Hogwarts Blood Wizard Chapter 928

Chapter 907: Forbidden Air Circle

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Suddenly under attack, Thunderbird's reaction was not unpleasant. It quickly dodged, and then let out a burst of angry screams. The pure golden wings shook with all their strength, and a few strong lightning blasted past.

However, this was an inevitable blow but it failed to play any role, and was easily disintegrated by the invisible barrier that rose in midair.

Thunderbird's scarlet golden pupils stared at the five wizards below, and felt a great threat on the person who was in the lead. Almost instantly, Thunderbird made a decision, abandoning the lamb that had just been captured, and turned and fled.

It's a pity that the assailant was clearly prepared, and the forbidden air circle set up in advance was instantly activated, and the Thunderbird suddenly seemed to have received a heavy blow, his body became extremely slow, and finally fell staggeringly.

Watching this scene, Ivan was very anxious, but as a flying creature, he was also inevitably affected by the forbidden air circle. In the end, he was forced to fall on Rolfs back. Leopard ran with himself.

"Damn it, how could those poachers move so fast?!" Rolf scolded angrily, his running speed increased again, and he wanted to get there before those people got it.

I'm afraid it's not a poacher... Ivan thought silently in his heart. He just flew high in the sky and saw the appearance of those people, and the wizard headed by them made him feel inexplicably familiar.

Rolf didn't know the information, and hurried to the location where the Thunderbird fell.

However, when he arrived, Rolf realized that the battle was over long ago, with bright red blood and a dozen golden feathers scattered on the ground.

"Damn it, let's take a step!" Rolf transformed back into a human form, picked up a feather on the ground, and hammered the sand on the ground angrily.

On the side Ivan was not surprised at all, even if he was as powerful as a thunderbird in front of that person, he couldn't hold on for too long, let alone the other party made sufficient preparations this time.

"Did you see those poachers in the sky just now? How many of them are there?" Rolf asked through gritted teeth.

"Five people in total!" Ivan said concisely.

There's more to fight! Rolf secretly added up. Although there were more people on the other side than them, he and Ivan were not exposed, and they were still in the dark. If one or two people can be solved by a sneak attack, then the two sides can fight!

Ivan saw Rolf's plan at a glance, and immediately poured cold water. "I saw Grindelwald among them!"

Just relying on the eyes of the heterochromatic pupils...Even if the opponent is several decades younger, Ivan can recognize it.

"What are you talking about?!" Rolf was stunned, then took a breath and stammered. "Green... Devo? Are you sure you are not mistaken? How could he suddenly come to France?"

"In fact, I received relevant information before coming. Grindelwald has been active in France recently...but no one knows what he wants to do." Ivan explained.

"This is difficult!" Hearing Ivan's words, Rolf's brows suddenly wrinkled.

The news that Grindelwald had escaped from the prison of Neumungarde, he had naturally seen it in the European Times, but Rolf could not have imagined that he would run into such a legendary dark wizard one day.

The catastrophe more than fifty years ago, he had heard his grandfather tell it many times, so he knew exactly what the name Grindelwald represented...this was definitely not a wizard they could contend!

Thinking of this, Rolf planned to persuade Ivan to abandon this mission and follow it alone to see if he could detect some important information.

Now the degree of danger in this place has exceeded his imagination, once encountering a battle, Rolf guessed that he would not be able to take care of Ivan's safety at all.

However, when he turned his head and prepared to persuade him, Ivan's voice came first.

"Mr. Scamander, you'd better go back and notify the people at the Ministry of Magic immediately. The next battle may be very dangerous. I am not sure that I can protect your safety..." Ivan's expression was very serious. There is no joking at all.

Yep? what? Rolf looked at Ivan dumbfounded, this... shouldn't this be what I said?

Rolf was startled by Ivan's sudden sneer, and he couldn't react for a long time.

After a reminder, Ivan ignored Rolf, took out a blank reagent bottle in the wizard's robe pocket, and waved his wand to collect all the blood scattered on the ground.

"Almost enough, right?" Ivan shook the bottle and muttered to himself, so that the materials needed to fuse the blood have been gathered, and his main goal of coming to France was also perfectly achieved. .

If he is more cautious, he should stop now, find an undisturbed place to perform the sixth blood fusion ceremony, spend ten and a half months familiarizing himself with the newly acquired power, and then consider consulting Grindelwald. Decisive victory.

But Ivan was really curious about Grindelwater deliberately lurking in France, and what was the purpose of catching this thunderbird with great effort. It must be very important to let the other party put aside the affairs at hand and do it in person!

Realizing this, Ivan immediately decided to follow up and take a look!

Anyway, it's no better than before. You don't need to rely on bragging about your strength to stabilize your rule. It really can't be beaten, and it's a big deal.

After making up his mind, Ivan did not delay any longer, and changed his body shape from an owl to a vigorous cheetah~wuxiaworld.online~, sniffing the remaining scent of thunderbird blood, rushed all the way to catch up.

Rolf witnessed Ivan turning from an owl to a cheetah. He was stupid. Could Animagus still have two forms?

However, it is obviously not the time to consider this. Seeing Ivan's leaving figure, Rolf hesitated, and finally gritted his teeth and turned into the form of a leopard to follow.

Even a minor wizard like Ivan can put aside life and death, so what is there to be afraid of?

The sniff on Rolf's head is using that small little brain, seriously considering whether to jump off the car halfway, the thunderbird's terrifying power makes it memorable, but it is so powerful The magical creature was easily subdued by the enemy, and the hidden creatures could instinctively make it have the urge to run right away.

It's just that this thought was quickly dispelled by another instinct, because it smelled a scent that couldn't be rejected in front of it, that was the smell of a lot of precious treasures...

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