Horror Studio Chapter 1894

Vol 3 Chapter 1813: 2 Lives

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Nayun was directly killed by Wuyou because he was treating the eagle eye. Just like guarding against the zodiac and Nayun in the past, Wuyou always has a back hand. For him, in the movie world, the only person who can believe is himself. Other actors are all tools used to achieve their goals. Even if they can make the other party one more life, they are only tools that can be used twice.

At the same time that Hawkeye saw the cloud falling down, Zodiac also noticed this. However, although the skill was already on standby, he did not use it. He believed that Wuyou would never stand still. After being killed once in a dream, Wuyou had already armed his cautiousness to his teeth, and would never take action unless it was necessary.

Most of the time, the battle between actors is the same as before. Even if the battle front is long, the moment to decide the victory or defeat is in an instant. The early calculations and planning are all for the moment of decision. Its not uncommon to see life and death flipping scenes, because life cant be repeated. No matter how strong or weak, actors have only one life...

...... There may also be two.

"No, you can't lock the position, Hawkeye, you still act according to the original plan, but you have to be more careful this time. I suspect that another holiday has come over. He is more dangerous than the one just now, although he is also holding on. Exit, but the first exit has a sandstorm as a cover, and his consumption is much less, and the one I killed just now, in order to forcibly defend, whether it is special items or the number of uses of equipment, has been exhausted." The zodiac reminds the eagle eye.

If you want to defeat Wuyou, you must break the protection mechanism of Wuyou, and if you want to break the protection mechanism, you must know the location of Wuyou. The problem is that Wuyou also knows this. Therefore, his approach is not to expose the location and let the members of the warning club come. Prevent other actors from leaving the dark forest.

The two sides temporarily maintain balance until the end of the endless fight. There are two ways to end, one is that one side is completely killed in battle, and the other is that the **** returns smoothly to break through the line of defense. Even if the contradiction between each other is sharper, the condition for winning is still the first actor to reach the end, rather than destroying the other party.

"Yes. By the way, the number of times you said, there are two more?" Hawkeye refocused his attention on the Wings of Steel. The movement of the wasp colony was temporarily blocked due to the sneak attack during the holiday, but after adjustment, the wasp colony has already been adjusted. Returning to the original state, climbing up again collectively. The only difference is that the huge trees have been tilted visible to the naked eye. Before long, these trees will completely collapse like the trees that were forcibly crushed by the ecliptic before.

"Twice." Huang Dao nodded, "However, I can use the skills a few more times, provided that you are not controlled."

In order to cope with all possible situations, he stored a lot of vitality in the ring of stars. However, ignorance of the dream seed cost a lot of vitality in the ring of stars, which led to the current situation of being tied up. However, strictly speaking, it caused The root cause of the current situation was a long time ago. Looking at the overall situation, it was lucky. If it weren't for the eagle-eyed eagle spirit to evolve into the wings of steel, the ring of stars might have been abandoned by the holiday and fell in an unknown gap.

Steel Wings continued to approach the exit with the eagle eyes, and in about two minutes, he was able to enter the blood-red vortex and leave from the dark forest. If Wuyou doesnt find another way to stop Hawkeye, then Hawkeye will choose to do the fake show and leave directly from the exit. Although there may be no way to break the protection mechanism of the smoke in the future, it may also be chased by Wuyou, but for Wuyou , This situation is the most dangerous, because for Wuyou, he must win the final victory.

The ascending wasp colony gradually became sparse, not as dense as before. The wasps living at the bottom of the dark forest are about to escape completely. An unknown disaster is about to come. Even if the long-term goal is not considered, the actors must leave the dark as soon as possible. Forest, otherwise, there is only one result.

Time passed by one minute and one second, and the Wings of Steel quickly approached the Scarlet Vortex. Because of the changes in the wasp colony, the speed was faster than before. As the distance approaches, the blood-colored vortex grows larger and larger, and the center of the vortex is like solidified darkness. Not only does it not give people a gloomy feeling, but there is an inexplicable sense of security, just like the dark night that is about to be replaced by the rising sun before dawn.

The closer the Hawkeye is to the Scarlet Vortex, the higher the alertness. Where will the opponent be killed? Up or down? Or from within the exit?

Similarly, Zodiac focused on defending the surrounding areas and gave up an opportunity to break the black protection mechanism, allowing him to regain a lot of combat effectiveness.

tick, tick...

The sound of two clocks swinging into Hawkeye's ears, at the same time, the zodiac also heard the news.

Hawkeyes hand of the gun **** directly took out the weapon he was carrying. However, this action was only halfway through, just like a machine with the pause button pressed, maintaining its posture.

"Small" The zodiac's "heart" is still completely still like an eagle eye before it is spoken.

In addition to the Hawkeye and the Zodiac, including the Vespa, as well as the other actors rushing to their positions, all stopped moving. The only normal movement was the Scarlet Vortex representing the exit of the third route.

Time... was suspended.

Behind the huge **** vortex, a short sword condensed into a blade by seven-color rays of light passed through the thick blood mist and hit Hawkeye's chest accurately. The blade easily broke through the skin, sank into the body, and then passed out from the back. This scene appeared as early as half a minute ago, and now, it reappears again, and even the actors who played this scene have not changed. It is still an eagle eye and a fake year.

About half a second later, the figure of the New Year appeared in front of Hawkeye, his eyes were cold, his left hand gripped the hilt of the rainbow dagger, and his right hand stretched out towards the star ring in Hawkeye's left hand. After pinching the ring of stars with his right index finger and thumb, he pulled out forcefully, then turned around and threw the ring of stars to the right. After the ring of stars flew out for half a meter, it stayed in the air, motionless. Since Hawkeye uses his left hand to grasp the claws of the Steel Wing, the action of picking the ring during the holiday took a lot of time.

Time starts to flow again.

The left hand holding the bird's claw was released. Under the thrust of the fake year, the eagle eye released the left hand and fell downward.

Hawkeye, who was already on alert, immediately used the hand of the gun **** to pull the trigger when he saw the new year. The brass-colored bullets flew out of the barrel, but they were all bounced off by the invisible shield around the new year. .

Steel Wings sensed that the eagle eye was in danger, and immediately changed its direction and flew towards the eagle eye.


From the corner of his eagle's eyes, he saw the ring of falling stars. In less than half a second, the ring of stars fell on the wasp and flew towards the sky.

"How do you choose?" Hanian asked, clenching Hongguang's left hand but did not pull out the sword, it seemed that everything was in his expectation.

Hawkeye stretched his right hand to the outside of his right leg, and took out a paratrooper knife to stab the fake New Years neck. At the same time, the Wings of Steel wailed, changed direction, and flew towards the wasp carrying the ring of stars. Hawkeye knows that there is a hidden trap in the second choice of the holiday. Even if the Wings of Steel is immediately returned, the purpose of the holiday has been achieved. Without the ring of stars as a check, the holiday only needs to activate the dream seed and leave safely. .

The New Year turned sideways slightly, avoiding the blade.

The paratrooper knife still maintains its original trajectory~wuxiaworld.online~ but in the end it can only pierce the shoulder of the holiday.

Yannian put his right hand on the hilt, both hands turned the hilt vigorously at the same time, but he didn't mean to kill Hawkeye immediately.

The feeling of being torn in the chest continued to spread. At this moment, the pain seemed to spread to the limbs. Hawkeye snorted and swiped the paratrooper knife down with his right hand.

Fake New Years face quickly approached Hawkeyes face, and if there was white smoke flying out of Hawkeyes ears, the smoke slowly drifted into Fake New Years ears.

Even in the severe pain, there is still the feeling of memory being peeped in Hawkeye's mind.

"Thank you," the fake young voice said.

Hawkeye's mind flashed through the scene of a sneak attack using hallucinations during the holiday. At that time, he seemed to be staying in the illusion created by the holiday. Although he finally woke up with the help of the tri-color circle that didn't know its usefulness, he could still feel it. The fear at that time, if the hallucinations used during the holiday are more realistic, and if you delay a little longer, the result may be completely different. At the same time, he also understood why the holiday did not kill him immediately, the purpose is precisely for his memory.

His memory includes not only the situation of his teammates, but also... the arrangement of this battle. In other words, as long as the holiday is given enough time to watch his memory, the return from **** will become a "bright card", which was previously established None of the advantages will exist.


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