Hollywood Starts with Animation Chapter 54

Chapter 54: First premiere

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November 22.

There are less than 3 days before the movie "Juneo" was released. At 7pm on this day, Wald Pictures held its first film premiere at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

On the day of the premiere of , Wald Pictures invited many celebrities from all walks of life to participate.

Well, of course there are many fans!

Before the premiere of , there were already dozens of media reporters on both sides of the red carpet outside the theater, ready to go.

"It's really cold today, buddy."

"Did I say that you are not a reporter from "Entertainment Tabloid"? This is the premiere of the movie, not the set of the gossip magazine." One of the reporters said.

Hearing this, the reporter of the gossip magazine was not annoyed either.

Instead, he explained: "God! You didn't even know that Charlize Theron was coming over today? You know, she used to be the boss of Wald Pictures, another company under its umbrella, SpongeBob SquarePants House. Besides, why did the little actor who used to be such an unknown actor like Theron get the role of the heroine of "Lola Run"? Dont you think there is much to do?"

"Oh? Damn! There is such a thing, I don't even know~!"

Obviously, this reporter from a regular film newspaper was a little upset at this time.

Although "Run Run Lola" only earned more than 17 million U.S. dollars in box office in North America, but in the European market, it has reaped hundreds of millions of dollars in box office;

The production cost of more than 800,000 U.S. dollars and the reaping so much box office, how can it not cause shock? !

Charlize Theron, also with his youthful beauty and glamorous appearance, became famous in one fell swoop!

successfully opened the Hollywood market.

In the second half of this year, she also had two movies released, and she played an important role in the play, and won many recognitions. In addition, the backing and hype of CAA, the brokerage company behind it.

Now, she seems to have a famous rhythm.


"Goddess Theron, look here~!"

"Wow, look, in addition to the goddess Theron, there is also James McAvoy who plays the leading role of "Lola Run"!"

A crowd of fans on both sides of the red carpet burst into shocking shouts when they saw Theron and James walking down from the car together.

While taking photos frantically, a reporter couldn't help but sigh: "It's really a golden girl!"

The gossip reporter next to him said in surprise: "Hahaha, tomorrow's magazine headlines are there, and I still don't believe that there is no story between them."

James McAvoy has not filmed any more films since the end of "Lola Run", but with his outstanding and handsome appearance, he has attracted a lot of fans.

Take the fans who are here today, half of the little girls are here for him!

The Emperor and McAvoy walked slowly on the red carpet. There were still media reporters taking pictures, and they did not forget to sign some of the fans.


Next, the people who walked to the red carpet caused a carnival among the media reporters.

"Oh my God!"

"It turned out to be the president of Pixar-Jobs!"

"Man, this guy is famous for his bad temper. I never thought he would come to the premiere of a small film company like Wald!"

Actually, the people walking on the red carpet together were not only Steve Jobs, but also his general, John Lasseter.

However, Lasseter is a director. Even though "Toy Story" has achieved a series of impressive results, the reputation is now limited to the animation field, and media reporters and fans will not pursue too much.

"Boss, didn't you argue with Zhu Ke the other day? Why did you insist on coming over to attend the premiere of his company's film today?" Lasseter asked in a low voice.


Jobs snorted proudly, and said: "I'm not here to cheer for him. I just want to see what kind of bad film his company has shot!"

"Okay boss, what you said is really straightforward." Lasseter was almost speechless.

also have to work with Jobs for many years, otherwise most people really can't stand his arrogance. After all, his arrogant and stiff mouth of Jobs almost matched his bad temper.


The people who will appear next are all Zhuke's business partners.

Old Billy from a chain store around Utah;

Jeff Bezos, President of Amazon Mall;

Icq CEO Weisge et al;

Jordan of Paramounts Overseas Distribution Department;

Reid, the first assistant to the person in charge of Warners distribution department;

Cindy of British ITV Broadcasting Company;


Wait for everyone. Although they don't have much celebrity among movie audience fans, in the eyes of the media reporters at the scene, they seem to be big brothers.

The presence of these people will undoubtedly reveal to the outside world the strong networking ability of Wald Pictures!

The people who subsequently boarded the red carpet, as well as the directors who have worked with Wald Pictures, and related actors.

The Hulk and the Black Widow?

Okay, it's Mark Ruffalo and Scarlett Johansson.

Director Zach Schneider, director M. Knight Shamaran, actor Jacques Phoenix, model and Zhukes girlfriend Lima, etc., are also appearing one after another. UU reading www.uukanshu.com will bring the atmosphere of the scene. Pushed to the highest peak!


As todays protagonist, the finale of the crew of "Juneo" made its debut, and there was a carnival!

"Look here~!"

The sound of the flashing light and the buttons of "Kakaka" sounded even more unceasingly.

can fully appreciate their popularity.

Well, in fact, the reason why they work so hard is because they collected the money.

"Victor, how much did you give them to make them work so hard?" Zhu Ke couldn't help but be speechless.

Upon hearing this, Victor smiled and said, "Boss, a lot of money is spent, but these are necessary publicity expenses and public relations expenses."

Zuke also nodded.

Hollywood media reporters, looking at the whole world, are also famous for "no bottom line" and "no ethics", lying on the windows of other people's homes, sneaking into other people's homes, etc. They are useless.

As for smearing?

Hehe, they can be said to be quite proficient, and they are second to none in the world! Even the president is often hung up and scolded by them, let alone other people?

Therefore, this money really cannot be saved.

Todays premiere is busy, at least for Wald Pictures. After all, this is the first film premiere since Wald Pictures was founded.

Strictly speaking, many films in Hollywood will generally gather fans, film critics and relevant media reporters to conduct several test shows before the premiere.

However, Wald Pictures does not meet this simple requirement.

Because of the small reputation!

Soon after everyone settled down, the movie "Juneo" began to make its debut.

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