Hollywood Starts with Animation Chapter 53

Chapter 53: "Juneo" is announced

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"SpongeBob SquarePants" really needs a good broadcast platform, which has a great impact on the profitability of the later period.

But this is not Zhu Kes current focus.

The movie "Juno" is the highlight of the near future!

"Juno" has been finalized on November 15, 1996, only 15 days before it was released, and although Wald Pictures made publicity for the film, it was not enough.

Thanksgiving in North America in November, and Christmas in December, there are too many blockbusters.

"Boss, this is the list of movies to be released in November and December." Victor handed the information to Zhuke.


It was Zhu Ke who was prepared, but when he saw it, he took a breath of air-conditioning.

Huge swarms!

On November 8, there was a high-quality movie released in the week of "Juno" as early as "Ransom Storm".

The film starring Mel Gibson, produced and distributed by Disney, according to the trajectory of the original time and space, its final box office even reached 136.4 million US dollars, ranking No. 5 in the annual box office rankings in North America.

"Huh~ It's like "Juneo" is released a week earlier, otherwise you will definitely be overwhelmed."

Zhuke secretly breathed a sigh of relief as he was frightened.

Mel Gibson, who has not yet fallen into the "anti-Semitic" incident, is indeed a terrifying, well-established Hollywood superstar, and his momentum is in full swing. He starred in "Brave Heart" in 1995, which directly won him the Golden Globe and Oscar winners' awards.

Next week, it will not be easy!

On November 15, "Space Slam Dunk", which was released at the same time as "Juneo", starred NBA veteran Jordan, produced and released by Warner, and its final North American box office reached more than 90 million US dollars, ranking 18th in the North American annual box office;


"The old gangster has a big name. To put it bluntly, "Space Slam Dunk" is a fan-oriented movie, but it can't hold back the fans!"

"How to play this Nima?!"

Next, there are big **** films gathered.

Star Trek Series No. 8: "Starry Sky First Strike";

"The British Patient" produced by Miramax;

"Santa Claus" starring Governor Schwarzenegger;

"101 Dalmatians" ranked 6th in the annual box office rankings in 1996;


four films, Gu is the most famous film on the annual box office charts in North America this year. It is no exaggeration to say that the upcoming "Juneo" faces a situation of "wolves before and tigers behind".

Which one is not easy to provoke?

"Boss, none of the films released during Thanksgiving this year are simple goods. We...if it doesn't work, we will postpone the release until the Christmas schedule." Victor suggested.

"No way!"

Zhuke refused without hesitation: "What if we postpone it to the Christmas schedule? Look at the movies released during the Christmas schedule. Which one is easy to deal with?"

"Mr. Sweetheart" ranked 4th in the annual ranking;

The 13th place in the annual ranking of "Death Carnival";

The 16th place in the annual ranking of "Angel Miko";

Wait for the movies, and none of the **** mothers are too messy!

Zhu Ke said in a deep voice: "Victor, we wont change the schedule. It will be released on November 15th. There are wolves before and tigers afterwards. Our Juno is not bad, as long as we fight for it, we cant say Can blaze a trail on Thanksgiving!"

"Okay...I know the boss."

Although Victor does not believe how high the box office "Juneo" can get, he believes in Zhuke extremely, even a little blind.

In other words, all the employees of the entire Wald Pictures have a kind of blind trust in Zhu Ke.

Who do you think the film company can shoot many well-known films like "Lola Run", "Fruit Hard Candy" and "Deadly Corner" in less than a year; not to mention, just A British and Australian copyright of "God Talent Show" sold for 20 million pounds.

In addition, he also spent a lot of money to set up a publicity network in as many as 6 states;

With the strong momentum, the newly born Wald Pictures has been promoted from the last Hollywood company to the third-tier film company.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the company is full of trust in Zhu Ke.

Hollywood is after all a place to look at the ability to speak!


In the next few days, the publicity work of "Juneo" began a large-scale publicity!

Zhu Ke waved his hand even more and allocated a full 10 million US dollars for the publicity.

"Damn the theater, the division of "Fatal Turn" has not been paid, otherwise I will drain all the liquid funds?"

That's right, the 10 million US dollars of funds are almost all of Zhuke's working capital.

Since the establishment of Wald Pictures, the cost of publishing "Juneo" has been the highest in history.

Even if the publicity cost of 10 million U.S. dollars is not as big as the big companies, but it is not too small. Concentrated in half a month, it is enough to play a huge role!


KFC fried chicken chain store.

"Dirk, how did you buy so many burgers today?" A young man looked at his partner curiously.

The boy named Dirk smiled and said, "Of course I want to buy so many. Didn't you see the poster at the door?"


The youth followed the guide curiously and looked over.

saw the poster right now. Well, a movie poster.

"The movie "Juno"? Huh!"

The young man didn't care at first, but after a closer look, he let out a cry of exclamation.

"The heroine of the movie turned out to be the goddess of our school, Jessica Chastain!! How did she go to make a movie?"

Dirk smiled slightly: "Now you know. There is a term in the East, called Xiu Se Ke Dian. I bought so many burgers today, and I can be regarded as a goddess who supports us."

In fact, for the announcement of "Juneo", not only the movie posters were placed at the entrance of KFC, but also all the well-known restaurants in the entire California area, Wald Pictures carried out targeted announcements.

Especially the campus!

"Juneo" movie is a campus youth movie, and its audience is mainly these students!

The main work is not directed at them, but who else can it be directed at?


On the portal sites of Yahoo, AOL, etc., Wald Pictures also invested heavily and started the rhythm of advertising.

"A 16-year-old high school rebellious girl who steals the forbidden fruit and gets pregnant after she is unmarried?!"


In a girl's bedroom, after seeing this movie post, many girls couldn't help making a sound of surprise.

One of the girls said, "Juneo did something I wanted to do but never did. Dont you think its cool?"

Hearing this, several other girls nodded one after another at UU reading www.uukanshu.com.

I have to say that American teenagers love to die and have a very rebellious behavior style, which is definitely not developed overnight. This is something in their bones.

The story of juvenile girls, unmarried and first pregnancy in "Juneo" hits their point!

Another girl couldn't help sighing, "I wish I had this courage."

One person laughed at the scene and said, "Yes, Jasmine. If you have the courage to steal the forbidden fruit, Mitchell of the basketball team would have been your boyfriend for a long time, and he would not be snatched away by the **** of the cheerleader. ."

Internet promotion films, in the world of later generations, whether it is the United States or the Great China, it is common and commonplace.

However, it was a very "trend" thing in 1996!

Otherwise, why do you think that "Blair the Witch", which cost less than US$100,000, won the box office of over 100 million in North America? Of course, it is undeniable that it is the result of viral propaganda that uses the sympathy and curiosity of everyone. However, it is undeniable that it is network propaganda!

Internet promotion films are currently only a virgin land in Hollywood.

At least Zhu Ke understands that few film companies currently use the Internet to invest heavily in publicity. Large companies also tend to use traditional media for publicity!

In fact, the Internet publicity work of "Juneo" has just started in less than 10 days, and it has achieved amazing results.

On the campuses of North America, almost no one is unaware of the upcoming release of Juno.

The Minister of "" has seen many book friends, some suggestions and criticisms of this book. In fact, I have helped the Minister a lot. Thank you everyone here, thank you!

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