Hogwarts Blood Wizard Chapter 988

Chapter 965: Meeting with Xenofilius

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Genius remembers this site address in one second: []The fastest update! No ads! Xenofilius, who walked down the stairs, naturally noticed the existence of Ivan.

Although the two hadn't really met before, after all, they had seen a lot in the newspapers, and Xenofilius quickly recognized Ivan.

"Halse, why are you here? This is really a surprise!" Xenofilius stepped forward very enthusiastically and patted Ivan on the shoulder, and said happily.

"Take the liberty to interrupt, Mr. Novgood, I have something to ask you this time." Ivan replied politely.

"Walk around, let's go inside and say!" Xenofilius stepped aside, and greeted Ivan and Luna to come in together.

After entering the house, Ivan looked around curiously. The decoration style in the house is as weird as the courtyard outside. Everything here is made into an arc shape, and all kinds of flowers are painted on it with bright three primary colors. Insects and birds.

As for the second floor, it looks like a mixture of a living room and a work room. It looks very messy. The tables, chairs and benches are piled with old books and parchment papers.

An old-fashioned printing press was creaking, spitting out copies of the latest issue of "Singing and Singing" and scattered them on the ground.

Xenofilius, who saw this scene was also a little embarrassed for a while, patted his head quickly, and muttered. "Oh, sorry, I didn't know you were coming, I forgot to sort it out..."

While talking about Xenofilius drew out the magic wand, Ivan and Luna also cooperated to cast the spell together. The scattered newspapers quickly piled up under the action of magic power, and the books were also classified and placed one by one. On the bookshelf.

The messy living room became tidy and spacious in an instant, and Xenofilius pulled out a few chairs and invited Ivan to sit down.

"Speaking of which, I have to thank you Hals. Before you find the horned snorer, there are many newspaper readers who write letters every year, questioning the existence of this magical creature, and saying that I am making up lies for the sake of eyeballs... God, why do these people think so? This is blatant slander!

But now its different. No one will question the meaninglessness of my research and reports. There are many witches and witches who even came from far away, wanting to see this horned snoring beast with their own eyeswho doesnt like it. Where is this little cute? "

Xenofilius talked endlessly, his eyebrows filled with self-satisfaction, and he showed the excited Ivan a model of the isometric horned snoring beast he had personally made according to Luna's description.

Even three months ago, he went all the way to Sweden, one of the potential habitats of the horned snorers, hoping to find more horned snorers.

Its a pity that he spent more than a month searching, and he was not as lucky as Ivan, but he didnt plan to give up. He was preparing to go to the Hogwarts Forbidden Forest this summer to see if there was something new. Harvest.

Listening to Xenophylius' words, Ivan couldn't help rolling his eyes. The crooked snoring beast was specially deformed to make Luna happy, even Xenophylius searched the magic world. May find a second one!

But Ivan knew that even if he told the truth, the stubborn Xenofilius would probably not believe it, and the two might quarrel because of this. In the end, he could only euphemistically say that the horned snoring beast might be very cherished, maybe it is close to extinction. Up...

Xenofilius nodded in agreement. Over the years, he had spent a lot of time searching for the horned snorer, but he always returned without success. This is probably the only explanation.

Maybe I think I have found a friend, Xenophylius seems very talkative, from the habits of the horned snoring beast to the eating habits of the hook...

Ivan is one of the first two big people, and he can't keep up with Xenofilius's brain circuit, and he is not interested in understanding what the natural enemies of the horsefly hook and the harassing horsefly are, but out of politeness and not good at immediately interrupting the other's interest.

Fortunately, the little witch on the side saw Ivan's embarrassment and interrupted softly. "Dad, Ivan has something to look for you this time..."

"Ah, that's right!" Xenophie woke up when Liuston, picked up the teapot placed on the table and poured a cup of Gordigan tea for Ivan, then said with a pat on his chest. "If you have anything, you can just say, Hals, as long as I can help!"

"I want to ask you something about the Deathly Hallows..." As Ivan said, he looked down at the tea cup in front of him, which was filled with a dark purple liquid like beet juice.

Ivan tried to take a sip, and found that the taste of this tea was very peculiar, slightly sour and a little bitter, like the taste of Xenofilius mistakenly taking Bibido beans as tea leaves.

Xenofilius raised his eyebrows, as if he was a little surprised at Ivan's question, but he spoke freely after he was dazed.

"You know that...ah, yes, it's not surprising, many good wizards want to pursue the power of the Deathly Hallows..."

"In fact, my knowledge of the Deathly Hallows is relatively limited, so I can only provide you with some clues..." Xenofilius said slowly. "The invisibility cloak and the resurrection stone are not recorded in many historical materials. I can't detect their whereabouts, but the old wand is different. Its history is well-documented, and it is full of blood and killing..."

"What I want to know is not the whereabouts of the Three Sacred Artifacts, Mr. Novgood!" Ivan interrupted without waiting for Xenophylius' introduction.

Xenophylius looked at Ivan unexpectedly. If it wasn't for the purpose of finding the Deathly Hallows, UU reading www.uuknshu.com, what did Ivan ask about these?

Suddenly, Xenofilius seemed to have thought of something and asked suspiciously. "Could it be...you have a Deathly Hallows?"

"I have received more than one, but their power doesn't seem to be as strong as I expected!" Ivan explained concisely and concisely.

"Is it the old wand... the invisibility cloak, or... the resurrection stone?!" Xenofilius suddenly became very excited, grabbing Ivan's wrist, and couldn't wait to ask.

Ivan understood why Xenofilius was so excited, so naturally he didn't care about the offense of the other party, and said straightforwardly.

"I have all three sacred artifacts... The Elder Bone Wand can greatly increase the power of the spell, allowing the holder to have the upper hand in the duel, and is worthy of the name of the strongest wand... And the invisibility cloak can make you wear a concealed body Shape, shielding any magical exploration..."

"What about the Philosopher's Stone? It... can it bring the dead back to life?" Xenofilius asked in a trembling voice.

Luna also looked at Ivan expectantly. In the legend about the three brothers, the resurrection stone can bring the dead back to the world!

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