Horror Studio Chapter 1893

Vol 3 Chapter 1812: Iron Will

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Among the dazzling colors, a brighter light flies straight from the bottom to the top. Where the light passes, the dazzling colors are attracted to the bright light. Over time, all the messy colors dissipated, leaving only the straight light still moving forward.

At the end of the light, there is a black hilt. This short sword is exactly the weapon that has been used in the New Year-Rainbow Light. In an instant, Hongguang hit the eagle eye, and the tip of the sword sank into his chest like cutting tofu, and then came out from the back. The flesh and bones of the human body were like a thin film in front of Hongguang's sword.

The fake eyes of the wasp stared at the rainbow light. The next second, the black cloak behind him was raised, and the whole person disappeared out of thin air. When he reappeared, he was already in front of Hawkeye.

But now, Hawkeye is still in a state of chaos. Although the zodiac knows the current situation, the power of the ring of stars must rely on the actors themselves. The zodiac, which belongs to consciousness, cannot rely on its own ability to activate. His existence is like an amplifier. If it is zero, then no matter how powerful his skills are, there is no way to use it.

Yannian stretched out his right hand, held the hilt tightly, and pulled the hilt out forcefully. In an instant, a silver light flashed in front of his eyes, his right palm was left on the hilt, and only his wrist was retracted.

Blood gushes out from the wrists of the holiday, rushes over the top of the head and then spreads out, drop by drop on the top of the two people's heads and shoulders, dyeing half of their faces red.

Fake New Year looked at Hawkeye's eyes, the muscles around the eyes were tightly locked, and his firm gaze couldn't hide the angry killing intent. Obviously, Hawkeye was revenge for his severed hand.

It stands to reason that the eagle eye's awakening time will not be so fast, especially when the eagle eye is in the center area. However, the time of chaos is not impossible to reduce. The reason why the eagle spirit can become a steel wing is because the eagle eye obtains it. Created a passive skill called "Iron Will".

Passive Skill: Iron Will

[Skill Description 1: The anger of revenge ignites your will, and the mental illusion effect you receive is reduced by 40%, and as the time affected increases, the effect will continue to increase, up to 80%.

Skill Description 2: Obtain the passive skill "Steel Wings". Please check the specific changes yourself.

The will of steel is exactly what the **** movie appraised of Hawkeye. If he can't be defeated, it will make him stronger. In fact, in addition to the iron will, there is another point, that is, pain will also make Hawkeye wake up faster. When Nayun was attacked by the fake year before, it was because of this reason that he immediately reacted.

"Goodbye!" This sentence did not come from the mouth of the eagle's eye, but the ecliptic.

After Nayun was sneak attacked by the fake year, he never showed up. It was the skill of fear of the zodiac. Otherwise, it would not give Hawkeye a chance to get the ring of stars. From the perspective of weirdness and sneak attack, the skills of the holiday season are undoubtedly stronger. However, from the perspective of destructiveness alone, the ecliptic is undoubtedly superior.

floating in the ecliptic behind Hawkeye, his right index finger and **** are placed close to the right temple, his eyes are on the top of the new year's head, and the skills that he has already prepared are activated. According to the original plan, all the vitality stored in the ring of stars should be left to nothing, but it is not lost if it is used on the holiday.

The red and blue vertical lines approached the head of the New Year from the void, and finally met. In less than half a second, the head of the New Year burst open like a watermelon, and dark red brains splashed everywhere.

It's just that, whether it's the zodiac or the eagle eye, because of the rainbow mask, I didn't see the triumphant smile on the corner of his mouth before the death of the fake year.

The headless body of the new year fell into the ascending wasp colony, and was soon torn apart by the wasps, broken into 4 or 5 pieces, and continued to fall into the abyss.

Hawkeye coughed twice, and controlled the Steel Wing to lead him to continue flying towards the Scarlet Vortex.

"Hawkeye, the holiday should be dead, but the rainbow light has not disappeared." Huang Dao reminded, "It may be the characteristics of this piece of equipment, or it may...because another holiday is still alive."

Hawkeye gasped, then he raised his hand to throw away the right hand belonging to the fake year on the hilt, then he held the hilt, hesitated for a second, and chose to release it.

In the absence of special treatment tools, although Hongguang created a penetrating wound, it temporarily prevented the blood from flowing out of the wound. Once he was pulled out, he was not treated for a short time, and the result might be death. Of course, now he only needs to change direction and fly towards his teammates. This injury is not to be feared, but in this way, all the previous efforts will be in vain.

"I hope so." He said softly.

In the yellow and black sky, a green light drew a perfect parabola, passing through the unfilled vacancy of the wasp colony, and falling on the eagle eye. The green spear submerged into the eagle eye, and then melted into a film to completely envelop the eagle eye. Then, the green light began to repair the injury on the eagle eye.

"This is Nayun's skill, right?" Hawkeye was a little surprised. "Why didn't he... not kill me?" Although he had not personally experienced the power of the spear, he knew in his heart that Nayun could use the opportunity just now. The golden spear hit him. If he is lucky, he can even pass through his head and kill him with one blow.

Zodiac looked in the direction where the green spear was flying. Behind the wide green leaves, a man in a black sleeveless shirt walked out slowly, his gaze fell on Hawkeye. He was taking the cloud.

"My skills... the skills I used to kill fake years just now~wuxiaworld.online~ should be recognized by Nayun..." Zodiac's voice was full of exclamation, "Anyway, you still take this opportunity to heal the wound."

Hawkeye no longer holds his right hand, grabbing the hilt of the sword with his right hand, and pulling out the rainbow light outwards forcefully. After he pulled out half of it, he paused for a while, then took a deep breath and used force again to pull out the rainbow dagger completely.

After the rainbow dagger left Hawkeye's body, the light condensed into a blade, like a broken sand tower, quickly spread until it dissipated in the air. Under the treatment of the green light, the wound caused by the rainbow dagger quickly recovered, and it soon became scabs.

Hawkeye frowned and waved his right hand twice. However, there was no hint of **** movie in his mind. Moreover, the rainbow dagger did not respond, as if the hilt in his hand was just a plain ornament, without any practical value. .

"Can't you use it?" Zodiac asked.

Hawkeye shook his head and didn't say much. Now the time is urgent and the situation is critical. He has no time to waste verifying the function of the Rainbow Light Short Sword, so he can only throw it away. In the process of throwing away the rainbow dagger, he saw not far away from the corner of his eyes, a figure was falling down from the branch where the cloud was standing. He immediately turned his head and locked the falling figure. He recognized Nayun by his size, but the falling Nayun did not have a head.

head, disappeared.

"Nothing!" Hawkeye's pupils contracted.


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