the starry sky, like the earth, is wrapped in a world's fetal membrane, belonging to the scene in the same glass ball! Naturally, the scientists on the earth can continue to toss around and even study the so-called cosmological constant and develop a unified theory.

As for the influence on Qin Heqing himself?

It can be said that there is not much.

Except that he may need to wander in the void for a period of time afterwards, and get rid of the various dangers that may be encountered in the area exposed by the world coordinates, he can turn around and enter the world of life in the pot. Wandering in the void...

Even if Qin Heqing is willing, he might as well go back to the world of his previous life to take a look, or formally become a wanderer, a traveling mage, and start his dimensional hunting activity ~www.wuxiaworld~ to strengthen his own strength, or It is hunting new target women to fill their harem.

If he is an anime house.


In this way, with the help of the projection of Nuwa, which was manifested by Nuwas divine power, it took just over two days, and the end was divided into three by Qin and Qing, and was suppressed by Lian Yaohu, Donghuang Bell and Haotian Tower respectively. The remains of the evil **** was refined and returned to the original Yuan to become the highest quality Yuanneng Ancestor Chi, which was eaten up by the refining demon pot, Pangu axe, and Nuwa stone.

Naturally, the Demon Refining Pot also gained considerable growth in this process, and liberated part of the power that was originally used to suppress the evil god, and can formally invest in the devouring action of the world.

Therefore, Qin Heqing did not hesitate. While Nuwa Stone transformed Yuan Qi into the highest quality Nuwa divine power, he reappeared in the void outside the domain, a step outside the world barrier of the Warring States time and space, and his mind sank. , To release the power of the Demon Refining Pot to the maximum

Suddenly, a huge black hole appeared out of thin air in the seam where the Warring States time and space and modern time and space were about to be joined together, like a portal, or the mouth of a gluttonous beast, bit by bit, it absorbed the Warring States time and space. world!

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