Hogwarts Blood Wizard Chapter 986

Chapter 963: Let the dead speak!

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Genius remembers this site address in one second: []The fastest update! No ads! Hermione was very touched by Ivan's sincere words. The little witch hugged Ivan tightly for a while before she spoke. "But... I am worried about you!"

"Worry about what I am doing?" Ivan laughed, pretending to be confident. "Don't forget, I am now the most powerful wizard in the entire magical world. Haven't you read the newspaper? Grindelwald has to avoid me!"

Hermione thought about the report in the Daily Prophet, and immediately felt relieved and stopped mentioning graduation.

Seeing this, Ivan sighed in relief and hurriedly changed the subject and said. "By the way, Hermione, have you read all the memories I gave you before?"

The little witch nodded. In the past half year, she has not wasted any time. She has read every memory Ivan gave her dozens of times. She has also made rapid progress in alchemy, and now she can make some simple things by herself. Magic items too.

However, the alchemy skills that Ivan once told her to inject pure emotions into magic items and strengthen their power did not have any clues. She tried many times and failed.

"Don't be so anxious, I just barely mastered this after learning it for a long time. You still have a lot of time, so you can take it slowly." Ivan said comfortingly, and then explained to Hermione the essentials of using emotional magic.

The two of them chatted together and walked to the auditorium together. When they sat down to eat, a gray-white owl suddenly flew in from outside the hall and brought a package to him.

Ivan opened his eyes and found that there was information about Grindelwald and the movements of the saints, which should have been sent to him by Pierce.

Hermione on the side also took a piece of information and looked at it curiously, but the more she looked at it, the more frightened she became.

From the time when Grindelwald escaped to the present, there have been nearly a hundred incidents of wizards attacking Muggles in Europe. Some of them were under the hands of saints, but some were done by wizards who had extreme thinking and agreed with Grindelwald's philosophy.

This is obviously not a good sign, and it adds a lot of uncertainty to the Aurors' investigation.

A look of worry appeared on Hermiones face after reading several pieces of information. Her parents were both Muggles and she was a wizard. If the magical world and the Muggle world really fought, she really didnt know. What should I do.

Fortunately, Hermione quickly thought that now the entire magical world is united, not as passive as before, and it may not be long before Grindelwald will be captured.

Ivan, who knows more information, does not have the full confidence of the little witch.

Dont look at the fact that he used to show off his power at the North American Magic Headquarters and severely wounded Grindelwald, but Ivan knew in his heart that he could achieve such a result because the opponent was exhausted when he played against more than a hundred Aurors. A lot of magic power was overshadowed by his dark hand with the key.

If he were to play another game with Grindelwald during the victory, it would be unpredictable.

More importantly, Grindelwald possesses a Horcrux, which is what makes Ivan feel the most headache. If this thing is not found and destroyed, then the opponent is equivalent to being immortal.

Just wanting to do this is easier said than done.

The characteristics of the Horcrux itself make it very easy to hide. It can be anything, such as a book, a key, or even a button on clothes. Without intelligence, it is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Not everyone is as nostalgic as Tom Riddle, who likes to make some commemorative objects into Horcruxes and place them in some special places.

Even so, Harry's induction of Horcruxes was used in the original to find out and destroy them one by one.

Ivan touched his chin and fell into contemplation. The only thing he could guess was that Grindelwald would not be as frantic as Voldemort, so the number of Horcruxes should be small, probably only one!

After understanding Ivan's troubles, Hermione suddenly spoke. "Do you remember Peter Pettigrew?"

"Of course I remember, what's the matter?" Ivan asked puzzlingly.

"If Grindelwald uses the same resurrection method as Voldemort, then he must need a helper!" Hermione spread out the parchment in her hand and analyzed it to Ivan. "So you only need to figure out who Grindelwald trusts, and then find a way to search for them and you should be able to get some clues."

"Yes!" Ivan suddenly felt his eyes light up, and happily hugged the little witch and kissed her on the cheek.

Hermione flushed slightly, and hurriedly added. "Actually, my method is not the same. It would be useless if Grindelwald directly killed the person who helped him resurrect in order to keep his secrecy."

"Anyway, try it first. If Grindelwald is really so hot, there is no way. We can't let the dead speak..." Ivan shrugged and said helplessly.

But after speaking, the whole person was taken aback.

Wait...let the dead man speak...

Ivan's right hand stroked the resurrection stone hanging on his chest, his face changed involuntarily.

He has not forgotten what Grindelwald said in the Capitol, that the resurrection stone really has the ability to summon the soul of the dead, but he doesn't know how to use it correctly.

In Ivans impression, a dead wizard must know the clues to the Horcruxthat is, Farrell, the former vice chairman of the North American Magic Congress!

As the enemy of Grindelwald, one of the materials for the resurrection ceremony, Farrell will definitely watch the whole ceremony with a sober attitude.

After all, based on Harrys personal experience and the spell[The enemys blood is forced to be donated to resurrect your enemy], UUwww. uuknshu.com probably has to be sacrificed alive in order to be effective...

Thinking of this, Ivan immediately speeded up his lunch, and decided to go back and read all the legends and resources about the Three Sacred Artifacts and read it again!

A few days passed in a flash, and the Christmas holiday was slowly approaching unknowingly. Ivan's research on the resurrection stone has not made much progress. It is not an easy task to screen out a few words from many legends and classics.

However, Ivan was not prepared to give up so easily. Except for daily teaching, he spent most of his time in the library. He even took out the book "The Story of Poetry Weng and Pedou" and read it carefully several times. , By the way, he also wrote back to ask Pierce to help him investigate those saints most valued by Grindelwald.

On the last day before leaving school, Ivan slowly closed the "The Legend of England" in his hand, took the materials and notes collected in the past few days, and planned to return to the staff lounge as usual. However, when passing by the corner of the corridor, But it was an accident that bumped into Luna who hadn't seen him for a long time...

(End of this chapter)

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